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Do Now.

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Do now

Do Now

Imagine…You live in a town in Arabia, in a large merchant family. Your family has grown rich from selling goods brought traders crossing the desert. Your house is larger than most others in town, and you have servants to wait on you. Although many townspeople are poor, you have always taken such differences for granted. Now you hear that some people are saying the rich should give money to the poor.

How might your family react to this idea?

The roots of islam chapter 12 section 1
The Roots of IslamChapter 12 Section 1

  • Big Idea: In the harsh desert climate of Arabia, Muhammad, a merchant from Mecca, introduced a major world religion called Islam.

Fun Fact

Did you know?

There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world.

  • At least 42 nations are almost completely Islamic.

Geography of arabia
Geography of Arabia

  • Southwest corner of Asia

    • Intersection of Africa, Europe, & Asia

  • Deserts, deserts everywhere

    • Limited amount of water near Oasis

  • Two ways of life

    • Nomadic- Bedouins

    • Sedentary- developed towns along Oasis, main type of occupation Merchants (Caravans essential for survival)

A new religion
A New Religion

  • Arabia was occupied by warring clans of nomads.

    • Most worshiped idols, especially in Mecca at the Kaaba

  • Muhammad- born in Mecca in 570 AD, orphaned at age 6, taken in by grandfather & uncle, both in the caravan business.

    • Muhammad met Jews & Christians on his travels, learned stories from the Old & New Testaments.

  • Muhammad grew concerned w/ city of Mecca

    • Lost values

    • Often he went to the hills to pray & meditate

A new religion cont
A New Religion (cont.)

  • 610 A.D.- while in a cave mediating one day “Gabriel” archangel told him to “Recite!”

  • Muslims believe God spoke to Muhammad

    • Messages formed the basis of Islam

    • Messages put into Qur’an

  • His message attacked idolatry. By 622 A.D. he gathered enough followers, forced to leave Mecca for Medina.

  • By 630 A.D. believing community was large enough to return to Mecca in triumph & establish Islam as the official religion.

    • Muhammad died suddenly in 632 A.D. before appointing a successor.

Video (while watching please write down two ideas that you think are important about the Islamic civilization)

Review think are important about the Islamic civilization)

  • Caravan?

  • Who was Muhammad?

  • Muslims?

  • Qur’an?

Homework think are important about the Islamic civilization)

  • Pg. 357 please answer questions #1-3