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iPre -K. Matt Connell. Matt Connell. Early Childhood/Special Education Teacher Assistive Technology Facilitator Garden City Public Schools – USD 457 mconnell@gckschools.com www.mrmatt.org. Appy Discussion . Share your apps, technology or other ideas for Early Childhood.

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iPre -K

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    1. iPre-K Matt Connell

    2. Matt Connell • Early Childhood/Special Education Teacher • Assistive Technology Facilitator • Garden City Public Schools – USD 457 • mconnell@gckschools.com • www.mrmatt.org

    3. Appy Discussion • Share your apps, technology or other ideas for Early Childhood. • Send an email to join@mrmatt.org • In the subject line type: “join-appy-hour” or “end-appy-hour” • Once approved, you will receive emails relating to early childhood technology. • Feel free to submit ideas to • appy-hour@mrmatt.org

    4. Before the Apps • Device • Accessory • Platform • Where can I get apps? • VPP, Gift Cards? • School Policy

    5. Choose a Device

    6. Choose accessories • Choose a case or other accessory that fits the child. • Avoid purchasing an item because “it’s COOL”

    7. Choose a Platform

    8. Choose a Store

    9. Where can you find apps? • www.myinfinitec.org • www.mrmatt.org • iTunes Store • iTunes is the only place for apple apps • Google Play • There are multiple market places for Android apps

    10. Specific App Developers • Grasshopper Apps • Oscar’s Apps

    11. Reading and Literacy • Things to think about • Will this app meet curriculum guidelines? • Will this app meet standards? • Is there a cost? – Is there a budget for apps? • What is the purpose of the app? (besides being cute and fun)

    12. Starfall ABC • Price: I have seen this app free to $2.99The "ABCs" section of Starfall.com's well-loved website is now available as a universal application for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Our activities motivate through positive reinforcement and play. (Note: App contains the ABC letter section only, NOT the whole website.)Children delight as they see, hear, and interact with letters and sounds in words, sentences, and games. They learn to recognize letters and develop skills that will ensure they become confident leaders. All children, and especially English language learners, benefit.

    13. Animal Zoo Puzzles - My First Words • Features:* Interactive puzzle parts* 40+ animals in 8 different scenes* Learn animal names and sounds* Learn Spelling and Vocabulary * Fun interactive activities on all pages * Screenshot - If you like a puzzle page, you can send it to your friends via e-mail* Tips - activate tips from the menu to see all interactive points on the page* Scenes Navigation - You can go to any page by using the menu page navigation control

    14. Spelling Magic • Teaches the sounds of the letters and how to build words.This app can help your child learn the sounds of the alphabet. This app indirectly teaches the essential reading skill of segmenting as well. Two levels of challenge are available.The first part of the app has a limited alphabet for building words.The second part of this app has the entire alphabet available for building words.This app focuses on the skill of learning to spell words with three phonetic sounds with short vowel words.

    15. Letter of the Day Interactive Activities • Free – only does letters A, B, C • Kids explore the whole alphabet—from every angle! Animated lessons cover letter formation, letter sounds and more. For ages 4-6 years. Plus, check out the other Lakeshore Learning Materials apps: Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game and Beginning Sounds Interactive Game

    16. Learn How to Spell Your First 1,000 Words with Little Speller • Cost: $0.99Learn How to Spell Your First 1,000 Words with Little Speller is an exciting interactive game that helps your child rapidly learn to read, write, and spell words all with just the touch of their finger. The interface is so easy to use that even a 9 month old baby will delight in moving their first letters around the page. Ideal for ages 0 to 6.

    17. Letter Quiz • Cost: $1.99 (there is a free version) • Letter Quiz is the best way to learn the English Alphabet. Four different games for every stage of learning; flashcards, identification, matching and handwriting. Designed for kids but great for all ages.

    18. The Cat in the Hat (lite) • Cost: Full-$2.99

    19. My First Books • Cost: Free! • Get your child’s library started with a FREE book from the hit TV network BabyFirst. The First Books app brings you access to all your favorite BabyFirst books featuring Harry the Bunny, Peekaboo, VocabuLarry and more. You’ll be able to see when a new BabyFirst book comes out and what’s even better – it comes with one free story to get you started.

    20. Little Matchup – ABC Alphabet • Cost: FREE! • Little Matchups is an exciting interactive matching game that helps your child rapidly learn how to recognize and identify important concepts such as uppercase and lowercase letters.

    21. Communication Apps • Things to think about • Will the student be able to use the app? Are they developmentally ready? • Are there lower tech tools that will be as effective?

    22. Proloquo2go • Cost: $189.99 • Proloquo2Go® is a full-featured augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solution for people who have difficulty speaking. Proloquo2Go provides natural sounding Text to Speech voices (CURRENTLY ENGLISH ONLY), a high resolution library of over 14,000 symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, two researched-based vocabulary organizations, advanced word prediction, multiuser support, and the ability to fully customize vocabularies for users along a broad continuum of abilities, from beginning symbolic communication to full literacy.

    23. Verbally • Cost: FREE!!! • Verbally is an easy-to-use, comprehensive Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app for the iPad. Verbally brings speech to those without and enables real conversation with its simple, intuitive design. Just tap in what you want to say and Verbally speaks for you. Premium Features available with an in-app purchase.

    24. Talking Tom • Cost: Free! • Tom is your pet cat, that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say with a funny voice.

    25. Math • Things to think about • Will this app meet curriculum guidelines? • Will this app meet standards? • Is there a cost? – Is there a budget for apps? • What is the purpose of the app? (besides being cute and fun)

    26. Kids Counting • Cost: Free! • FREE and fun picture math games for kids designed by the iKidsPad team. This free iPad math app dynamically generates thousand of beginning counting games with different themes and number levels. Great interactive and challenging games helps young children build up basic counting skills and number recognition.

    27. Abacus • Cost: Free! • Help your kids develop an interest in numbers in a fun way, by introducing the Early Learning Abacus – it’s a great step on the ladder to counting! Using the Early Learning Abacus as a tool will help them make numbers tangible and concrete basic mathematical concepts. As a simplified version of the classic school abacus, the Early Learning Abacus has been created as a dynamic visual aid for teaching toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindy kids their numbers and how to count from 1 to 100.

    28. 1-10 Balloons • Cost: $.99

    29. Can you Count?

    30. Learn 123s (Learn Numbers)

    31. Candy Count • Cost: Free!

    32. Dice • Cost: Free! • Too often you end up unable to play your favorite game because you lack the stuff needed… You forgot the Dice !
Dice simulates up to 5 (20 on iPad) dice simultaneously. Shake the device, and dice are rolled ! For the lazy ones, a simple pressure on the screen will roll the dice too. Dice is extremely simple, everyone can play anywhere.

    33. Colors, Shapes and Creativity

    34. Fluid Monkey • Cost: Free! • Relax as you enjoy interacting with incredibly smooth and responsive pools of liquid. Use all ten fingers to smear paint, jiggle gelatin, or fling brightly-colored balls through puddles of mud.

    35. Glow Coloring • Cost: Free! • Glow Coloring is the first doodle app that allows you to scan in images that you can color in or trace. With Glow Coloring, you can adjust brush pattern, brush size, and color. When you are done drawing your masterpiece, you can save it to your camera roll or email it directly from the app.

    36. Shapes and Colors • Cost: $.99 • Adam Learns Shapes and Colors is a highly interactive app created to help our own very curious toddler learn his shapes and colors. Each level of the app presents a series of shapes or colors, with audio stating the name of each one as it appears on the screen. It then asks your child to pick out each shape or color shown by touching it on the screen, praising them when they touch the correct one and gently correcting and encouraging them if they touch the wrong one.

    37. Shapes (Toddler Teaser) • Cost: Free! • -4 ways to play: Quizzing, Flashcards, Toy Box and Puzzle game modes.-Fully voiced over in English, Spanish and French.

    38. Toddler Colors

    39. Colors and Shapes • Cost: Free! • Color and shapes learning games for young children to identify colors and shapes while they count! This free kid’s educational app generates thousands of unique colorful color games and shape games on your iPad. A fun interactive learning game helps preschoolers and kindergartner to elementary school students to study color and color names and spy different shapes.

    40. Speak Colors • Cost: Free! • SpeakColorsis an iPad app designed to encourage young children to imitate and use two word phrases with color words and common objects. The app is geared toward toddlers with speech and language delays, autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disorders.

    41. Memory and Cognitive Development

    42. Memory Test • Cost: Free! • Kids Memory Test is the memory game where you match all pictures of animals soon as possible time. It has launched for iPhone and iPad. The application is available for all children age. To get the most matches in the least amount of time. You can test and improve your memory with Kids Memory Test.

    43. Tangrams • Cost: Free!

    44. Puzzles • Cost: Free!

    45. Colors • Cost: Free! • Colors is a jigsaw puzzle game designed for children. App comes with different color puzzles along with two real time objects related to that colors to play with. Start with simple 6-free puzzles and gradually move to all objects.

    46. Whimsy (lite) • Cost: Free!

    47. Memory!

    48. Alphabet Match/Letter Match

    49. Memo Cards

    50. Switch Puzzle