n ational t aiwan u niversity of s cience and t echnology l.
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N ational T aiwan U niversity of S cience and T echnology PowerPoint Presentation
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N ational T aiwan U niversity of S cience and T echnology

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N ational T aiwan U niversity of S cience and T echnology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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N ational T aiwan U niversity of S cience and T echnology NTUST School of Management The School of Management

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N ational T aiwan U niversity of S cience and T echnology

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the school of management
The School of Management
  • The School of Management was established in 1998 and at present comprises the Departments of Industrial Management, Business Administration, and Information Management, as well as the Graduate Institutes of Management and of Finance. Graduate Institute of Science and Technology Management was established in 2007.
  • The School of Management has an outstanding faculty offering courses in many fields of business and management, with a focus on training in management expertise, while also giving attention to the study of manufacturing processes, the integration of information and technology, and the application of scientific management methods and knowledge of systems.
currently concentrating its efforts on
Currently concentrating its efforts on
  • Enhancing international exchange
  • Emphasizing interdisciplinary integration
  • Integrating theory and practice
1 enhancing international exchange
1.Enhancing international exchange
  • The school continues to negotiate memoranda of understanding with colleges of business and management in well-known universities abroad, which enables the holding of joint conferences and exchanges of faculty and students.
  • To broaden our students' international outlook, the school also offers a study program in overseas business and a summer intensive English course, to develop our students‘ international business management abilities.
2 emphasizing interdisciplinary integration
2. Emphasizing interdisciplinary integration
  • Our school faculty offer courses in each other's departments to provide our students more interdisciplinary study choices, as well as establishing a supra-departmental honors program, an EMBA program and other inter-departmental study programs, and providing courses on such subjects as e-commerce, industrial safety and sanitation, and software engineering and management for the entire university.
3 integrating theory and practice
3.Integrating theory and practice
  • The school has established centers for research in such areas as global operations, software engineering and management, Taiwan's human resources, and case studies.
  • The school also offers an EMBA program and Taiwan's first EDBA program to give Taiwan's senior managers an optimum environment to develop their knowledge and skills.
department of industrial management 1
Department ofIndustrial Management (1)
  • This department is one of the earliest departments established in NTUST. The department's undergraduate programs include a two-year upper-division curriculum for technical junior college graduates and a four-year program for high school graduates.
  • Currently, there are a total of 249undergraduate students enrolled in these programs. The master's degree program started in 1979. About 142 students are currently enrolled in MS and EMBA programs.
department of industrial management 2
Department ofIndustrial Management (2)
  • The department's doctoral program began to recruit students in 1983. This program has sought to train scholars who can raise the standard of teaching and research in Taiwan, and present enrollment is 49 students.
  • The department currently has 19 full-time faculty members in four main research areas: production management, operations research, human factor/ ergonomics, and information technology.
department of business management 1
Department ofBusiness Management (1)
  • This department was established in 1988, offering a four-year undergraduate program. Later on, a two-year upper-division undergraduate program and graduate programs leading to a master's or Ph.D. degree were added to the department's offerings.
  • The Department of Business Administration provides programs to help our graduates and undergraduates at every stage in their lives. Our objective is to emphasize the key role that good management plays in marketing, human resources, entrepreneurial strategy, and finance.
department of business management 2
Department ofBusiness Management (2)
  • 521 students (294 undergraduates, 171 Master and EMBA students, and 56doctoral students) and 16 faculty members, the Department of Business Administration offers an innovative, collaborative, and comprehensive education taught by both academics and experienced practitioners in touch with today's business world.
department of information management 1
Department ofInformation Management (1)
  • The Department of Information Management provides opportunities for study and research in three major areas of information management:
    • advanced information technology.
    • novel management information systems.
    • precise quantitative management.
  • Based on these research areas, three research groups have been formed for faculty members and graduate students. Diversified research topics and a wide variety of cross-group projects have become the major sources of competitive energy for research in the department. The department also currently offers a doctoral program to international students in which all graduate courses are taught in English.
department of information management 2
Department ofInformation Management (2)
  • In addition, fundamental information technology skills and management knowledge are provided through an undergraduate program. Laboratory training courses and a mandatory one-year research project in the undergraduate program provide students an environment to practice and utilize the knowledge they have acquired.
  • The department currently has 18 full-time faculty members, 78 doctoral students, 170 master's program students, and 227 undergraduates.
graduate institute of finance 1
Graduate Institute of Finance (1)
  • The Graduate Institute of Finance was established in 2002. Our program's distinctive feature is its strong emphasis on financial economics in addition to financial engineering and computational methods.
  • The Master's in Finance program is intended to prepare students for a wide range of careers both inside and outside the financial industry, including financial engineering and risk management, quantitative asset management, macroeconomic and financial forecasting, quantitative trading, and applied research.
graduate institute of finance 2
Graduate Institute of Finance (2)
  • The department currently has 5 full-time faculty members, along with 5 part-time professors. There are currently 13 doctoral students, 85 master's students, 43 EMBA students and more than 60 credit program students in the graduate institute.
graduate institute of management 1
Graduate Institute of Management(1)
  • The Graduate Institute of Management was founded in 1979 and currently provides the Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA) program, which is the very first EDBA program in Taiwan, and the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program, which include a global strategy management program and a technology management program.
  • Our EDBA/EMBA programs are designed for experienced senior managers or professionals and are outstanding innovative curricula arranged to accommodate the working professional. Each year, the EDBA, the EMBA in technology management, and the EMBA in global strategy management programs enroll 15, 30 and 30 students, respectively.
graduate institute of management 2
Graduate Institute of Management(2)
  • Our EDBA/EMBA programs offer challenging classroom experiences, networking opportunities, a sense of community and world-class teaching from top-notch faculty who are excellent in their abilities and committed to their research and teaching. The program's flexible schedule enables students to balance the demands of work and family while pursuing a graduate degree.
the ntust mba program
The NTUST MBA Program
  • NTUST two-year MBA program is launched in spring, 2006. 64 students enrolled in the program and the School wants to scale it up to accommodate many more.
graduate institute of technology management 1
Graduate Institute of Technology Management(1)
  • Established in 2007, the Graduate Institute of Technology Management offers a master's program specifically designed to illustrate the merging of business and technology in all industries and to prepare students critical skills for future success in their business career.
  • Nationally recognized as one of the leading universities, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology has outstanding programs in engineering, business management, information science as well as design.
graduate institute of technology management 2
Graduate Institute of Technology Management(2)
  • The master's program focuses on helping managers and engineers-turned-managers to make appropriate use of current and future technological resources.
  • Classes are not only taught by the faculty of the Management School but also by experienced entrepreneurs and successful leaders from industries.
  • The Graduate Institute of Technology Management's interdisciplinary master's degree program is a unique alternative to traditional MBA, EMBA, and MSE programs and develops students to become future managers and entrepreneurs in high-tech businesses.
research centers
Research Centers
  • Global Logistics Research Center
  • Software Engineering and Management Research Center
  • Human Resources Development Research Center
  • Center for Case Method and Participant-Centered Learning
faculty members
Faculty Members
  • Highest Education
  • Laboratories
  • Library
  • Sports Center
living cost
Living Cost
  • Books and supplies cost about NT$5000 to NT$10000 per semester.
  • Cost of dormitory is around NT$7000 per semester.
  • Around NT$6000/Month is enough for comfortable on campus living.
  • International students have priority access to dormitory rooms.
  • Three student dormitory buildings (all air-conditioned) with 489 rooms, housing over 2488 students.
  • Facilities include study rooms, lounge, washing-drying machines, etc.
financial aids
Financial Aids
  • For the international students enrolled in the Graduate Program, the selected ones will be offered scholarship by the NTUST. The scholarship includes tuition free, monthly stipend of from NT$10,000 to NT$20,000 for the master program. International students can also apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the Taiwan government.

Please refer to http://www.ntust.edu.tw/~admission/eng/scholarship.htm for scholarship information.

why taiwan
Why Taiwan?
  • Due to the deep industrial base and strong vertical integration in IT and electronics sectors, Taiwan has become one of the world’s largest producers of computer-related products today.
  • In addition, Taiwan held 5,938 US patents, which is the fourth largest quantity in the world after the US, Japan and Germany in 2004. Furthermore, Taiwan serves as an ideal test market for companies interested in Mainland China investment, as close cultural and linguistic ties have given Taiwanese businesses an edge in navigating China’s emerging markets.
  • With the vast experience needed to work with international companies, Taiwan has placed itself in a prime position to play a key role in the future integration of the Asia-Pacific region.
what makes ntust different
What Makes NTUST Different?
  • The CHEERS magazine in Taiwan has ranked the School of Management at NTUST one of the top business schools in Taiwan. In 2008, it ranked our EMBA program Top 3.
  • In the past ten years, NTUST were Top 5 in winning the national science council outstanding research award.
  • The average amount of SCI/SSCI research papers each professor per year is about 1.1.
  • The cases of technology transferring from the national science council ranked Top 3 in the whole nation.
  • In order to implant the successful experience of Harvard Business School case studies, the center for case method and participant-centered learning (CMPCL) was established in 2006.