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Paulding Elementary Content Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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Paulding Elementary Content Standards

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Paulding Elementary Content Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paulding Elementary Content Standards. Peers 2003. Participants. Jan Kohart – Facilitator – Kindergarten Deedi Miller – Preschool Sarah Deisler – 1 st Grade Courtenay McMichael – 2 nd Grade Brenda Doster – 3 rd Grade Bev Bertwell – 4 th Grade Don Manz – 5 th Grade.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Jan Kohart – Facilitator – Kindergarten
  • Deedi Miller – Preschool
  • Sarah Deisler – 1st Grade
  • Courtenay McMichael – 2nd Grade
  • Brenda Doster – 3rd Grade
  • Bev Bertwell – 4th Grade
  • Don Manz – 5th Grade

Our goal was to align our classroom teaching with our math standards and create a project box with useable lesson plans.We also wanted to be aware of other grade level math standards.



As a result of our meetings, observations, and sharing of ideas we do feel that we are more familiar with what each grade level is expected to cover. Our observations were beneficial in that we were viewing different grade levels and trying to see what

standards were being taught with that specific lesson. For example if the observing teacher wrote down the standards he/she was going to cover the peers coach was to see if there were other indicators covered.


Three of our peers group members also were able to attend a Math Workshop that they felt was very beneficial.

It was titled “Mastering Math Facts in Your Classroom: By Otter Creek Math Grade 1-8

They came back with a lot of information and are sharing with other staff members.

The purpose was to be able to understand how to assess and place students appropriately in a math facts program.

The team members that attended were Brenda Doster, Bev Bertwell, and Sarah Deisler.


We as a team decided to present a math night for 4th

Grade students and their parents. 4th grade was chosen due to the proficiency testing.

Following are pictures of students and team members

Participating in Math Night 2004

Sarah Deisler Welcomed

Our Math night participants.


The numbers were lower than anticipated but all that came had

A great time

Some Parent Comments –

Really gives you sympathy and a true understanding of what the kids go through on the tests.

It was good to see how much is expected of our children. It reminds me how much I’ve forgotten over the years.

Can use these ideas at home

Need more time at the station

Do more things like this with all subjects.

Appreciate your efforts with our kids.

Thank you – enjoyed participating with the kids.

“Active Math”

It show kids that math is used in everyday life.

It shows that math is everywhere.

student comments
Student Comments
  • I think we should have more time.
  • Good Pizza
  • Nice job Teachers
  • It was fun. Have it every year.
  • No- It was boring
  • I would be happy to come if we would have one next year.
  • I learned a lot.
  • I think it was fun. It was a good way to learn.
math night was a good way to see our standards in action

Math night was a good way to see our standards in action.

We all felt it was a very worthwhile experience.

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed our program.

The end