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  1. MONERA PROTISTA FUNGI PLANTAE ANIMALIA 1pt 1 pt 1 pt 1pt 1 pt 2 pt 2 pt 2pt 2pt 2 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 4 pt 4 pt 4pt 4 pt 4pt 5pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt

  2. Bacteria have cells that lack a true nucleus.

  3. What is a Prokaryote?

  4. These are the three shapes of bacteria.

  5. What is rod, round or spiral?

  6. Bacteria form these when conditions become unfavorable.

  7. What are endospores?

  8. This is what we call bacteria that cause disease.

  9. What are pathogens?

  10. Some scientists believe this group of bacteria should be put into its own separate kingdom.

  11. What are Blue-Green bacteria?

  12. Members of the kingdom Protista are the first to possess cells that have a true nucleus.

  13. What Eukaryotes?

  14. This member of the Kingdom Protista has characteristics of both plants and animals.

  15. What is a Euglena?

  16. This protozoan moves by using pseudopodia, appears as a blob, and is readily found on the Elodea plant

  17. What is an Amoeba?

  18. Spirogyra are filamentous members of this group in the Protista kingdom.

  19. What are Green Algae?

  20. Some are parasites, but most are free-living in this type of environment.

  21. What is water?

  22. This member of the Kingdom Fungi is used to make beer, wine and bread.

  23. What is yeast?

  24. Most fungi gain nutrition by consuming dead or decaying organisms.

  25. What is a saprophyte?

  26. Fungi are made up of thin filaments called hyphae. A collection of hyphae is referred to as what?

  27. What is a mycelium?

  28. For centuries fungi were thought to be members of this kingdom?

  29. What is Plantae?

  30. A fungus that causes potato blight nearly wiped out the potato crop in this country causing millions to die or migrate to the US or Canada.

  31. What is Ireland?

  32. These are the three main ingredients of photosynthesis.

  33. What are CO2, water and sunlight?

  34. Members of the modern day plant kingdom are thought to have evolved from this group of organisms.

  35. What are green algae?

  36. These structures in the cells of plants are Responsible for photosynthesis.

  37. What are chloroplasts?

  38. This group of plants gets its name from the fact that it keeps its leaves or “needles” year round.

  39. What is an evergreen tree?

  40. This is the what the ovary and ovules of a flower becomes.

  41. What is the fruit and seeds?

  42. Animals are divided into two groups depending upon whether or not they have a backbone or not.

  43. What are vertebrates and invertebrates?

  44. Members of this group of animals have hair, have live births, and possess mammary glands.

  45. What are Mammals?

  46. Insects, crustaceans, and spiders are all members of this group of animals.

  47. What is Arthropoda?

  48. This is the substance in the exoskeleton of insects that makes the exoskeleton hard. It also makes that crunchy noise when the insect is stepped on.

  49. What is chitin?

  50. Sharks, skates, and rays are in a different class than fish because their skeleton is made up of this substance.