independent mold experiment n.
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Independent Mold Experiment PowerPoint Presentation
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Independent Mold Experiment

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Independent Mold Experiment

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Independent Mold Experiment

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  1. Independent Mold Experiment

  2. Purpose To determine which one of the variables will grow the most mold

  3. Procedure Take four pieces of whole wheat bread and pore orange juice, oil of oregano, soya sauce, or maple syrup on a single slice of bread. Than place the liquefied bread in a plastic zip lock. Wait and watch for any changes in mold for seven days, take a picture on the first, third than seventh day of the mold experiment. Than for disposal put the four zip locks into a big garbage and put that bag out side for the garbage truck to pick up. WARNING don’t open plastic zip lock for the mold spoors will come out and possibly start to grow

  4. My Bread Mold tools • orange juice • oil of oregano • soya sauce • maple syrup • Ziplocs • four slices of whole wheat bread

  5. Hypothesis My hypothesis was that the maple syrup piece of bread would produce the most mold due to the sugar that would serve as a nice nutrition for the growth of the mold.

  6. Orange juice slice

  7. observation • Discoloration to the part where the orange juice was placed • Also orange juice lighter than the first picture • Soggy with the orange juice • Green and white fuzzy hyphae forming in to mycelium

  8. Oil of oregano

  9. Oil of oregano No change in mold The bacteria fighter oregano keeps the mold from growing No change in shape or in color

  10. Soya sauce

  11. observations • At the beginning slightly lighter • At the end darker than at the beginning

  12. Maple syrup

  13. observations • At the beginning moister in the bag • After slightly lighter than in the beginning • Also syrup seems to have spread to the lower edges of the whole wheat bread

  14. Conclusions I was not quite right on my hypothesis because I thought the bread with syrup on it was going to mold the fastest but it turns out that the bread that molded the most and the quickest was the slice with orange juice on it. My theory is that the sugar that was in the orange juice { the same sugar that was in the syrup } caused the mold to grow faster since it had food that it had to feed off of. But why it grow faster I cant tell I guess it was just luck for the orange juice.

  15. What I would do next time I would give the bread a little more time to mold, to see if anything would change over time with the growth of the mold, and if any other of the slices would develop more mold over the orange juice or what other mold would grow on the orange juice.

  16. Further inquires Why the rest of the whole wheat bread did not mold during the seventh days of the mold experiment. And why the orange juice slice grew mold.

  17. Thank You Any Questions?