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Welcome back Minions!!!

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Welcome back Minions!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome back Minions!!!. Warm-Up. If you have 2 objects that have the same mass, what can be done to make one of the objects have greater kinetic energy?

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warm up
  • If you have 2 objects that have the same mass, what can be done to make one of the objects have greater kinetic energy?
  • If you have 2 objects where one has the greater mass than the other, what can be done to make sure the object with the greater mass has greater kinetic energy than the object with lesser mass?
  • Define…
    • Energy
      • The ability to do work or cause change.
    • Work
      • The transfer of energy.
    • Power
      • The rate at which work is done
    • Kinetic Energy
      • Energy of motion.
    • Formula for Kinetic Energy
potential energy
Potential Energy
  • Must an object be moving in order to have energy?
    • NO!!!
      • Some objects have stored energy as a result of their positions or shapes!
  • Energy at the ready!
  • This is Potential Energy!!!
    • Stored energy that results from the position or shape of an object.
look at the skier on pg 445
Look at the skier on pg 445!!!
  • Blue and Red skier…
    • Which has a greater POTENTIAL ENERGY? Why?
  • Red and Green skier…
    • Which has a greater POTENTIAL ENERGY? Why?
  • Gravitational Potential Energy
    • Potential Energy related to an object’s height!
examples of g p e
Examples of G.P.E.
  • Object Weighs 500 Newtons.
  • It is 40 meters off of the ground.
  • How many Joules of Potential Energy does it Posess?
now you try
Now you try!
  • Mr. Scott’s Car weighs 7000 Newtons.
  • A student picks up his car and carries it to the top of a 30 meter tree!
  • What is the potential energy of Mr. Scott’s car?
  • Stretching an object creates potential energy.
  • Look at a rubber band comparison!
  • What about a spring?
  • Elastic Potential Energy
    • Potential energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed.
review section 1
Review Section 1…
  • What is energy?
  • How are energy, work, and power related?
  • If a handsaw does the same amount of work on a log as a chainsaw does, which has the greater power? Why?
  • What is Kinetic Energy?
  • What is Potential Energy?
  • What factors affect an object’s kinetic energy?
  • What factors affect an object’s potential energy?
homework for tonight
Homework for tonight…
  • Pay attention to Mr. Scott so he can tell you!!!
out the door
Out the door…
  • Calculate your weight in Newtons.
    • (Weight) x (4.448) = Newtons
  • You are about to jump off a high dive into a swimming pool. The high dive is 8 meters tall.
  • What is your potential energy in Joules before you jump off of the high dive?