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Stairway to Heaven

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Stairway to Heaven By Kang Hyun Kim Proceed Do you like travelling? Yes No Back to the question to change your mind Yes, I do like travelling. Next Question Back to the question to change your mind No, I do not like travelling. Next Question Do you like to spend a bit of money? Yes

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stairway to heaven

Stairway to Heaven


Kang Hyun Kim



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  • If you are a crusader, your job is to fight with Muslims in Jerusalem. You will of course need an army and it would be a dangerous work!

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  • If you are a pilgrim you should move around and go to the places that are something to do with Jesus like Lourdes or Notre Dame or etc.
franciscan friar
Franciscan Friar
  • If you are a Franciscan Friar, your job is to spread the work Jesus and tell about Jesus. You should move around the world too.

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cistercian lay brother
Cistercian Lay Brother
  • If you are a Cistercian lay brother, you should work as a builder or gardener for a monastery. You won’t be allowed to leave after choosing this job.

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augustinian monk
Augustinian Monk
  • If you are an Augustinian Monk, you should pray to god and help travellers by curing and providing shelter for them.

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cistercian monk
Cistercian Monk
  • If you are a Cistercian monk, you should forget friends and families and pray to god for forgiveness. You won’t be allowed to speak.

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charity worker
Charity Worker
  • If you are a charity worker, your job is to wash the feet and give bread to the poor people and god will forgive you! You can leave money to the church which will be a fast way of going to heaven.

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  • If you are a flagellant, your job is to walk around the town whipping yourself for your sins. You will go to heaven because god will be pleased of you punishing yourself.

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