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CRSD. Tony Gauvin Assistant Professor of eCommerce. Allagash Wilderness Waterway. University of Maine at Presque Isle . University of Maine at Fort Kent. University of Maine at Machias. CENTER FOR RURAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Maine Tri-Campus Consortium. LURC Concept Plan.

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Tony Gauvin

Assistant Professor of eCommerce

Allagash Wilderness Waterway


University of Maine at Presque Isle

University of Maine at

Fort Kent

University of Maine at Machias


Maine Tri-Campus Consortium

LURC Concept Plan

Plum Creek Timber Company

  • Sustainable development (1980)
    • “A socio-ecological process characterized by the fulfillment of human needs while maintaining the quality of the natural environment indefinitely”

World conservation strategy : living resource conservation for sustainable development

  • Rural
    • “Rural areas are all areas not defined as urban. Urban areas comprise
      • urbanized areas (a central place and its adjacent densely settled territories with a combined minimum population of 50,000) and
      • incorporated places or census designated places with 20,000 or more inhabitants.”

Maine Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

d veloppement durable 1987
Développement durable (1987)

Report of the Brundtland Commission

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

a natural extension
A Natural Extension
  • UMFK Mission
    • an overarching focus on the needs of rural communities in America,
    • exploration and study of the Maine wilderness environment surrounding this campus, and
    • celebration and preservation of the Franco-American heritage of this region
  • UMPI Mission
    • to have a stimulating effect on the cultural and economic development of Aroostook County and the State of Maine
  • UMM Mission
    • “UMM is” closely linked to its location on the rugged Atlantic Ocean coast, among forests, glacial lakes, and abundant aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. This downeast location, with its rich human and natural resources, provides a unique living and learning environment for our students. …
    • applied research and public services contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and economic development in downeast Maine.

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

the crsd umfk
  • Ties academic programs to the Mission and Vision of UMFK
  • Creates and strengthens interrelationships between the Academic Programs and Existing Centers at UMFK
    • Rural Sustainable Development is a Pluridisciplinary issue
  • Provides a framework for Research and Grants
  • Gives an over-arching direction for
    • Student internships
    • Service learning projects
    • Curriculum development
    • Academic Scholarship and Service

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

  • Access and Outreach
  • Breaks done the walls and towers of Academia and makes the expertise available within the Academy to a larger audience within the region
    • Town and Local governments
    • Economic Development agencies
    • Civic groups
    • Private Citizens
  • Distinguishes the three UMS campuses in Washington and Aroostook County
    • Separate but aligned towards common goals

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

  • The question of Rural Development is being addressed by Four Centers from all over the US (none in New England)
    • North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (Iowa)
    • Southern Rural Development Center (Mississippi)
    • Western Rural Development Center (Utah)
    • The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development (Pennsylvania)
  • Maine is not (yet) an active contributor to the debate
  • Granting Agencies
    • USDA
    • USDE
      • National Leadership Summits for a Sustainable America (2006-07)
      • Operation Fresh Start

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

  • United Nations - World Summit in 2002
    • “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
  • France
    • Développement durable – 1987
  • Sweden
    • Ministry of Sustainable Development
  • US is playing “Catch up”

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

crsd vision statement
CRSD Vision Statement

The Center will partner with communities, organizations, or individuals, as well as other entities within the University of Maine System to improve regional well-being through the development of the local economy, preservation of identity, healthcare, educational opportunities, and cultural and recreational activities in an effort to insure the continued viability of rural communities in Aroostook and Washington counties.

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

crsd mission statement
CRSD Mission Statement

The Center will strive to achieve its vision by:

  • Creating and strengthening community partnerships
  • Providing quality research, scholarship, and grant writing initiatives
  • Helping communities and individuals discover and utilize best practices as defined by current research
  • Serving as a resource Center for communities, organizations, and individuals pursuing sustainable development activities
  • Enhancing rural oriented academic programs
  • Supporting sustainable development outreach activities
  • Providing professional expertise by serving as a designated fiscal agent or sponsor that is in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

each university s role
University of Maine at Fort Kent

Rural Economics

Rural Health

Fresh Water Ecology


Wildlife Management


Preservation of Heritage Language

Cultural Tourism (based upon our unique Franco-Acadian history and culture)

University of Maine at Presque Isle




Social Services Delivery

University of Maine at Machias

Coastal Studies

Marine Science

Regional Environmental Studies

Each University’s Role

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

ums partners
UMS Partners
  • UM’s
    • Cooperative Extension
    • Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research
    • Center for Research on Sustainable Forests
    • Tourism Center
    • Margaret Chase Smith Center for Public Policy Maine
    • Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station
  • USM’s
    • Muskie School of Public Service Institute for Health Policy,
    • Center for Tourism Research and Outreach (CenTRO)
  • Other Related Rural UMS Initiatives
    • University of Maine at Farmington – Rural Poverty
    • University of Maine at Augusta

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK



Comprehensive Model

Human Dimension

Economic Dimension







Center for Rural Sustainable Development





Rural Industry


Science & Technology

Political Dimension

Resources & Environment


Global Info. Systems

Water & Air


Comp. Sci. / Apps.

Public Safety


Land Usage

Marine Biology

Adapted from theEuropean Rural Development Model

Social / Demography

Cultural / Heritage


Info. Technology


Rural Impact


Environmental Studies

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

crsd goals
CRSD Goals

The overall goal of the Center is to be a resource for change that positively impacts the communities in which we live, principally by providing accurate, timely information to decision makers.

Specifically the Center will achieve the following:

  • Enhance economic opportunities through the support of research opportunities for faculty and students
  • Support the preservation and enhancement of cultural identities as communities evolve
  • Develop outreach and programs as deemed necessary by communities, organizations, or individuals
  • Serve as an advocate for positive human/social interactions as an essential component of sustainability
  • Encourage the efficient use of natural resources and the protection of the environment
  • Serve as a resource for existing and emerging academic programs that prepare students for careers in rural communities.

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

crsd outcomes
CRSD Outcomes
  • Consulting, research, analysis, and support to communities engaged in or considering activities that promote rural sustainable development
  • Support for an environment that will retain and recruit individuals to Aroostook and Washington counties
  • Current research and practices to local communities, organization, or individuals concerning sustainable development
  • Developing scholars that will advance the research and application of sustainable development theory, policy, and application
  • Support for an environment where rural communities cooperate to promote rural sustainable development to enhance the wellbeing of community members

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

crsd outcomes17
CRSD Outcomes
  • Support for an environment that leads to the use of best practices and current research in sustainable development
  • Creating an atmosphere conducive to economic development that leads to long-term employment for members of its communities
  • Effective implementation of educational practices that create productive citizens capable of contributing to rural sustainability
  • Effective understanding of rural health practices that promote sustainability
  • Cultural and recreational activities that promote the sustainability of rural communities and preserve the unique cultural and historical aspects of each of these regions

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK

next steps
Next Steps
  • Approval by UMS BOT (Jan 14)
  • Allocation of resources
  • Hire Director
  • Create Advisory Board
  • Develop strategic plan

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK


Rural Solutions


Rural Problems

® 2008, Tony Gauvin, UMFK