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Is Virtual Reality Architecture Is A Myth Or Reality? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is Virtual Reality Architecture Is A Myth Or Reality?

Is Virtual Reality Architecture Is A Myth Or Reality?

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Is Virtual Reality Architecture Is A Myth Or Reality?

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  1. VIATechnik works closely with the clients to understand their needs and deliver the right solutions. The company offers BIM, CAD Services Virtual reality architecture, virtual reality construction and Scheduling Services to their clientele.

  2. Is Virtual Reality Architecture Is A Myth Or Reality? There are many kind of software available in the market to boost your business. The most common feature of this software in the construction field is to make sure that it calculates and performs the quantities of material take off. There are many such software programs available in the market just for that. It takes a lot of time to manually make an accurate estimate in the construction business. It has been seen that an estimated 90 percent of the total time is taken in estimating the material quantity takeoff. The price in the estimate is very important but at the same time the most important part is to make the correct material takeoff estimate. This is the phase which takes the most amount of time when manually done.

  3. Disadvantage of manually calculating the estimate The major disadvantage of doing the estimate manually is that it not only takes an insane amount of time but more often than not it is nowhere close to the actual cost. The material quantity takeoff part takes so long that many construction firms have decided to skip it and use a turnkey number or even ask a supplier, sub contractor or a vendor for a bid or quote. This can make a construction company less competitive and also the profit margin will be far less. Also, sometimes these vendors take into consideration of some of the important materials like pipes, masonry, concrete, drywall, carpentry, ductwork among many others while leaving out the details of the associated parts. At the same time there are vendors or sub contractors who takes into consideration both the materials as well as the associated parts as well.

  4. The necessary ingredients required to make an accurate estimate In order to make an accurate estimate the most important thing that is required is details and the more details you have the more chance of making an accurate estimate. An estimate that really stands out is the estimator’s capability on estimating the labor costs and the markups. The big question next comes is how to speed up things and at the same time remain very accurate and competitive. This is where a software program becomes so effective as it take away all the repetitive, time consuming and mundane manual work.

  5. The way the software programs are designed All such software programs are designed in such a way that they estimate in one way. This is vastly different from a manual way as two different individuals have different ways of estimating. The software developers design this software in a way like they were taught about the construction estimates are made in a conventional way. So, the references like the list of materials and the hourly labor involved are all taken into consideration. There are many contractors who does not do much of the work and look for other traders to do their job. This is then reason why so many people look to use the manual computer spreadsheets. It should be noted that there are several software programs out there that are designed to solve the manual estimating and accuracy problems. P.T.O

  6. There are other advantages of using such software programs as they can be customized depending on your needs and you can also store lot of valuable information as well. Some of these software programs come with pre installed contact details of all the laborers and other vendors. The software also has the option of using the virtual reality architecture or virtual reality construction tool. This tool will not only save you a lot of time but it will also make your construction business look more professional and will also help your business to stand out among the competitors.

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