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  2. What is the 4-H Career Portfolio • It is a record of a 4-H member’s 4-H career. • It includes a listing of a 4-H member’s personal growth and leadership experiences related to the knowledge learned, skills gained and community service/volunteer activities experienced through 4-H.

  3. Uses of the Nebraska 4-H Career Portfolio: • Developing Award Applications • Documenting 4-H Experiences • Recording Development of Life Skills • Applying for National 4-H Youth Congress • Applying for National 4-H Conference • Completing Scholarship Applications • Applying for College Entrance • Building Resumes • Applying for Jobs

  4. Grandfather Clause • By January 1, 2008, all 4-H youth must be using the Nebraska 4-H Career Portfolio.

  5. Eight Curriculum Areas • Animal Science • Communication & Expressive Arts • Consumer & Family Science • Environmental Education & Earth Sciences • Healthy Lifestyles Education • Leadership & Citizenship • Plant Science • Science & Technology

  6. Number of Entries Sent to State Competition Counties may send: • 7 Animal Science • 4 Communication & Expressive Arts • 5 Consumer & Family Science • 4 Environmental Education & Earth Sciences • 5 Healthy Lifestyles • 6 Leadership & Citizenship • 4 Plant Science • 4 Science & Technology

  7. Number Selected forNational 4-H Youth Congress • At State Level, 15 applicants will be chosen for partial scholarships to attend National 4-H Youth Congress. • Alternates may attend National 4-H Youth Congress at their own expense. • A 4-H participant may attend National 4-H Congress one time during their 4-H career.

  8. National 4-H Youth Congress • National 4-H Congress provides recognition to 4-H youth for their outstanding performances and achievements in 4-H. • The late November event provides youth high quality, relevant, educational and cross cultural experiences not otherwise obtainable within the state. • A 4-H participant may attend National 4-H Congress one time during their 4-H career.

  9. Selection & Eligibility: continued • 4-H participants can: • only represent Nebraska in one curriculum area. • Must complete two years of a 4-H project to be eligible to apply. • Must be enrolled in a related project at the time of the application and remain enrolled through the time of the award event or program.

  10. Selection & Eligibility: continued • All state award applicants must: • become 15-19 during the calendar year in which the incentive is actually received. • For competition beyond the county level a 4-H member may apply in two curriculum areas regardless of place of residence.

  11. 4-H Career Portfolio (NE4H9000) • The 4-H Career Portfolio has been designed to be compatible with Word & Open Office Software. 4-H members can download Open Office Software from http://openoffice.org free of charge, or from the CD available at the local County Extension Office.

  12. 4-H Career Portfolio (NE4H9000)continued • Detailed instructions for each form & section can be found on the tab dividers or 4-H Career Portfolio CD available at the local County Extension Office. • Instructions are also available for viewing via the Nebraska State 4-H Website: www.4h.unl.edu.

  13. 4-H Career Portfolio (NE4H9000)continued • The 4-H Career Portfolio must be typed in True Type Font, Times New Roman, 12 point font with 1” margins on all sides. • The 4-H Career Portfolio must be placed in an Acco-type fastener (a stiff 8 ½ x 11 inch binder). Do not use a loose-leaf ring binder.

  14. 4-H Career Portfolio (NE4H9000)continued • Portfolio must be printed in landscape format. • It is recommended to use the pre-printed tab dividers available from your County Extension Office.

  15. Section 1: Project Accomplishments • In this section, you will identify the project(s) you are taking. • List what was done and/or what you accomplished and what you learned through each project. • Any experience related to the projects you are taking such as workshop, judging contest, presentations, speeches, camps specific to the curriculum areas should be located in Section 2.

  16. Section 2: 4-H Leadership, Community Service, Volunteer, Citizenship Educational Experiences • In this section list each 4-H activity in the appropriate curriculum area. • Activities can include but are not limited to camps, contests, workshops, county events, educational experiences, service projects, elected offices, committees, judging, presentations, speeches, etc. • You do not have to be enrolled in a project that corresponds to the curriculum area. • It is okay if you don’t have information for all sections. • It is important to show a progression of learning activities and leadership responsibility as they grow year to year. • See example in Section 2A.

  17. Section 3: Non 4-H Experiences Directions: • In this section, list your most meaningful participation in school, church and community organizations other than 4-H; include leadership roles and honors received. • Do not include any items that pertain to 4-H in this section. • Note: In this section, members should show a progression of learning activities and leadership responsibility as they grow year to year.

  18. 4-H Curriculum Story • Part 1: Introduction • Part 2: Describe Your Growth in Your Curriculum Area – in the area you are applying for an award • Part 3: Other 4-H Projects and Experiences • Part 4: Leadership/Community Service related to the Curriculum Area in which you are competing • Part 5: Conclusion – summary of the impact of 4-H on you

  19. Support Materials • No more than 4 pages of photos • Up to 2 additional pages of supporting materials other than photos • A maximum of 6 pages • All materials must fit within the confines of an 11” X 8 1/2” landscaped page

  20. Photo Pages • No more than 4 pages of photos • Include a brief caption explaining the picture • Make sure to select photos that compliment the curriculum area • “Action” photos provide more impressive documentation of 4-H activities • Photos showing year-to-year progress or leadership activities provide excellent documentation of growth • Color photocopies and/or digital photos are acceptable • Photocopies of newspaper print pictures are not acceptable • Do not overlap photos where one photo must be lifted to see another

  21. Supporting Materials Pages • Up to 2 additional pages of supporting materials other than photos • Material should relate specifically to 4-H curriculum area • Items must fit on 11” X 8 1/2” landscaped page • Do not include letters of recommendation • Do not use newspaper clippings or newspaper articles • Photography projects can not include extra photo pages • Do not include specific project record books