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With love from Russian school №1129! PowerPoint Presentation
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With love from Russian school №1129!

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With love from Russian school №1129! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It's our School!. With love from Russian school №1129!. We are students 9"B"form . We are at the Autumn Flower Competition . We have collected many flowers for our competition. We like tourism very much!. We are investigating new places!. Our nature is great. And we are playing on

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With love from Russian school №1129!

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It's our School!

With love from Russian school №1129!


We are at the

Autumn Flower


We have collected many

flowers for our competition


We like tourism

very much!

We are investigating

new places!


Our nature is great.

And we are playing on

the fresh air.


Our school symbol - an Owl,

which called Glasha.

We are working a lot

with international



We were taking a part in

a Paint Ball tournament


We are taking part in

ecological projects!

We would like to show

our presentation



We have quite high traffic in Krylatskoe.

Nearby our school Moscow-river which divides Moscow on two parts proceeds. About nearby church there is a source with curative water. Many people go there behind potable water.

At us the sleeping area therefore in Krylatskoeis a lot of houses. All at home high-altitude, their height 17 or 22 floors.

In our sleeping area there are no large factories and factories. We have only sports constructions: a bicycle line, the channel for rowing, stadium for skating. The ecology of our area is polluted only by people who come here to have a rest and leave after itself dust.

At us very silent area. Unfortunately, here the high-speed highway which will do a lot of noise will be constructed and to pollute air.



Here there are grasses, characteristic for meadows: wild strawberry green, clover mountain, vjazel multi-coloured, etc. the mole, a hare-hare, black polecat, caress, set of birds (a field lark, a yellow wagtail and others) Live. Insects among which there are the kinds of bumblebees brought in the Red book are various. Woods on Krylatskoe-hills borrow the insignificant areas; are dated basically for slopes and are presented by oak forests, lime-frees, birch forests and willow where wood kinds of grasses grow, including especially protected in Moscow. In total on Krylatskoe-hills meets more than 360 kinds of vascular plants and 17 kinds of lichens, lives more than 60 kinds of ground vertebrate animals.



In opinion of scientists - ecologists, biologists Krylatstoe-hills are the most surprising in Moscow a place from the point of view of a variety and beauty of the nature. Butterflies Here live, rare grasses and flowers grow. Here a rare relief with ravines.

Here unique variety vegetative and fauna. From 163 kinds of the animals brought in the Red book of city of Moscow, 66 kinds - about 40 %, live here! There Are even the kinds brought in the Red book of the Moscow area. Here live a hare, caress, an ermine and polecat, in city it is surprising!

In 1998 to Krylatskoe-hills the Governmental order of Moscow had been appropriated the status of reserve (protected territory).



Inhabitants Krylatskoevery much love the area and are proud of its nature. Adults and children do cleaning on hills and about the river. Pupils of our school too always help to keep ecology. Experts on wildlife management always advise a management of area in occasion of construction of houses or other objects.


Our partners from Novosibirsk

We're in cooperation

with school from

Novosibirsk. Also

we're doing an

Ecological project together

Those 2 shirts was

designed by students

from Novosibirsk

"We have designed

T-Shirst wich telling

people about

ecological problems

of the day"


Our friends from Pakistan(Karachi)

We're solving an

ecological problems

in Karachi: Traffic


river pollution and



Our friends from Romania

Our town has neighborhoods with block of flats and it has also neighborhoods with houses and gardens full of trees and flowers. There is also an industrial part of the city which is more polluted.

The town is arise by the river Somes and is surrounded by forests.

There is also a Botanical Garden in the middle of the city.

The most common flower in the south of the country is the sun-flower

To improve our ecology status, every year we clean the forests.

To improve our ecology status, every year we clean the forests.


Our friends from Egypt

Our city is Port Said, in the past its name was El farma

school We do not have any Rivers or Lakes around our

There is an industrial area near our school, and there are four building around our school

There are a medium number of cars in Port Said.

There is a little pollution from the exhaust of cars.

Port Said It is the second port in Egypt, after Alexandria. The history of establishing Port Said dates back to digging the Suez Canal. It is named after Khedive Said who gave the approval to dig. Location: Port Said is situated at the mouth of the Suez Canal. To the north, it is bordered with the Mediterranean, east Sinai, west Manzalah lake and south


Thank to all of our

partners for watching

our presentation, we

hope on our further