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Best restaurants in ahmedabad

Best restaurants, cafés & bars in Ahmedabad. Book tables and Order Food Online. 88 million reviews. 24 million businesses. Genuine User Reviews. OmgCityDiscount.com.

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Best restaurants in ahmedabad

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  1. Best Restaurant inAhmedabad Essence By CrownePlaza LocatedontheSGroadinSatellite,EssenceByCrownePlazaishonestlyTHEplacetovisit. Firstly, the stunning ambience plays a key role in providing you with the finest dinning experiences around the city. The staff really does raise the bar in terms of being courteous, attentive and overall managing to create a very hospitable environment. But above all the one thing essence is most famous for is its massive and ever-changing buffet. The food itself is quite rightly described as ambrosial and delectable. The deserts are a splendid treat on their own.Theyareproventomake youfeellikealittlekidinasweetshopandbringoldmemories rushing back all over again. The key to good food is often preparation and presentation and essenceseemstohavetakenthatveryfactintocarefulconsideration.Thiscanbeeasilyspotted in their constant endeavor to provide unparalleled cuisines to their customers. your dining experience is sure to be pleasant and memorable one. The Square Novotel

  2. The square by Novotelis truly the perfect place to make a few memories with your friends and family. The mood is set just right by its picturesque ambience providing a soothingeffect. Thestaffseemstobeinteractive,considerateandreallyhelpfulinthemakingofoneincredible day. They can be seen giving 100% any time of the day to every customer that has walked through that door. Moving on, the food looks like something right out of a magazine. It would be quite an understatement to say that the food from the massive buffet is incredible. It can catertoanybody’sneedregardlessofwhattheirchoice.Foodfromthesquareeffortlesslyserve Indian as well as continental dishes which is not a very common sight these days. The square clearly exceeds all expectations one could have and is absolutely worth a visit. They say laughter is the loudest where the food is the best. Maybe that’s the reason the square is always such an ebullientspace… Now enjoy food at the square at prices better than ever before with incredible deals and offers at omgcitydiscount.com Citrus Grill Lemon TreePremier Being at the Citrus grill Lemon Tree Premierwill make you feel as if you are on cloudnine. Literally. This gorgeous outdoor open space is located near the Nehru bridge. it has an exceptional ambience and obviously, a great view overlooking the river. The soft calming music in the background is like the icing on the pretty much perfect cake. The service here is knowntobegreatandexceptionallycourteous.TheCitrusGrillservesMughlaicuisineandno one does it better than they can. The aroma that rises from the beautifully presented dish you order is unbeatable and is extremely nostalgic Every little thing ranging from the kebabs to biryani is cooked to absolute perfection may it be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. No wonder they were nominated in Times of India Food Awards 2018 under 3 categories: They are Best Kebabs and Grills/ North Indian and Ambience. Overall, if you desire to spend and a magical evening under the stars over the river, Citrus Grill is the place to beat. Enjoy these royal dishes at prices like never before with online food vouchers only at omgcitydiscount.com La Feasta S GHighway

  3. In the midst of spicy Indian food, La Feasta S G Highwayis definitely quite a change. It is located on the CG road and has done an excellent job in bringing just a little part of Italy to India. The ambience is soft and welcoming. The staff are the right combination of Italian and Indian traditions, being polite and friendly to all their customers. The food is beautiful and delightful.LafeastamanagestoserveauthenticandincredibleItalianflavorseverysingletime. The dishes are totally Instagram-worthy and have the ability to easily transport you to the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. This little piece of paradise is surely a place to visit. TBBQ by Country InnSuits People in Ahmedabad are always craving something newand TBBQ By Country Inn Suitsto understand this completely. Terrace barbeque inAhmedabad is a unique concept and people are here for it. The staff is suggestive and attentive. The ambience is known to blow you mind. This is all topped with light soothing music. If you are anything of a TBBQ lover, we have found the place for you. From the kebabs to the desserts, everythingisabsolutelyperfect. IfyouarelookingtomakesomememoriesTBBQistheplace foryou. SizzlingShihai

  4. Sizzling Shihaia Japanese word and it means to dominate. This restaurant truly justifies the name. It all starts with the ambience which takes away your stress and brings serenity to your palate. The hospitality looks quite embracing with a soft music playing in the background relaxingly. The staff is appreciable and will suggest you dishes according to your taste. Since Sizzling shihai specializes in Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisines, you can always except a 100% authentic taste and if you dot trust us, go there yourself and get a glimpse of japan and china. Spirit O Soul Spirit o soulis a destination for all the party animals out there. If the party is at spirit o soul, you know it is going to be awesome. Staring from the Electrifying atmosphere to the rocking DJ. Everything is on point. The staff is honestly just great and so cooperative. Moving on, the food is just downright amazing. They specialize in Mexican, continental and will definitely take your taste buds on a roller coaster. Be it the cheesy, heart warming starters, spicy and finger-licking good main course or the gooey, delicious desserts. Spirit o soul nails it all. A fun-filled evening awaits you at only spirit osoul. OlivesRestaurant

  5. Starting off, olives Restauranthas one of the best ambiences among restaurants all around Ahmedabad. It has an extremely elegant look. A perfect place to have an impromptu photoshoot while you wait for mouth watering food to reach your table. Speaking of food, olives surely raises the bar. North Indian, Chinese, Mexican and anything else your heart desires,everythingwillexceedyourexpectations.Youaresuretoleavetheplacewithatummy full of food and a phone full of amazing photographs. The service too is quick and polite. A day spent at olives is a day well spent. Nodoubt. Blue RoofTop Right as the name indicates, this café/ restaurant is a rooftop one under the big blue sky. it has said to have a mesmerizing ambience. what more could you ask for than a beautiful space and incredible food. From north Indian to continental. Blue rooftop is designed to satisfy every craving and exceed ever expectation. A lovely couple of staff members too, Courteous, polite andquick.Frankly,oneofthebestwaystorelaxafterahecticweekwithyourgroupoffriends and make a million memories. This place is sure to leave a lasting impression onyou ThatPlace

  6. Ifyouwouldliketotryoutacool,casual&cozyplacetodineoutthan"ThatPlace"isaperfect combinationofit.Thatplacehasareallynicecontrastofcolorstoitandcreatesaninteresting atmosphere. this pleasant restaurant serves variety of Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican & Continental cuisine. This is also one of the best places to satisfy our Meat cravings in Ahmedabad. To top it all off, the staff seems really nice and know how to do their jobexactly. Thelittlechocolatesservedwiththebillarequiteatwistwhenyouexpectthesameoldmouth- freshener, fennel seeds. Even though is has a very vague name, it sure to create a special place in yourheart. Contact Details:= Company Name: OMG CityDiscount ContactNumber:8511661078 Address:B-801,Samundracomplex,aboveSaffronrestaurant,Nr.Girishcolddrink,Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd,Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009 Website:https://omgcitydiscount.com/ SocialMedia:- Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/omgcitydiscount/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/omgcitydiscount Linkdin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/omg-city-discount-bb8391169/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/1/100804680303747162465 Pinterest:https://in.pinterest.com/omgcitydiscount/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/omgcitydiscounts/

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