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Federal Market Outlook

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MSC Industry Day. Federal Market Outlook. Bill Gormley. May 25 th & 27 th , 2010. Overview. Federal Market Schedule Tips MSC Auburn Snapshot MSC BD Opportunities Strategic Takeaways. Federal Market. Federal Market. Fiscal year selling – October 1 to September 30

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federal market outlook

MSC Industry Day

Federal Market Outlook

Bill Gormley

May 25th & 27th, 2010

  • Federal Market
  • Schedule Tips
  • MSC Auburn Snapshot
  • MSC BD Opportunities
  • Strategic Takeaways
federal market
Federal Market

Fiscal year selling – October 1 to September 30

Largest buyer of services & products in the world

4.5 million full time employees

Offices all over the world

FY2010 budget $756.4B (Addressable obligations)

$545.6 billion in other direct obligations

FY2011 budget $720.1B (Addressable obligations)

$599.9 billion in other direct obligations

federal addressable market
Federal Addressable Market

$100B drop in OCO

$200B drop in ARRA

The new equilibrium is subtle, but real

Source: WMG analysis of GFY2011 President’s Budget, based on net contractor addressability and future outlays; does not include investments, loans, interest, or grants

federal addressable market6
Federal Addressable Market

Source: WMG analysis of GFY2011 President’s Budget, based on net contractor addressability

schedule tips
Schedule Tips


are 26 cities

in the U.S.

with more than

20,000 Federal Employees

schedule tips9
Schedule Tips

Research Pays Off

Goal…identify agency prospects that buy/need what you sell


Agency websites

Government market focused periodicals

Market intelligence portals

Trade shows

Agency Industry Days

schedule tips10
Schedule Tips

Agencies, in general, are risk averse when it comes to new vendors/solutions. The best strategy for winning government business is to prepare your case.

List of user references

Agency users (Federal, State or Local)

Awards or certifications received

Project overviews that can detail reduced costs, increased value or validate efficiencies

mobis sin ales trend fy09
MOBIS SIN $ales Trend FY09

Source: SSQ and WMG Analysis

language sin ales trend fy0922
Language SIN $ales Trend FY09

Source: SSQ and WMG Analysis

msc schedule market potential
MSC Schedule Market Potential

$85B MSCPotential,


$60B GSA

Schedule Potential,


2011 budget schedule market potential
2011 Budget Schedule Market Potential

Operations and Maintenance – NAVY (874 – BD Opportunity)

Blue collar services, supplies and materials for contingency operations

Net addressability for FY11 - $26.4M

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – DOC (899 – BD Opportunity)

White collar services to expand the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service and other NOAA programs

Net addressability for FY11 - $1.1M

Flood Control Systems – USACE (899 – BD Opportunity)

Equipment purchases and facilities improvements

Net addressability for FY11 - $1.1B

2011 budget schedule market potential28
2011 Budget Schedule Market Potential
  • National Nuclear Security Administration – DOE (899 - Opportunity)
    • Blue collar services to support reduction of surplus fissile materials in U.S. and Russia
    • Net addressability for FY11 - $2.7M
  • Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies – USACE (899 – BD Opportunity)
    • Equipment purchases for restoring flood control measures; facilities improvements in flood control and hurricane systems
    • Net addressability for FY11 - $1.1M
2010 opportunities
2010 Opportunities


  • The US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Directorate of
  • Contracting (DOC) has a requirement for Department of Defense Language Interpretation and Translation Enterprises (DLITE)
  • Solicitation Number: W911W410R0011 Estimated Value: $15M
  • Responses Due: 7/1/2010 (est.) POC: Sung Park (703-428-4674)


  • The Government intends to negotiate an indefinite quantity/indefinite delivery type contract for supply chain management services and material utilizing a third party logistics (3PL) provider in support of Fleet and Industrial Supply
  • Solicitation Number: N0018910R0012 Estimated Value: Unavailable
  • Responses Due: 7/29/2010 (est) POC: Marlene Chambley (757-443-1362)


  • The National Institutes of Health (NIH), NIH Business System (NBS) is seeking project management organization services to improve the NBS Program Management Office (PMO) accountability, transparency and compliance with DHHS/NIH Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) requirements applicable for all NIH Business System initiatives.
  • Solicitation Number: NLM10115RSH Estimated Value: Unavailable
  • Responses Due: 6/28/10 (est.) POC: Raymond Hawkins (301-496-6546 )
2010 opportunities30

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Public and Indian Housing has a requirement for project management of a program administrator of the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) Program.  Services will be provided through an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. Enterprises (DLITE)

Solicitation Number: A2010PB0018 Estimated Value: $8M

Responses Due: 8/13/2010 (est.) POC: Anna Loyd 202-402-7426


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will be acquiring Contractor Support services in connection with Health Information Technology (HIT) Project Management, Outreach Methods and Material and Program and Project Support.

Solicitation Number: SB134110RQ0039 Estimated Value: Unavailable

Responses Due: 7/31/2010 (est.) POC: Peter Staples (301-975-6219)

2010 Opportunities
2011 opportunities
2011 Opportunities


  • Requirement to provide interpretation of discussions and translation of documents to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for management and staff during meeting between the USEPA personnel and international personnel
    • Solicitation Number: RFQDC1000138 Estimated Value: Unavailable
    • Responses Due: Undetermined POC: Kelly Easterling (202) 564-8421


  • The Department of Health and Human Services may have a requirement for a multi-media outreach campaign to Spanish-speaking persons with Medicare and their health care influencers.
    • Solicitation Number: Spanishadcampaign100232Estimated Value: 2.62M
    • Responses Due: Unavailable POC: Jason Forrester: (410) 786-9088


  • The Department of Veteran Affairs has a requirement for Supply (Value) Chain Transformation Program.
    • Solicitation Number: VA79810RI0068 Estimated Value: Unavailable
    • Responses Due: Unavailable POC: Russel Grabill (301) 619-3011
2011 opportunities32

The Department of Interior (DOI), US Geological Survey (USGS), might have a need for a contractor to provide project management support for the geospatial line of business E-Gov initiative.

Solicitation Number: UnavailableEstimated Value: $5M

Responses Due: Unavailable POC: Melissa Gill: (703) 648-7368


The National Science Foundation (NSF) has an ongoing requirement for Arctic Research Support and Logistics Services.  The contractor will work with NSF, principal investigators (researchers), other state and federal agencies, international organizations, and organizations that own/manage logistics resources and facilities in the Arctic, to develop operational plans and provide support services to research projects.

Solicitation Number: Unavailable Estimated Value: $93.3M

Responses Due: 10/31/2011 POC: Mary Rouse (703) 292-4588


Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC) has a requirement for Global Positioning System (GPS) Engineering Services.  This contractual effort will provide engineering services, logistics services, and program managementto the Joint Service Support 407 SCMS/GULB team.

Solicitation Number: KB09GPSENGMKTRSHEstimated Value: Unavailable

Responses Due: Unavailable POC: Ken Burke (478)926-5871

2011 Opportunities
strategic takeaways
Strategic Takeaways
  • The market is still wide open for MSC Schedules.
  • GSA/Industry customer training.
  • Acquisition cycle times are a “game changer” to increase market share.


Thank You!

Bill Gormley, President & CEO

The Washington Management Group & Fedsources