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Rhino by Lachlan. Features.

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  • I am 2m at my shoulders and I weigh 2300 kg, I am the largest rhino! I have Grey skin and a little bit of white hair on my back. I have two horns, made of a hair-like substance and I have a square muzzle for eating grass. I'm odd toed and have hoofed feet, and I am related to the horse. I have short legs and a short tail and poor eyesight. My horns grow from 2.5 to 8cm each year. 1.5m long is the longest horn. I can live up to 35 years. My population is now 7,500.


I live in grassy lands with lots of bushes and trees near lots of water. I don't migrate. I live in southern Africa and central Africa.


  • I am a herbivore that eats plants. I have square lips that help me eat grass, trees, leaves and bushes. I sometimes graze on grass at night, and I can go four or five days withoal water

How young are born
How young are born

  • I am born live, after developing for 547 days. Males and females fight during courtship, leading to wounds.

How do you take care of your offspring
How do you take care of your offspring

If a calf is threatened, the mother will fight for its calf. The baby drinks milk from its mother for over 12 months. The baby leaves its mother when it's 2 years old.

Natural enemies
Natural enemies

  • My natural enemies are mostly humans but sometimes lions and crocodiles might try to hunt me too. I use my horns and body to protect myself. There are only four white rhinos left

Photo credits
Photo Credits


Madrid Zoo Rhino


Lion at Sunset