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a guide on navigating the internet for reputable college programs n.
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Quality Education on the World Wide Web PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Education on the World Wide Web

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Quality Education on the World Wide Web
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Quality Education on the World Wide Web

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  1. A Guide on Navigating the Internet for Reputable College Programs Quality Education on the World Wide Web

  2. Before we delve into how to identify great online college courses, it’s important to note that an online college course can: Save time Save money Build relevant online skills Foster a powerful work ethic Be flexible enough for working professionals Many quit the prospect of college due to the time and money required to get a degree – the biggest benefit to studying online is removing that obstacle. An Online Degree is Worth It

  3. It’s possible to find specialized courses, like a Doctor of Business Administration online – the key lies simply in knowing what the ingredients of a good course are. You need: • A solid reputation • An existing alumni • Third-party references • Reasonable pricing The Tenets of Good Online Education

  4. One of the identifying factors of a low quality online reputation is a bad graduation ratio. To begin with, it’s harder to graduate from an online college than an on-campus education – the importance of self-discipline is stressed much more when you have to rely on yourself to learn the source material and apply for all tests and optional lectures, while at home rather than in a classroom. Diploma mills simply cash in on tuitions whilst offering little to no assistance to students on the verge of failing. The Importance of an Alumni

  5. The Internet is full of quality resources to help identify the authenticity of a college’s online programs, including: • Blogs • Directories • Forums • Lists Navigating the Internet for good colleges means leveraging all the information out there on where to find a good course for Doctor of Business Administration online. Finding Third-Party References

  6. One of the biggest, if not the biggest obstacle to a college education for most is the sheer cost. Debt is the single largest issue regarding higher education, and it’s why many opt to enter the workforce without a diploma. However, online colleges can drive down the cost of education by eliminating on-campus costs, and some offer special promotions for an online education. Discussing Pricing

  7. Thank you for reading!It’s not easy finding a good college online, but it’s definitely not impossible. All you need to do is know where to look. For great online courses, Visit:http://cbuonline.eduAddress: 10370 Hemet Street, Suite 200, Riverside, California, USMail Us:cbuonline@calbaptist.eduCall us: 951-343-3900