building financially resilient communities n.
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Building Financially Resilient Communities

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Building Financially Resilient Communities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Financially Resilient Communities. Thrive . Close the gap + inequality Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Organising. A Big Thank You to our Partners:. And many more too numerous to name here…. Facts and Figures for the NE.

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  • Close the gap + inequality
  • Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Organising
a big thank you to our partners
A Big Thank You to our Partners:

And many more too numerous to name here…

facts and figures for the ne
Facts and Figures for the NE
  • UK cities = ‘seas of normality with pockets of deprivation’, m’bro = ‘seas of deprivation with pockets of normality’
  • ANEC (Assocn NE Councils) Estimates £940m out of the NE Economy Welfare Reform and Cuts 2014-15
  • Infrastructure spend London = £3k, NE=£5
  • ‘Economic Leakage’ and Trade Surplus
  • £720 per working age adult in M’bro
  • M’bro CAB x10 increase in payday debt over four years, negotiated £8m of £10m as non-priority debts
  • £200o per month down from local newsagent Linthorpe Village
  • Proliferation of high-interest lender (Ramsdens and Wonga sponsorships)
1 projects
1. Projects
  • Steps forward for women
    • Supported women towards more sustainable livelihoods and improved wellbeing. Good outcomes around confidence and benefit uptake
    • Work undertaken by Thrive Project Coordinator
  • Money Pathways
    • Worked with 24 of the most financially excluded low-income households in Teesside
    • Money mentors from partners including CAB, 5 Lamps and others worked alongside Thrive staff and dedicated volunteers
    • Positive outcomes to test use of money mentoring.
  • Investing in Volunteers (Investment Fund);
    • Devising fit-for-purpose roles, recruiting for volunteers from across Stockton with specific support for those experiencing social exclusion
leverage plan for the ne
Leverage - Plan for the NE
  • ‘Money only listens to money’
  • Move your money corporate style
    • Target LA leaders and NE MP’s to put Financial Resilience onto agenda of ANEC
    • Get ANEC to research profiling of areas according to bank and credit data they request and receive
    • Draw up a list of priorities for financial resilience
    • Invite all the banks to come round the table and ask THEM what they’re going to do to deserve the procurement of £100’s millions???
some indicators
Some indicators
  • Facilities of BBA’s
  • Distribution of BBA’s
  • Free to use ATM’s, £5 withdrawals
  • Employment
  • Branch distribution
  • Financial Advice
  • Free banking for CU’s
some asks
Some Asks
  • Back LGA plans to limit proliferation of high-cost credit and gambling on high streets
  • Expanding lower-cost alternatives
  • Action on jobs and employment: to

improve wages and conditions of

employment, including challenging

the practice of ‘zero hours’ contracts

  • Action on welfare reform:

to mitigate its impacts and

ensure fair treatment



Newtown Resource Centre

Stockton on Tees

TS19 0DE