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Are you ready to enjoy the best of the nature ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you ready to enjoy the best of the nature ?. Press kit 09. About Monarca Organic.

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Are youreadytoenjoy the best of the nature?

Press kit 09

About monarca organic l.jpg
About Monarca Organic

NowdaysMonarca Organic, the best brand of organic jam is manufacturing by a mexican cooperative with over 10 years of experience, PRORGAMEX , we´re dedicated to the cultivation, production, marketing and distribution of organic food. Our products are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and artificial preservatives, so they have the certificates AGRICERT BIO. This activity is for us a commitment to healthy living and taking care of our land. Our range is made up of jams, sweets and juice: Guava, mango, plum, blackberry and orange.

OUR MISSION IN PRORGAMEX serve our customer satisfaction by providing a safe, healthy and nutritious, while respecting the balance of nature.  

OUR VISIONPRORGAMEX will satisfy current and future needs of its customers with cutting-edge organic products free of artificial substances, chemicals, pesticides, hormones or contaminants of any kind for humans, animals and the environment.

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Ourproducts: just natural fruits

Fourdeliciousflavorsforyou: Hogplum, guava, mango and blackberry.

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INGREDIENTS: Organic plum, organic sugar, pectine and citric acid.

Hog plum: "Fragant exotic fruit", veryrich in vitamin B1 and C, it is also a good source of carotenoids.

The best way to star your day, imagine the delicious flavor of Monarca

Net weight 10.58 Oz.

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INGREDIENTS: Organic guava, organic sugar, pectine and citric acid.

Guava is known as "The queen of the fruits" because is naturally high in vitamin C, one guava fruit contains four times more vitamin C than an average-size orange. Guava also contains high amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus and fiber

Net weight 10.58 Oz.

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INGREDIENTS: Organic mango, organic sugar, pectine and citric acid.

Mango: "The superfruit", a term used to highlight potential health value of certain edible fruits, it is rich in variety of phytochemicals and nutrients. Mango is also high in prebiotic dietary fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols and carotenoids.

Net weight 10.58 Oz.

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INGREDIENTS: Organic blackberry, organic sugar, pectine and citric acid.

Everyone loves the delicious blackberry fruit, it is notable for their high nutritional contents of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid- a B vitamin, and the essential mineral, manganese.

Net weight 10.58 Oz.

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    ProrgamexGatica de León S.C. de R.L. de C.V. Calle Mandarina s/n, San Pedro, Jungapeo, Michoacán C.P. 61470Telephone: +52 (55) 1 5453-6330 E Mail: Site: sales: