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Management Committee Summary

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Management Committee Summary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Management Committee Summary. Effort at CERN Operational Tasks Cost Sharing and New Expenses ZDC Collaboration Management roles Papers, Conferences and Author Lists Mailing Lists Upcoming Meetings Upgrade Dates of Upcoming Meetings. Quite long, but mostly routine.

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Presentation Transcript
management committee summary
Management Committee Summary
  • Effort at CERN
  • Operational Tasks
  • Cost Sharing and New Expenses
  • ZDC Collaboration
  • Management roles
  • Papers, Conferences and Author Lists
  • Mailing Lists
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Upgrade
  • Dates of Upcoming Meetings

Quite long, but

mostly routine.

I will highlight problems and actions

Management Committee Summary

effort at cern operational tasks cost sharing
Effort at CERN/Operational TasksCost Sharing
  • Plenty of manpower at CERN
    • No immediate prospect of major departures
    • More students and others arriving
    • Need to be more efficient about sharing out ‘experienced’ resident tasks
      • Calibration runs, routine checking
  • Operational task accounting
    • OTSMOU figures for 2009 finalized
    • Initial 2010 estimate done, needs input and (small) updates
    • Will continue with current on-calls and duties, but may evolve with experience
  • Very little operational expenditure
    • 1 new DCS PC
    • Cost sharing still very even
    • Need to follow-up on status of extra monitoring PC purchase
    • Upgrade expenditure to be reported to (refocused) Resource Committee

Management Committee Summary

zdc management roles
ZDC/Management Roles
  • ZDC working and paid for
    • But they need more PPMs eventually
    • Maintenance (both H/W and effort) still a worry
  • Reiteration of recent changes and plans
    • Steve appointed as ‘Project Dogsbody’ until 31st September 2011
    • Division of Upgrade reponsibilities
      • Norman: Overall coordination and contact
      • Jim: Simulation
      • Andrei: MCM upgrade
      • Sam: Phase I architecture
      • Murrough: Phase II architecture
    • Still need new Documentation chief

Management Committee Summary

papers and conferences
Papers and Conferences
  • Recent conference contributions
    • John Morris, TWEPP, calibration (TDAQ authorship)
    • Felix Muller, TWEPP, input tester (reduced authorship)
  • Even for these papers, rules are getting more formal
    • Will be even tougher for papers with ATLAS authorship
  • Upcoming Conferences:
    • IEEE Realtime: Lisbon 24th – 28th May, abstract deadline 28th February
    • TWEPP: Aachen 20th – 24th September
  • Further backup publications need to be finished
    • Digital processor
    • Preprocessor
    • Software
  • Steve will request updates to TDAQ authorship

Management Committee Summary

mailing lists
Mailing Lists
  • Number and purpose (and naming) of L1Calo mailing list has become unwieldy
  • Proposed simplification
    • All mailing lists maintained at CERN
    • Merge some related lists (software, calibration, cern)
    • New naming convention (via aliases)
    • Steve will circulate more details before implementation
  • We should also try using other communication techniques
    • Sharepoint
    • Savannah

Management Committee Summary

  • Little to add to Norman’s summary
  • Discussion of Phase I ‘partitioning’
    • Design not finalized
      • Architecture needs to become more concrete
    • However, it is clear some options might cause problems for effort sharing between institutes/funding bodies
    • In particular, can’t divide one main ‘Topological Processor’ Board
  • Need to increase communication with L1Muon (and CTP)
    • Same is true for Operation

Management Committee Summary

upcoming meetings
Upcoming Meetings
  • Weekly meetings continue
    • Lengthen to include more recent work if needed
  • General meetings convert to focused (technical?) sessions
  • Jim and Sam organising Upgrade meetings
  • Next Joint Meetings
    • CERN, 5th – 7th May
    • Subsequentone has several question marks
      • Probably late September or late October
      • Probably at CERN
      • Probably more Upgrade emphasis
      • May be ‘Joint’ with L1Muon and CTP
  • Two important meetings next week
    • Monday 18th – TDAQ Open Meeting
    • Tuesday 19th – ATLAS Open EB
    • Both with include talks from Hans-Christian

Management Committee Summary