vu nhu van deputy director bureau for safe work molisa vietnam n.
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Vu Nhu Van Deputy Director, Bureau for Safe Work, MOLISA Vietnam PowerPoint Presentation
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Vu Nhu Van Deputy Director, Bureau for Safe Work, MOLISA Vietnam

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Vu Nhu Van Deputy Director, Bureau for Safe Work, MOLISA Vietnam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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vu nhu van deputy director bureau for safe work molisa vietnam

The following have been accepted for the 10th Third Country Training Program on OSH in Small and Medium Enterprises in Selected ASEAN and Asia-Pacific Countries on November 21 to December 9, 2005 at the Occupational Safety and Health Center, Philippines. Name Country1Mr. Rahman Mohammad Mustafizur, Inspector of Factories & Estts. (Medical), Dept. of Inspection for Factories & Estts, Ministry of Labour & EnploymentBangladesh2Mr. Tola Khann, Vice-Chief of Bureau, Dept. of Occupational Health, Ministry of Labour and Vocational TrainingCambodia3Mr. Zhang Yan Song, Asst. Director of Department of Health Surveilance, Institute of Occupational Safety Administration of Work SafetyChina4Mr. Agus Triyono, OSH Assessor, Center for Development of Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Manpower and TransmigrationIndonesia5Mr. Asmizal, Head of Section, Technical Supervision of Labor and Employment, Province of RiauIndonesia6Ms. Mieke Nuryani, OSH Supervisor, PT Pertamedika Medical CentreIndonesia7Mr. Outhsa Phethsesanavong, International Cooperation Division, Ministry of Labor and Social WelfareLao P.D.R.8Dr. Khin Maung Lwin, Managing Director, Fame Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.Myanmar9Mr. Wijitha M.E. Ekanayake, Divisional Director of Health Services, Central Province Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government Sri Lanka10Mr. Chameel Nilantha Perera, Industrial Relations Advisor, The Employers' Federation of CeylonSri Lanka11Ms. Vijaya Ravindrakumar, Organizer/Programme Officer, National Workers CongressSri Lanka12Mr. Surasak Bunluesak, Government Officer, National Institute for the Improvement of Working Conditions and EnvironmentThailand13Ms. Chayakarn Kaewngarm, Gen. Administration Officer 7, TOT Public Co. Ltd.Thailand14Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet, Expert in Charge of Information and Training Activites - Div. of Info. & Propaganda, Bureau of Safe Work, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social AffairsVietnamPlease follow-up your official acceptance letter with your respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will inform you of the details later. You may also get in touch with Ms. Tess Sison at (632) 9242414 or e-mail her at or SAFETY AND HEALTH IN VIETNAM

Vu Nhu Van

Deputy Director,

Bureau for Safe Work, MOLISA Vietnam

outline of presentation
  • State administrative system of OSH in Vietnam
  • The VietNam National Council of OSH
  • The National Program on Occupational Safety and Health of Vietnam in 2006-2010

Country: The socialist republic of Vietnam

Acreage: 329,314.5 km2

Provinces and cities:64

Capital: Ha Noi

Population: 82.7 million people (by 2005)

Workforce: 43 million people, including 41 million in working age ( 94.3%)

Structure of workforce:

- 24.4% in urban areas

- 75.6% in rural areas

Labour structure by economic industries

+ Services: 25%

+ Industry: 18%

+ Agriculture including fisheries and forestry: 57%


Viet nam

legal system of osh

Legal documents related to OSH

(the Labour Code …)

  • Documents attached to laws:
  • Decrees issued by Government
  • Decisions, Directives by Prime Minister
  • Circulars, Directives, Decisions; standards, norms
  • by relevant Ministries, industries

Documents guiding implementation by enterprises

state administrative system of osh in vietnam
State administrative system of OSH in Vietnam



  • Institute for Labour
  • Science and Social
  • Affairs:
  • Reseach Centre for
  • Working Environment

The Bureau for

Safe Work (BSW):

- National Centre

for OSH Training

Labour Inspectorate


- OSH Inspectors



Centres for Industry

Safety Registration



Labour Inspectorate




the vietnam national council of osh
The VietNam National Council of OSH
  • Established: 2005
  • Chaired: The Minister of Molisa
  • Vice Chairmen: Vice Minister of MOH and a representative from the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour
  • Assisting representatives: 18 Governmental agencies, social organizations and non-governmental organizations.

National Council of OSH

was established in February 2005

the vietnam national council of osh continued
The VietNam National Council of OSH continued...
  • Duties: providing advice and assistance to the Prime Minister in specifying direction, mechanism and policies on OSH;
  • Measures for complying with OSH policies;
  • Acting as a focal point to coordinate OSH activities.
some major activities
Some major activities
  • The National Week for OSH and Fire-explosion Prevention is held in every March since 1999 by the Government and responded by enterprises and workers.
  • The National OSH Profile in 2005
  • The National Program on Occupational Safety and Health of Vietnam in 2006-2010
  • OSH in agriculture
  • OSH in small and medium sized enterprises
the national program on osh of vietnam in 2006 2010
The National Program on OSH of Vietnam in 2006-2010

General objectives:

  • Paying due attention to improving working conditions, reducing environmental pollution;
  • Preventing occupational accidents and diseases;
  • Caring for the health of workers;
  • Raising awareness and law compliance;
  • Contributing sustainable development of the country.
the national program on osh of vietnam in 2006 2010 continued
The National Program on OSH of Vietnam in 2006-2010 continued...

Immediate targets:

- Reducing fatal accidents; annually by 5% the frequency of occupational accidents in fields and industries with high risk of occupational accidents (quarrying, construction, electricity);

- Reducing the number of newly infected victims of occupational diseases by 10% per year; sending over 80% of workers in workplaces with risk of occupational diseases to health centers for checks;

- Ensuring that all workers suffering from occupational accidents and diseases will be treated and provided with health care and rehabilitation services;

- Over 80% of workers in jobs with strict OSH requirements and OSH officers are trained in OSH;

- Ensuring 100% of fatal accidents and serious accidents are investigated and dealt with.

the national program on osh of vietnam in 2006 2010 continued1
The National Program on OSH of Vietnam in 2006-2010 continued...

With 7 major Activities :

1. Improve the efficiency of State administration over occupational safety and health;

2. Improve working conditions, prevent occupational accidents focusing on some fields with high risk such as quarrying, electricity, construction, small and medium sized enterprises, agriculture and rural areas.

3. Prevent occupational diseases, take care of the health of workers and provide rehabilitation service.

4. Raise awareness and responsibility of administrative levels, organizations and individuals through building capacity of information, propagation and training.

the national program on osh of vietnam in 2006 2010 continued2
The National Program on OSH of Vietnam in 2006-2010 continued...

5. OSH scientific and technological studies and application to improve working conditions and treat with working environmental pollution.

6. Ministries, industries, enterprises, production establishments improve working conditions, prevent occupational accidents and diseases towards commitment to good performance of OSH and promotion of safety culture

7. Reviews and supervisions to make assessment on the efficiency of the program by phases, by activities

occupational accidents and diseases in industries

occupational accidents:

  • In 2000-2004, on average 4,245 occupational accidents occurred per year, involving 4,415 people, 489 of whom died.
  • Number of workplace accidents increases 17.38% per year;
  • Frequency of fatal accidents: 18/100,000 workers.
occupational diseases
occupational diseases
  • In 1976-1990, there were 5,497 workers infected with occupational diseases
  • In 1990 - 2004, the figure was up by 16,080 (three times higher). On average, 1000-1500 people more infected with occupational diseases per year.
national information network of osh

Established in 1997, nearly 200 representatives from agencies, organisations, associations, enterprises have registered to be member of the network so far.


Agencies of the OSH network

Government’s representatives: from labour sector, health sector and other relevant ministries, branches; organsations monitoring OSH and working environment;

Employer’s representatives: Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, Corporations;

Employee’s representatives: VN General Confederation of Labour; Provical Confederations of Labour;

OSH institutes and laboratories and Univesities related to OSH.

for more information please visit the website www dosmolisa gov vn
For more information, please visit the

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