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Care and cleaning of your Diamond Jewelry PowerPoint Presentation
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Care and cleaning of your Diamond Jewelry

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Care and cleaning of your Diamond Jewelry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Care and cleaning of your Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are the hardest mineral known to man but they are not indestructible and can be

damaged. A diamonds crystal structure is similar to the grain of wood and a sharp impact againstthis “grain” of a diamond may cause it to crack, chip or shatter.


If you are like most people, tied up with the day to day commitments you tend to overlook thatyour Diamonds may slowly be losing their luster. A few minutes of your time will bring back thatsparkle. Here are some helpful guidelines:

 Inspect your Diamond Jewelry on a regular basis. Any sign of damage or loosening of the prongs should be set aside for repair as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to have your Diamond jewelry examined at least once a year or as recommended by your Insurance Company.

 Avoid contact with harsh solutions such as Chlorine based chemicals as they have the tendency to discolor and even strong enough to deteriorate some metals.

 Remove your Jewelry when doing rough work or contact sports as a hard blow could chip your Diamond(s)

 Storing your jewelry next to other jewelry may cause scratches. A fabric lined jewelry

case with separate compartments is ideal or place them individually into jewelry pouches.

 The old proverb, Last ON first OFF is a good rule. Many jewelry surfaces are affected by skin and hair care products. The most well known cause is perfume, cologne, lotions and some household cleaning supplies. This is due to the reaction of the chemicals with the alloys in the Gold. These reactions do not occur in Jewelry manufactured in Platinum or Palladium as they are hypoallergenic precious metals.



 Prepare a comfortable cleaning area with a laid down towel to help protect your jewelry. Ensure there is adequate lighting allowing you to inspect your Diamond jewelry from all angles.

 Diamonds have an affinity to attract grease, like applied lotions and even natural skin oils. Place your diamond jewelry into a dish and top off with warm water to the touch. Add a dash of your favorite liquid dishwater soap and ammonia. (Ammonia works well in relieving the grease). Let your jewelry soak for a few minutes and if you have available an old "soft" toothbrush, you can very gently brush your Diamond jewelry clean. Remove from the sudsy water, rinse under warm water to the touch and dry with a soft, lint free cloth. Use a gentle touch with fragile settings and Estate jewelry. NOTE: This Guideline is not recommended for jewelry with Pearls, Opals or other sensitive Gemstones

Tip: Use a plastic sieve or a tea basket that closes when rinsing to help keep the slippery

jewelry from falling. Remember; plug the drain before you begin to ensure your jewelry doesnot fall down the drain avoiding a mishap.

 An Ultrasonic cleaner is also an option. Using the same warm water, detergent and ammonia combination, place your jewelry into the provided basket. A high frequency turbulence is created once turned on quickly releasing the encrusted dirt that has embedded itself in your jewelry. Any brand name liquid jewelry cleaner will also do. Follow the instructions given on the label. NOTE : Ultrasonic’s can also shake stones loose from their mounting; please follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using.

Tip: A pair of tweezers will easily remove any fibers that are still stuck in the prongs or yoursetting.

Regular cleaning and inspection will keep your Diamond jewelry in pristine condition, thedesire of all as the sunlight captures each sparkle.