dr wiwiek bagja indonesian veterinary medical association l.
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Dr. Wiwiek Bagja Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Wiwiek Bagja Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association

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Dr. Wiwiek Bagja Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Wiwiek Bagja Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association For decades the OIE has made guidelines and recommendations on veterinary issues e.g. on emerging/re-emerging animal diseases , food safety, animal welfare ,etc.

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Dr. Wiwiek Bagja Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association

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dr wiwiek bagja indonesian veterinary medical association
Dr. Wiwiek Bagja

Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association

For decades the OIE has made guidelines and recommendations on veterinary issues e.g. on emerging/re-emerging animal diseases, food safety, animal welfare ,etc.
  • Country members of OIE are expected to implement and carry out the appropriate actions in accordance with the OIE policies and objectives through the governmental services in charge for animal diseases and veterinary issues including animal welfare.
veterinary governance

It is only natural that OIE as a world organization expects its country member to , through their respective governments, establish veterinary governance in charge of the control of animal diseases and veterinary public health and carry out sound activities which are in line with the OIE mission of protecting the human race and animals from various animal diseases and unnecessary suffering of animals and in preserving the life of the human race.

the development of veterinary governance and legislation in indonesia

Since the time of the Dutch colonization in Indonesia in 1800-1942, the government had always been involved in and made many regulations on animal health ,animal welfare and animal husbandry (livestock) issues. History has proven that many regulations and even a Veterinary Law (Staatsblad 1912) have been made, the latter of which is declared valid up to now. In reality, however, the Law is obsolete.

oie terrestrial animal health code
  • Animal Welfare is an issue that already well recognized in the Health Code of OIE since year 2006
  • It could be found at the 3.7 ,APENDIX 3.7.1 as Introduction to the guidelines for animal welfare.
  • There are guiding principles for animal welfare as follows :

That there is a critical relationship between animal health and animal welfare

  • That the internationally recognized “five freedoms” (freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition; freedom from fear and distress; freedom from physical and thermal discomfort; freedom from pain, injury and disease; and freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour) provide valuable guidance in animal welfare.
  • That the internationally recognize ‘three Rs’ (reduction in numbers of animals, refinement of experimental methods and replacement of animals with non animal techniques) provide valuable guidance for the use of animals in science.

That the scientific assessment of animal welfare involves diverse elements which need to be considered together , and that selecting and weighing this elements often involves value based assumptions which should be made as explicit as possible.

  • That the use of animals in agriculture and science , and for companionship , recreation and entertainment , makes a major contribution to the wellbeing of people.
  • That the use of animals carries with it an ethical responsibility to ensure the welfare of such animals to the greatest extent practicable.

That improvements in farm animal welfare can often improve productivity and food safety , and hence lead to economic benefits .

  • That equivalent outcomes (performance criteria) ,rather than identical systems (design criteria) ,be the basis for comparison of animal standards and guidelines.
scientific basis for guidelines
  • Welfare is a broad term which includes the many elements that contribute to an animal’s quality of life, including those referred to in the “five freedoms” listed above.
  • The scientific assessment of animal welfare has progressed rapidly in recent years and forms the basis of these guidelines.

Some measures of animal welfare involve assessing the degree of impaired functioning associated with injury, disease and malnutrition .Other measures provide information on animal needs and affective states such as hunger, pain and fear , often by measuring the strength of animals ‘ preferences ,motivations and aversions. Others assess the physiological , behavioural and immunological changes or effects that animals show in response to various challenges.

  • Such measures can lead to criteria and indicators that help to evaluate how different methods of managing animals influence their welfare.
guidelines for the transport of animals
  • It seems that for the Terrestrial Code 2006, the OIE working group on animal welfare put the priority on drafting the guidelines on animal welfare in transporting live animals.
  • Guidelines were made for the transportation of animals :
  • By Sea
  • By Land
  • By Air
guidelines for the transport of animals consist of
Guidelines for the transport of animals consist of :
  • The amount of time animals spend on a journey should be kept to the minimum.
  • Responsibilities
  • Competence of all people responsible of animals during journeys.
  • Planning the journey
    • General considerations
    • Preparation of animals for the journey
    • Control of disease
    • Vessel and container design and maintenance
    • Special provision for transport in road vehicles
    • Nature and duration of the journey
    • Space allowance
    • Ability to observe animals during the journey
    • Emergency response procedures
other guidelines for the slaughter of animals
Other Guidelines for the slaughter of animals
  • General Principles
    • Objects, personnel, animal behaviour, distractions and their removal
  • Moving and Handling Animal
  • Lairage design and construction
  • Care of animals in lairages
  • Management of foetuses during slaughter of pregnant animals
  • Stunning and Killing Methods
introducing and implementing animal welfare to the public
Introducing and Implementing Animal Welfare to the public
  • Veterinary profession plays an important role in introducing animal welfare to the public.
  • Animal welfare is an ethical responsibility of the veterinarians as in the Normative Veterinary Ethics
  • To implement the animal welfare requires all efforts possible and done together by many parties including the government. We don’t have to wait for guidelines from the OIE.
animal welfare campaign by ivma

IVMA currently plays a major role in campaigning animal welfare in many fields in Indonesia, i.e:

  • Pet animals (through pet lover clubs/associations, clinics and animal hospitals)
  • Wild life and zoo animals (cooperating with Ministry of Forestry, Zoos association, NGOs)
  • Through mass media
  • Vet schools ; students and lecturers

 Since 2004, animal welfare has become an official curriculum in vet schools

Form of campaign ;

Seminars, lectures, trainings, posters, field actions in post-disasters

  • It is important that animal welfare principles enforced under a strong Law
  • The Law should be able to stop cruelty on animals
  • The perception of animal welfare should be campaigned properly to get more people concerned with the issues