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albert coe s ufocontact in 1920 l.
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Albert Coe’s ufocontact in 1920!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Albert Coe’s ufocontact in 1920!!

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Albert Coe’s ufocontact in 1920!!
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Albert Coe’s ufocontact in 1920!!

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  1. Albert Coe’s ufocontact in 1920!! Report From his book "the shocking truth"

  2. as a teenager, he was on a trip to the mountains of Canada - June 1920. • They were to drift down the river in a canoe. • One late evening Albert heard a far cry for help, while his friend was further down looking up the coming way.

  3. In a narrow cleft/gap, was a young, man fallen, fatally hurt, and not able to come out by himself. • ”He was clothed in a peculiar, silver gray, tight jumper type garment – almost like silk. A small instrument panel was under the chest”.

  4. He was very reluctant showing him his ”plane” • " was an episode lasting not much more than an hour, that may have carried me thousands years into the future, and yet left an uneasy feeling of witnessing something that didn’t actually exist, and impression of disconnected sequences only found in dreams....."

  5. Some 3 months later Albert got an invitation through a letter, to come to the lobby of hotel McAlpine at 12.30 next Saturday Albert- had a lot of questions, but did not bring them forth this time, cause – the "stranger" avoided this talk on his "plane" and life else. his friends outlook was now somewhat different.

  6. Beside a Christmas-greeting, he didn’t hear any more from his strange friend until April. • He then came by car, and they drove to Lake Mahopac (picture). • There he told him: • "You probably already have inkling that I am a stranger to your modern world. This decision of explanation is a personal responsibility. Our mission here will forever be cloaked in the tightest secrecy. • If the events that we foresee do not come to pass, our presence here will not become known.

  7. Book speaks much of how they fellow all things here - and had all worked, help would have arrived to help him in 3-4 h. • "the aut.eq. controls this craft, even to an unmanned flight back to its base"….. • "..this was the first operational failure we ever have experienced with this type control." Pictures only ideas- their base in probably underground

  8. he was one in a group of men who had come here to observe our scientific advance. • In earth reality he was a student majoring (=main subject) in electronics. • On leaving the base, he had told his buddies not to worry if they did not hear from him for a week, as long as the clear tone signal emitted from the ship..."

  9. His age • "…the tremendous difference of age is going to startle you. In earth’s time standard, I am exactly tree hundred and four years older than you….”

  10. Another meeting was set up as the anniversary of their first meeting there in the wilderness in Canada. • They met at Palisades Boat Club, where he had his canoe. • "our meetings were so rare and far between that I would have cancelled a date, even with my best girl …" This poster from this time found on net

  11. "After supper we stretched out in front of the campfire and Zret said: • " tonight I am going to take you on an imaginary journey in a "Norca ship" that will carry us 20000years back in time.. • …to a planet, once called "Norca" -that orbits the star you know as Tau Ceti, and in related story, from the archives of our history, we will relive an incredible saga, of a very ancient and highly advanced race of beings, my ancestors who dwelled on this planet…”

  12. "..if you were amazed at my little ship, standing in the wilderness, I cannot conceive what your emotions would have been as you gazed at a veritable circular mountain of gleaming metal, 32000ft in diam….” • ”…with its central dome as tall as the Woolworth building, for this was the Norca ship of advanced design…”

  13. Tau Ceti and its seven planets • Ceti (the whale) near pisces, aquarisus and erridanus. • Only 12 light-years away • The ancestors of this ”spaceman” explored the local part of the galaxy • Planet NORCA there has one moon and 3 other ”man-made” intending to slow the planets dying-process due to increasing cold and dry climate. • Norca s population (was) of 725000

  14. Idea of the planet NORCA

  15. One of the 4big cities there was ”Norma” • This art-pic’s is only symbolic

  16. Sketch from book of controlroom on the ship

  17. ‘then he goes on with the ship’s description: • ”the outer edge is just over 19miles around, with the inner circumference 2miles shorter…” • Located here are also housing facilities for 2200 families, theatres, athletic fields • ‘Underneath the ground or "floor" of this entire 16000acre lower level, is a water reservoir, and another in the topmost level of the ship

  18. ”Architecturally, their design is white stone, peculiar to this valley • ”Their beauty enhanced with graceful curving arches, and splashing fountains, amid a profusion of flowers, each one decorated with banners and a colored streamers, in honour of this gala event.(of the return of the expl.ship) Art here is only Symbolic on the theme

  19. And now, said Zret, like a mean old witch waving a magic wand, we are back in a drifting canoe, on the Hudson- twenty thousand years later!"

  20. More ref.of ZRET’s story: is from ch.6-read if your intr. of; • ”transmigration of solar systems • ”- or evacuation of a dying planet • And how they colonised mars in our system for a time • ‘The main duration of flight, which lasted 58years and 7months, brought them to the fringe influences of our solar system, and was quite uneventful

  21. "Each one of the 40 passenger ships – a sister and replica of the Norca ship, each housing 4100 sat out…plus • + 22 transport ships, were laid out in similar smaller pattern, to compliment appr.1770 men and women, who were the ‘technicians’ in charge of the major portion of all materials, machines, electronic devices, laboratory and research instruments, etc., stowed on these ships, labr.and research instruments, etc..but; • Only ONE of the ships survived-with 3700 passengers – after a controlled crash at MARS

  22. The ”Thao-contact” (-87) gave more info on the colonisation of this sunsystem RuneCreation of sept09