United states after the war
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United States After the War. Soldiers Come Back Home. Soldiers came home and took jobs in the factories and businesses . Women returned to being homemakers and consumers . Soldiers were ready to relax, get married, and have a family. . Life in the United States.

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Soldiers come back home
Soldiers Come Back Home

  • Soldiers came home and took jobs in the factories and businesses.

  • Women returned to being homemakers and consumers.

  • Soldiers were ready to relax, get married, and have a family.

Life in the united states
Life in the United States

  • Soldiers got married and bought new homes.

  • Many wanted to live in the suburbs.

  • Suburbs: communities outside of the city

    • Built on large pieces of land that were divided into lots


  • New highways were built to connect the cities and the suburbs.

  • People could buy automobiles and could easily drive to work.

Money to buy
Money to Buy

  • Jobs had increased during the war.

  • People had earned money.

  • Consumers had saved their money because consumer goods were not available during the war.

More money
More Money!

  • Soldiers received jobs.

  • Factories began making consumer goods again.

Consumer goods
Consumer Goods

  • Advertising encouraged people to buy.

  • Radios and televisions played advertising.

    • Radios


    • New Automobiles

    • Slinkies

    • Barbie dolls

    • Hoola hoops

    • Barbeque grills

New technologies
New Technologies

  • New products were created, and old ones received improvements.

  • Automobiles: automatic transmission, power steering, better tires

  • Airplanes: jet engines (faster travel)

  • Telephones: long distances

Effect of the automobile
Effect of the Automobile

  • Most people wanted to purchase new automobiles.

    • Safer, faster, looked nicer

  • New highways were built.

  • Motels opened for travelers.

  • Fast food restaurants opened.

Mass media and a common culture
Mass Media and a Common Culture

  • Radios and televisions made things popular.

    • Television shows

    • Rock-n-Roll music

    • Mass media encouraged people to spend their money.

    • Credit cards became popular.

Service industries
Service Industries

  • Services industries became popular.

    (someone does a service for you)

  • Dry cleaners

  • Restaurants

Comfortable living
Comfortable Living

  • Air conditioning

    • Made the South a nicer place to live

    • Families spent more time inside in front of the television.