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Introducing Storytelling Alice

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Introducing Storytelling Alice. Introducing Storytelling Alice. What is Alice? Storytelling Alice is an interactive graphics 3D programming environment . Storytelling Alice is useful for learning how to program . Storytelling Alice also makes learning to program fun. 

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Introducing Storytelling Alice

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    1. Introducing Storytelling Alice

    2. Introducing Storytelling Alice What is Alice? • Storytelling Alice is an interactive graphics 3D programming environment. • Storytelling Alice is useful for learning how to program. Storytelling Alice also makes learning to program fun.  During this course you should explore the many possibilities for being creative and having fun with Alice.

    3. Introducing Storytelling Alice Programming a computer Computer programming is not especially difficult. It requires an aptitude for solving problems. 3. A computer program is usually a model for a solution to someone's problem. 4. The important thing is to take the process in steps 5. Making certain that you understand each step before moving on to the next.

    4. Introducing Storytelling Alice Not Object Oriented 6. Alice is an outstanding product for teaching object-based programming. 7. Alice is not an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. 8. Object-Oriented Program can adjust to its environment, such as video games. 9. Object-Based Program can’t adjust to its environment. All of the characters in Alice must be programmed to do anything.

    5. Introducing Storytelling Alice 3D graphics 10. Alice makes it possible to write 3D animation programs easily. Would probably require years in hard-core Java.

    6. Introducing Storytelling Alice The Welcome screen 11. You can choose from Tutorial, Recent Worlds, Templates, Examples, or Open a World

    7. Introducing Storytelling Alice The program edit screen 12. This shows the screen that you will use to develop your Alice programs (also known as worlds). 

    8. Introducing Storytelling Alice What's next? Creating and an Alice world consists of two very distinct steps.  13. The first step, (setting the stage) simulates a manual process of painting scenery, selecting colors, put the players, the scenery, and other objects in position on the stage getting ready for the curtain to rise, or the cameras to roll. 14. The second step is to write the program to animate the world causing the players to behave according to plan.

    9. Introducing Storytelling Alice The Storytelling Alice tutorial Click on the tutorials. Go slowly! Anybody could speed through it with clicks of the mouse. Make sure you read so you understand what is going on. This will help you later. You may  not understand everything in the tutorial.  Regardless, you should follow along and do all the things that you are instructed to do.