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Digital Special Collections (DSC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Special Collections (DSC)

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Digital Special Collections (DSC)
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Digital Special Collections (DSC)

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  1. Digital Special Collections (DSC) Rosalie Lack

  2. 4 things we’re working on 1. UC Shared Images 2. OAC Redesign 3. Collection Development 4. Flickr: The Commons

  3. 1. UC Shared Images That was then… This is now! One UC Shared Image Berkeley Davis Irvine Los Angeles Merced Riverside San Diego Santa Barbara Santa Cruz CDL

  4. Reminder of why we are doing this That was then… This is now!

  5. There’s images, and then there’s UC Shared Images

  6. ARTstor

  7. UC Shared Images: Current Contributors • UCB, UCI, UCSB, UCSC • Coming very soon: UCR • Over 60,000 images

  8. UC Shared Images in ARTstor


  10. UC Shared Images Message • Amazing content is available in ARTstor. Use it! • UC Shared Images building ONE UC collection

  11. 2. OAC Redesign

  12. Improved: Collection information always available New! Digitized items icons New! PDF for collection guide Improved Collection guide display Improved Collection guides in context

  13. Did you mean Title Auto Complete

  14. Google Map

  15. User comments • “The map is really rad…” • “It seems like you talked to people using the current OAC site and fixed all the things that didn’t work well.” • “It's great to have the call# always visible in the header area! Bravo.” • “…clearly tells you when there are no digital items online”

  16. Collections (EAD vs MARC) Difference? What difference?

  17. OAC Redesign Message • Major usability improvements • Added A LOT more content • --15,000 MARC collection records • --20,000 MARC items records

  18. 3. Collection Development • OAC/Calisphere Collection Development Policy • • Who can contribute • What can and cannot be contributed

  19. Tools Scan (help us help you) What we offer and what’s out there

  20. CLIR Hidden Collections Grant CA$H for creating finding aids! • Partnering with UCLA, CHRAB, CALIFA • Offer many options • Vendor • Archivist Toolkit • OAC Templates • And more…

  21. Show me the collections • Fill out our questionnaire! • Consider being a grant “participant” to get your collection descriptions online

  22. 3. Collection Development Message • We want to help, contact us • Fill out the questionnaire

  23. 4. Flickr: The Commons • Library of Congress: The Success Story • DSCers say: “Me too” • (of 42 respondents, only 2 had no interest at all) • May 2009 scheduled launch

  24. Account holder: CDL CDL profile page CDL’s Collections Content from all contributors aggregated and updated in the CDL “photostream” Collection: Oakland Public Library Collection: The Bancroft Library Description of the Bancroft on the collection page Description of the Library on the collection page Set: ”Famous people and events” Set: “William C. Barry collection” Set: ”Oakland in the 1950s” Set: “1906 Earthquake”

  25. Why Flickr? More usage • Make collections available & easier to find • Provide another access point back to your digital content • Get content to where users already are • Constant stream approach makes it a dynamic site for cultural exploration

  26. Why Flickr? More metadata • Gain new information about collections

  27. Why Flickr? More advocates • Win friendly support for cultural heritage organizations • Build a bond with users and mobilize them to become advocates on behalf of your institution and its mission

  28. Why Flickr? More community • Flickr is a virtual reading room • The opportunity to exchange information could be as important as the increased views of collections

  29. Flickr is here • We get amazing stories now • Flickr provides a forum for current and new users to share with others, us, and each other • Most of the comments on Flickr are folks talking to each other

  30. Current “comments” • “…you have two or three pictures 'untitled' which are clearly Niagara Falls, from the Canadian side, circa 40's or early 50's, before the American observation deck was added.” • “Carl Klindt is my grandfather. Would you like more information on him? I would be happy to share the story of how he came to be in this photo.” • “I am very happy to have seen your site, the cannery that you have so gratefully chosen to talk about, was owned and operated by my Grandfather and his brother and family. Frank Perrelli my Grandfather lived in Richmond California, my mother Clare Perrelli his daughter, had three daughters of her own, and I am the middle child, born in Oakland Calif. in 1952. We spent every Sunday with my grandparents, the dinners were the traditional Italian meals each and every time, I can say I have learnt lot from them.”

  31. Message • Reach out to current users and cultivate new ones • Coming soon!

  32. Questions? Rosalie Lack