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Open LGE Campaign. April 2, 2007. Volume 4, Issue 13. op 3 Worldwide. CEO Message. Our Strategy Must Be Unique, Create Customer Value.

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Open LGE Campaign

April 2, 2007

Volume 4, Issue 13

op 3 Worldwide

CEO Message

Our Strategy Must Be Unique, Create Customer Value

Strategy is not right or wrong but a matter of choice in that we must know where and how we become successful by that strategy. Thus, our ideas should be different from our competitor’s….We must find the value for our customers. Then, once we choose a strategy, everything should align to it.

From the CEO’s Speech to Employees in S.W. Asia

Yong Nam, CEO

LG Electronics

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LGE Pride

LGE Sponsors 2007 Cricket World Cup

LG Electronics announced it would sponsor the 2007 Cricket World Cup in an attempt to increase brand awareness among fans of the event. The World Cup, which is held every four years, includes teams from England, South Africa,

Australia, Pakistan, and India, and is attended by over one million spectators. Furthermore, about 220 million fans watch the event on TV, which adds up to about US $500 million in advertising value, according to LGE.Large LGE signboards will be set up throughout the stadiums, and LGE subsidiaries in each of the countries that participate are preparing advertising to correspond with the tournament. LGE first made a deal as

the official appliance sponsor for the Cricket World Cup in 2002, as well as

seven other world tournaments held for cricket.

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LGE to Hold ‘Texting’ Championship in U.S.

LGE plans to give your thumbs a real workout with the first-ever official text messaging competition, the ‘LG National Texting Championship’. Contestants will test their speed and accuracy in typing text messages on an LG cell phone.

They will be competing against each other in front of a crowd of supporters, battling it out on the enV, an LGE cell phone equipped with a full qwerty keyboard. The LG National Texting Championship, which will be open to the public, will begin in Hollywood on March 31, 2007 at Paramount Studios. Players will compete for $10,000 and the title of West Coast LG Texting Champion and a chance to advance to the finals in New York City to battle the East Coast Champion for an additional $15,000. “LG created the LG National Texting Championship to honor those who have mastered the art of rapid text messaging,” said Jon Maron, senior director of marketing for LGE’s Mobile Phone operations in the U.S.

“Texting has changed the way people communicate. It is fast, direct and convenient.” LGE hopes to raise its brand image among teenagers and young

adults, the people who use text messaging the most.

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Change & Challenge

Articles to Explain New Words Introduced in LGE


ave you recently been called into a meeting to ‘eliminate waste’? Although the idea of holding a meeting to eliminate waste might sound paradoxical,

phrases like Waste Elimination, the 5 Nos of LGE, Star Marks, and many others are starting to pop up in the work of LGE employees. They are all ideas and methods for creating a better working style that have been introduced by the CEO, Yong Nam. As these new words become more common, you will need to know such things as the difference between waste, business value-added work, and value-added work. To help you unerstand this important change, future articles in this series will introduce some of these new keywords and explain what they mean and how

each LGE employee can create a better working style.

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Head of MC Company ‘Opens’ His Office Up


et’s hold the meeting in the MC President’s office.” This is not normally a phrase you would hear in a company, unless the president happened to be participating in that meeting. But the MC Company President is trying to kill two birds with one stone, as he literally opens his office up to employees to use whenever he is out of the office. The move not only creates a more open, friendly atmosphere between Scott Ahn, head of the MC Company,

and employees, but it also helps eliminate waste. Mr. Ahn, who suggested the idea himself, felt it would help show employees that he is setting the example for them to eliminate waste in their own work. One employee, who had just finished a meeting in the room, commented: “After holding a meeting in Mr. Ahn’s office, I felt like I was the president of the MC Company. It gave

me a sense of responsibility and helped me understand things from the president’s perspective…. I hope we will all act as if we were the head of the company and work for greater results.” As leaders in LGE make a more ‘Open LGE’ which includes all employees, these employees will indeed take more responsibility for their work and naturally eliminate the wasteful parts to create

greater results.

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Ah-Ha !

What do you call a mix between a producer and a consumer?


This word, originally coined by Alivn Toffler in The Third Wave, refers to the customization of products by a producer to meet the varying needs of consumers. LG Electronics has recently played this role by holding focus groups with consumers to gain new insights and ideas on how to make better products.

Published by LG Electronics / Corporate Culture Group

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