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Sudoku Features

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Sudoku Features
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Sudoku Features

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    1. Game Gallery Project (1) Supervised By: Professor Mona Mursi 2007

    3. Introduction Sudoku *The first game is Sudoku (su = number, doku = single), which can be translated as "the numbers must occur only once . *It is a placement puzzle of 99 grid made up of 33 regions. *It has a unique solution. *The rules for Sudoku are very simple: fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3X3 box containing the digits 1 through 9 without repetition.

    5. Problem Definition - Training the brain is not less important than training the body. - Sudoku is a very popular, logical and brain exercising game these days. - Different forms of Sudoku are available traditional paper-based ,and electronic forms (both Internet-based and stand-alone).

    6. Problem Definition - Battleships is a brain stimulating and exciting game. - Different forms of battleships are available. - Technology could benefit Sudoku and battleships. - Traditional forms of battleships and Sudoku game are costly.

    7. Project Objectives - Our project is a game gallery website which includes two games: * Sudoku: Adult sudoku. Kids Sudoku. * Battleships. -Database: stores puzzles and their solution . -The aims of the two games: Develop skills, improve memory and way of thinking, fill in free time in useful things, challenge, competition, and test ones abilities.

    8. Site Features Game list: Presents the available games. Registration: Visitors may register in order. Login: For regular i.e. registered players . Profile: It includes player personal information . Logout: It allows player to quit the website . About us: It shows information about the people who design the site. Hall of Fame: It shows distinguished players arranged in a list depending on the points each player has scored.

    9. Comparison with other sites:

    10. Sudoku Features 1)Level: gives the player a chance to choose on of the three levels. 2) Size: It allows the player to choose suitable board size . 3) Background Color: Gives the player a chance for selecting an appropriate background color.

    11. Sudoku Features 4) Game mode: The game is offered in three modes. - Regular: The usual game. - Dubbing: The user may select numbers in the normal way and enter them into the blank grid. - Board with some possibilities. 5) Puzzle recovery: Allows the puzzle on screen immediately before the present one to be recovered, viewed and played . 6) Start loading: Load the game for the player automatically .

    12. Sudoku Features 7) Start game: It allows the player to start the game for timing purposes. 8) Game rule: Comprehensive helpful topics. 9) I need hint: Helps player by giving him all possible numbers at the cell he stopped on. 10) How am I doing? Gives a message with a percentage of correction on the top of the game. 11) Single step solving: It solves the cells step by step.

    13. Sudoku Features 12) Auto solve: It shows the whole sudoku solution. 13) Check: To check if a complete puzzle until specific time is correct or not . 14) New game: It generates a new game according to setup options . 15) Selecting number to enter: The user clicks a button on the number-toolbar, clicks the grid location, and the number appears in the grid.

    14. Sudoku Features 16) Undo: To go back one step. 17) Redo: Return back the undo step. 18) Save point: Saves numbers entered up to a certain point . 19) Backtracking: Roll back the player to a selected save point as chosen. 20) Clear: Delete all numbers entered by player.

    15. Sudoku Features 21) Eraser: Delete specific number in specific position. 22) Submitting answer: Choose mode of submitting answer for checking by the system. 23) Saving: Saving game state . 24) Printing: Printout puzzles for handouts.

    16. Sudoku Features 25) Scoring: Calculate player points at the end of the game. 26) Time keeping: Choose to keep time (or not). Kids sudoku: Another version of sudoku with 4X4 or 6X6 board size generated using pictures .

    18. Battleships Features 1)Game board: Board size is fixed, and has one type: - Two boards: The player can play against another player in the same network. 2) Special features for player: Privilege for players who have high scores : - Armored ship - Blasts

    19. Battleships Features 3) Place ship: The player has a facility to choose the location of the ship and its direction. 4) Game rule: Comprehensive helpful topics explain how to play this game. 5)Start game: It allows the player to start the game. 6) Show No. of trials: It shows how many turns the player has tried to destroy his opponents armada.

    20. Battleships Features 7) Sound: gives effectual sounds . 8) End game: This feature allows the player to end the game. 9) Mission result: It shows final player result. 10)Scoring: Calculate player points and arrange him in the high score list.

    41. Conclusion The next step towards the completion of the project and fulfilling our objectives, will be the design and implementation of the site and hence accomplish the desired goals and features according to the prepared system analysis. If time permits, we will implement the additional features. Finally, we will test the site to ensure these goals are met and the features are programmed in the desired form.