install a wire fence with concertina wire n.
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Install a Wire Fence with Concertina Wire on Top for Complete Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Install a Wire Fence with Concertina Wire on Top for Complete Security

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Install a Wire Fence with Concertina Wire on Top for Complete Security - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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install a wire fence with concertina wire

Install a Wire Fence with Concertina Wire on Top for

Complete Security

When you have a property you should protect it with a fence. This gives the property a

unique look and distinct feel. People look up to it and say, “This is a fine property”. But,

there is another reason for the fence. The fence keeps the things inside the property safe.

This includes people, livestock, goods, and equipment.

Fence is better than a wall

The fence is of wood or metal planks supported on pickets. This differs from a boundary wall

in that you can see through the fence while you cannot do so if you have a solid wall.

Whether you have a wall or a fence, the property owners who need more protection will

put concertina wire along the top of the fence.

You can customize the thickness of the wire, numbers of

barbs, and other specifications. Talk to the ​Concertina Wire

Manufacturer to know more or to place your order. You can

visit their website by Googling “Concertina wire makers”.

Use the Help section to clarify the doubts and then place

your order.

Make the fence

Set up the fence by yourself to save some money. Take the

measurement of your property by drawing the boundary

line. Run a rope along the length and measure the length of the rope. Order the concertina

wire according to the spacing you set for the individual loops. These strands might be set

close in a high military installation but you can space them out for other properties.

Each coil will have a length of pi x D where D is the diameter of the coil and pi=3.14. If you

have coils 75 cm in diameter, the length of the wire in each coil is 235 cm. If the spacing of

the coils is 30 cm, you have 235 cm of wire in every 30 cm length of the fence. If the length

of the fence is 2400 meters, you will need 18,800 meters of concertina wire. You can clarify

the best spacing for your concertina wire by consulting the Concertina Wire Suppliers​. Tell

him the size of the property.

use concertina wire for more safety putting

Use concertina wire for more safety

Putting the concertina wire on top of the fence will prevent anyone from jumping over. You

need this where you have wild animals roaming about at night near your house. Or, there

are many thefts occurring in your neighborhood. The installation is simple because the wire

is light. You must use protective gloves to prevent scratching yourself.

The concertina wire has high rust resistance due to galvanization. Concertina coils help

deter the most obstinate intruders. This is due to the barbs that tear the person trying to

gain entry. If you plan to put up the fence by yourself, set up the pickets and the gate post

locations on the perimeter of the property.

After you plant the pickets and the gate posts, string the wire or the mesh along the lower

half of the fence. The height of this mesh will remain at 5-6 feet and the concertina wire will

come over this. Once you have installed it, you have complete protection on your property.

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