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Photo Essay The Hanging Garden by Foram Tech Tools for Learning Marina Bers Alice Mello Cavallo Spring 2004 First observation: 3 rd session Foram worked with some fabrics and made a head band for her Mom. She brought a built Lego car from home.

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Photo Essay

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photo essay

Photo Essay

The Hanging Garden

by Foram

Tech Tools for Learning Marina Bers

Alice Mello Cavallo Spring 2004

first observation 3 rd session
First observation: 3rd session
  • Foram worked with some fabrics and made a head band for her Mom.
  • She brought a built Lego car from home.
  • Her Mom helped her to improve her previous design built during the 2nd session.
the idea
The idea
  • Foram decided to build a moving or hanging garden on top of her car.
  • She and her Mom have a garden in their house and they love gardens.
ideas for the hanging garden
Ideas for the hanging garden
  • Build walls around the car and attach a Lego board.
  • Build flowers and make them turn.
  • Add benches and trees.
  • The garden would go around always looking for sun light.
first problem
First problem
  • As Foram starts to collect material, one of the facilitators presents her with two Lego boards.
  • One was green and big therefore very appealing to Foram.
  • But….it was a flat board that does not connect to the Lego pieces…she could not build on top of the car unless she glued it.
first problem6
First problem
  • She would not be able to attach a flower and connect it to a motor in order to make it spin. It made her first design of building walls impossible to implement.
  • I could not change her mind about using the big flat board. Someone said she could glue it…
the last session
The last session
  • Foram built a moving garden at the lab, but her Mom helped her to improve it.
  • She had a smaller flat board and she attached it to the back of the car.
  • She had changed her original design of the car.
the challenges
The challenges
  • Foram tried several ways to attach the garden to the car and it was not easy.
  • She had a hard time to keep it all together without falling apart: car and garden.Trying different ways or designs to attach the garden to the car was a powerful idea for her and her Mom.
programming the brick
Programming the brick
  • I asked Foram if she remembered how she programmed the brick and she said “no”.
  • Once I opened Robolab and asked her to try to show me, she started to re-create and explain what she had done.
explaining the programming
Explaining the programming
  • She said her car was moving forward and backward
  • She had programmed it by changing the way the motor turned and timed each way.
what i missed
What I missed
  • The process of attaching the garden to the car. This was the main design challenge to Foram.
  • The most important part of her learning process was during the problems faced when building the car and connecting the garden to it.
  • Programming the brick.
final report in foram s words
Final report in Foram’s words
  • My project name is The Moving Garden
  • My project just moves forward and backward
  • It’s important to me because I like to plant a lot.
  • It’s also important because it brings happiness.
  • I decided to connect the garden to the back of the car
  • I did most of the programming at the Curriculum Lab.
  • I needed a lot of help with programming from my Mom and the people at the workshop.
  • The hardest thing was keeping the car together.
  • I learned that you should never get frustrated and when something goes wrong always try again.
analyzing foram s report
Analyzing Foram’s report
  • She changed the name from hanging garden to moving garden.
  • She did not seem satisfied with the movement of her car (she says “just”). It sounds like she wanted to do more and for some reason could not.
  • I wonder if it was because she had initially thought about making the flowers spin and the car move looking for sun light.
powerful idea
Powerful Idea
  • She was personally attached to her project because planting a garden is very dear to her and her Mom.
  • She also connects a garden with happiness and believes that gardens can make people happier. This seems a powerful idea for her as she apply her moving garden as a resource for her community.
  • Gardens are part of her culture.
  • The process of finding a workable design for connecting car and garden.