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Eastern Oregon University Student Accounts Office PowerPoint Presentation
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Eastern Oregon University Student Accounts Office

Eastern Oregon University Student Accounts Office

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Eastern Oregon University Student Accounts Office

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  1. Eastern Oregon University Student Accounts Office Inlow Hall 119 541-962-3590

  2. The EOU Student Accounts Office is where… • Tuition and fees are assessed • Payments are accepted • Bookstore Credit Vouchers are requested • Financial Aid is disbursed • Scholarships are disbursed • Refunds are issued • Parking passes can be purchased

  3. 2006-07 On Campus-Undergraduate TUITION and FEES : Undergraduates Tuition Fees Total • 1 credit hour 103.40 151.00 254.40 • 2 credit hours 206.80 179.00 385.80 • 3 credit hours 310.20 207.00 517.20 • 4 credit hours 413.60 235.00 648.60 • 5 credit hours 517.00 263.00 780.00 • 6 credit hours 620.40 429.00 1049.40 • 7 credit hours 723.80 437.00 1160.80 • 8 credit hours 827.20 445.00 1272.20 • 9 credit hours 930.60 453.00 1383.60 • 10 credit hours 1034.00 461.00 1495.00 • 11 credit hours 1137.40 467.00 1604.40 • 12 credit hours 1240.80 473.00 1713.80 Each Add’l Hour 103.40

  4. Distance Education Courses • DDE classes are$ 135.00 per credit plus fees • Developmental Skills Courses (Math 040, 070, & 095) are offered through the Division of Distance Education, even though you might attend class on-campus. • You can register for DDE courses on your Webster account, just like on-campus classes. • For complete information please visit the EOU Distance Education Website at

  5. Sample Student Account Code Description Term Charge Payment APPF Application fee Fall ’07 50.00 CHEK Check Fall ’07 50.00 MATR Matriculation Fee Fall ’07 120.00 FARS Fee- Art Course Fall ’07 55.00 FASR Visiting Artist Fee Fall ’07 5.00 BLDG Building Fee Fall ’07 45.00 INCL Incidental Fee Fall ’07 222.00 FTRR Fee Tech-Resource Fall ’07 48.00 ENRG Energy Surcharge Fall ’07 20.00 TUGR Tuition Undergrad Fall ’07 1,447.60 HSUG Health Service Fee Fall ’07 112.00 HSUW Student Health Insurance Fall ’07 26.00 RLNH Housing Plan-North Hall Fall ’07 2264.00 MLPC 10 meals/week & $200 flex Fall ’07 1190.40 PPST Parking Permit Student Fall ’07 75.00 CHEK Check Fall ’07 75.00 FA11 University Scholarship Fall ’07 1,551.00 GFL6 Federal Stafford Loan-Sub Fall ’07 2,833.33 PELL PELL Grant Fall ’07 1,350.00 RFND Student Refund Fall ’07 179.33 Total 5859.33 5859.33 Amount Due: $0.00

  6. EOU Billing • Invoices are mailed monthly to the student’s mailing address on file with the Registrar’s Office and emailed to the student’s EOU email account. • IMPORTANT: Not receiving a bill does not exempt a student from paying their account on time. • Account balances may be checked on Webster at any time. • Third Party Billings such as Army National Guard or PGE may be arranged at the Student Accounts Office.

  7. Payments on Account • All tuition and fees are due within the first 14 calendar days of each term, unless a student has signed a Revolving Charge Contract. This contract requires that a 1/3 payment be made within the first 14 days of the term and the balance paid in full by the last day of classes each term. • If satisfactory payments or payment arrangements are not made by the 14th day of each term, a $100 late payment penalty will be assessed to a student’s account. • If a student’s initial registration is not completed by the 14th day of each term, A late registration penalty of $100 will be charged to a student's account. Student’s may add or drop classes subject to the published EOU ADD/DROP policies, without receiving a late registration fee, as long as their initial registration is completed prior to the 14th day.

  8. Making Payments • Payment on accounts may be made on your Webster account, over the phone or in person at the Student Accounts Office, Inlow Hall, Rm 119. • Payments may also be mailed to: EOU Student Accounts, One University Blvd, La Grande OR 97850

  9. Bookstore Credit Vouchers • Students that have completed all their financial aid requirements may be eligible for a book voucher that can be used for charging books at the EOU Bookstore. • To be eligible for a book voucher, a student must be registered for classes, have financial aid that exceeds their term charges, have their prior term balance paid in full and have a Revolving Charge Contract on file at the Student Accounts Office.

  10. Financial Aid Disbursement • All authorized EOU financial aid and scholarships, once received by the institution, are disbursed automatically to the student's account. • Loan checks and scholarships requiring signatures must be signed for at the Student Accounts Office. • Once financial aid pays a student's current term charges, there may be a refund available to the student. • Any student enrolled in six or more credits at EOU may request their refund checks be automatically mailed to them each term by signing up for the "Automatic Refund" on Webster.

  11. Financial Aid Continued… • Federal law requires that any excess PLUS Loan funds be returned to the parent. Therefore, Plus loans will first cover all tuition, fees, book charges, and any other charges on the student’s account, and the remaining credit balance will be mailed to the lending parent’s address on file with the Office of Financial Aid. • If a parent would like to request that any excess PLUS Loan funds to be released to their student, or returned to the lending bank, please complete and return a Plus Loan Release Authorization to the Student Accounts Office. • Photo identification is required to pick up financial aid refunds. • The Student Accounts Office will automatically mail any unclaimed refunds within ten days following the receipt of funds. All checks will be sent to the student's mailing address on file at the Registrar's Office. • If you are expecting a loan and don’t see it on your Webster account, call or email Financial Aid for more information.

  12. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO FINANCIAL AID RECIPIENTS • Students who withdraw, stop attending prior to completing 60% of a term or who have not received passing grades, have not earned 100% of the federal financial aid received. The student will be required to return the portion of unearned financial aid to their lender, and will therefore owe the institution any penalty upon withdrawal in accordance with the tuition refund schedule. • It is recommended that financial aid recipients try to complete at least one class, if possible, to avoid returning their financial aid. This applies to Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans and Federal Grants. If a student must completely withdraw, it is their responsibility to understand their financial obligations. We recommend students discuss the issue with a financial aid counselor before withdrawing from EOU. Call or email Financial Aid for more information

  13. Refund Schedule Courses must be dropped… Before 4:00 PM on the 7th day after term begins - 100% Refund Before 4:00 PM on the 14th day after term begins - 85% Refund Before 4:00 PM on the 21st day after term begins - 50% Refund Before 4:00 PM on the 28th day after term begins - 25% Refund NOTE: O% Refund begins on the 29th day of the term • Satisfactory payment or payment arrangements MUST be made before the 14th day of each term to avoid the $100 late penalty.

  14. On Campus Parking • Parking Permits are required to park on-campus, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm $ 75.00 / year (Fall,Winter,Spring) $ 55.00 (2 terms – Fall & Winter OR Winter & Spring) $ 30.00 (1 term) FREE (Summer) • FREE PARKING is available in the Community Stadium Parking Lot. • No parking is permitted in handicapped or reserved spaces unless a student possesses those specific permits. • Campus parking lots are patrolled by campus staff daily, and parking illegally on campus will result in a parking fine.

  15. Student Health Insurance • A basic insurance fee of $26/term is mandatory for all students enrolled for 6 or more credit hours on-campus. • A Health Service Fee of $112 is also mandatory for all on-campus students enrolled in 6 or more credits. • There is no charge for individual visits to the Health Center but a minimal fee may be charged for some laboratory tests, office procedures, and prescriptive or non-prescriptive medications. • Optional extended major medical coverage is available to on-campus students and their dependents. • Requests for extended coverage must be provided along with payment within the first 30 days of each term. • Contact Student Affairs at (541) 962-3635 for specific details or more information.

  16. OTHER FEES DEFINED • TUITION is established to support the cost of instruction. • MANDATORY FEES: Mandatory fees are assessed each term to students and are authorized by the Oregon Board of Higher Education. A $100 Matriculation fee is charged one time to cover miscellaneous costs associated with the enrollment of degree seeking students. • There are no out of state tuition charges at EOU.

  17. Thank You for Selecting Eastern Oregon University We value your enrollment and respect the many challenges you will face while pursuing your educational goals. We are available to assist you with planning and budgeting for success. PLEASE VISIT OR CONTACT OUR OFFICE TODAY Student Account INLOW HALL 119 541-962-3590 Website: