2008 benefits annual enrollment communication strategy
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2008 Benefits & Annual Enrollment Communication Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2008 Benefits & Annual Enrollment Communication Strategy. Julee Weller Global Benefits Design February 27, 2008. 40 Years of Experience. Founded in 1968 Intel has grown into the world’s leading silicon innovator

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2008 benefits annual enrollment communication strategy

2008 Benefits & Annual Enrollment Communication Strategy

Julee WellerGlobal Benefits DesignFebruary 27, 2008

40 years of experience
40 Years of Experience

  • Founded in 1968

  • Intel has grown into the world’s leading silicon innovator

  • $38.3B in revenues, 86K employees worldwide (46K US), 300 facilities, 50 countries

  • World’s 5th most valuable brand

  • Consistent history of strong corporate accolades

    • Global Most Sustainable Corporation

    • Dow Jones Sustainability Index Technology Sector Leader

    • World’s Most Innovative Companies

    • Best Corporate Citizen

    • Working Women 100 Best Companies

Engaging our employees in health
Engaging our Employees in Health

  • Intel’s benefits strategy embraces a holistic approach that places strong benefit programs and tools upon a fundamental philosophy of employee health and wellness

Communication Essential to Strategy

Health benefits communication strategy
Health Benefits Communication Strategy

  • Developed a year-round communication campaign to:

    • Increase employee health benefit plan awareness; getting the most out of the benefits both financially and quality care

    • Actively engage employees in their own wellness – live healthier lives every day.

  • Five “blitzes” scheduled per year; a ‘blitz’ includes 3-5 intranet articles that cover a variety of health related topics focused on Benefits Awareness, Consumerism, Healthy Choices.

  • Articles are intended to be engaging and actionable. - AR

  • Topic are selected by a cross-functional team {HR (Benefits/Disability), Occupational Health and Communication}.

  • Annual enrollment theme choose well use well be well
    Annual Enrollment Theme: Choose Well, Use Well, Be Well

    • Speaks to employee engagement, involvement, and role

    • Speaks to Annual Enrollment process, personal health, and financial health

    • Action oriented

    • Integrated with Health & Wellness

    • Continued use throughout the year to promote Intel’s culture of healthy, productive, and engaged employees and families who live wellness-oriented lifestyles every day

    2008 plan enrollment results
    2008 Plan Enrollment Results

    Record migration into the consumer plans


    Consumer Plans

    HDHP added more that 1600 new enrollees

    Ae benefit blog detail
    AE Benefit Blog Detail


    • The purpose of this blog is to discuss Intel Benefits. Let’s keep it real and make this a place to interact – all constructive comments are welcome. At the same time, this can’t become a Q&A forum: please use Ask ES for detailed questions. Finally, a message from the lawyers: "The information in this blog is not intended to take the place of or change the official plan documents in any way. In the event of a discrepancy between the information in this blog and official plan documents, the plan documents will prevail." Just so you know.

    • Health benefits and old dogs

    • First of all, let me just say I’m thankful to have health insurance. And choices. Without those two things my life would be very different. That doesn’t mean the healthcare system in the U.S. doesn’t still drive me nuts. Options are nice, but trying to make sense of all the complicated rules is like trying to match up all the colors on a Rubik’s cube: almost impossible, especially if you’re like me – someone with no time or patience to figure it all out.

    • Which brings me to Annual Enrollment: it’s that time of year again when my brain turns to mush when faced with having to decide what to do with my health benefits for the next year. Over the last couple of years we’ve been introduced to health plans that sound like they’ve been created by bankers: set-up a pre-tax savings account… manage receipts…pay premiums….meet deductibles…etc. Will I need my accountant to talk to the pharmacist? Do I have to stand in line at the DMV to schedule a doctor’s appointment? I’m only joking with the last two questions (I know the DMV is automated now).

    • Call me an old dog. I’ve been with the same health plan since I started with Intel 17 years ago. The “auto-pilot” system works for me. Except lately I’ve been wondering if I could actually save money with one of those other kind of health plans. Someone recently told me he’s been with one of the consumer-driven health plans for over three years, and since that time he’s only paid around $140 total in medical costs (not including premiums)!  I know everyone’s situations are unique – but if what he says is true it would be a huge difference for me (I pay that much for prescriptions alone in just 6 months). I think I finally realize I need to make an effort and spend time investigating other health plan options (which I’ve never really done in the past, obviously). In the meantime, if you have any experiences you can share or suggestions on what’s worked well for you (or not) – I’d love to hear from you. And the sooner the better -- Annual Enrollment starts Oct. 29.

    2008 benefits comms at a glance description

    Circuit Articles (Storylines) WW38 – WW01

    WW38: Overview of Annual Enrollment, dates, and how to prepare.

    WW38: Roth 401k

    WW43: Overall message of benefits 08 (watch for your guide) and action required

    WW44: 2007 Annual Enrollment begins – using the 6 C’s to determine what plan is right for you

    WW45: people like me – why they choose their plan and experience

    Lumenos plan

    CIGNA Coinsurance

    WW46: Last week of Annual Enrollment

    WW46: Health For Life

    WW01: Reminder to use well (health benefits)

    WW01: Roth 401k enrollment


    WW43: Manager Actions

    WW44: Annual Enrollment begins – Harvard Pilgrim & Independent Health

    WW44: Annual Enrollment begins - SERPLUS

    WW44: Annual Enrollment begins – remaining ees

    WW46: Last week to re-enroll in FSA

    WW47-52: New Hire 2006 & 2007 Annual Enrollment information

    WW44-46: Hewitt notifications and confirmations

    WW46: Remind to enroll (sent from Hewitt to ees who have not made AE elections)

    WW01: 2007 plan year changes reminder and use new ID cards

    Home Mailings

    WW42: SERPLUS Guide

    WW43: Benefits Guide

    WW43: Notice of Creditable Coverage for Medicare eligible (insert in guide mailing)

    Dec.: New Medical/Dental ID cards

    Web sites

    WW38: Circuit Benefits planning and education page WW42: Circuit Health Benefits and Wellness page updated for AE

    WW44: www.intel.com/go/myben

    WW44: Hewitt website updated for AE

    WW44: Fidelity website updated for SERPLUS enrollment

    WW01: Circuit T-Comp updates


    WW38: 401k

    Placeholder WW40: Own your own decision making ability

    WW43: Why not review your available health benefits?

    Just so you know…



    WW42-46: Bathroom Readers

    WW42-52: Annual Enrollment NEO insert

    WW42-46: Posters/Banners

    WW43-46: Plasma screens

    BUM Foils

    WW43-46: 2008 Benefits


    WW44-46: 2008 Annual Enrollment

    WW44-46: Benefits Overview

    WW44-46: Get Smart about FSA

    WW44-46: Lumenos Webinars

    WW44-46: SERPLUS

    WW44-46: Life Insurance Basics

    Benefits Road Shows




    2008 Benefits Comms at a Glance Description