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Online College and a Future Career PowerPoint Presentation
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Online College and a Future Career

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Online College and a Future Career
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Online College and a Future Career

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  1. Online College and a Future Career How online colleges are equipping students and professionals with new skills

  2. What is an online college? Online colleges don’t strictly have to be online-based institutions – often, they’re online courses offered by regular universities, through a separate long-distance faculty specializing in offering courses like: •Accounting •Business Administration •Communication Studies •Computer Information Technology •Marketing Etc.

  3. The Pros of Going to College Online An online college comes with a number of benefits, especially for career-minded students. For them, online college courses allow for: •Time to work and study. •A flexible schedule. •No campus costs. •Tech-focused communication and soft skills. And more. By choosing an online college for your doctor of business administration, for example, you also learn how to effectively plan and execute ideas and strategies online for multinational cooperation.

  4. The Stigma Against Online Colleges When online colleges first became a regular, feasible way to go to school, some organizations took advantage of the need for affordable college – and offered it, with the caveat of no actual education. Such organizations have been mostly beaten out of popularity by better search engines, more quality online schooling, and rigorous certification – but the stigma around the quality of online college courses still exists in some places. However, there is a bright side to it all.

  5. The Turning Tide in Careers Most employers no longer care about whether or not your degree was gotten online or through an on-campus education – and except for a few archaic HR departments, the exact nature of your diploma doesn’t matter as much as your own experience or talent. And more so:

  6. School Quality Matters Most When employers do look for diplomas, it’s the quality and certification of the school they pay the most attention to – not whether or not the course was long-distance. This means that hard work now pays off just as well for online students as it does for on-campus graduates – with the added benefit of training a new generation of Internet-savvy business specialists.

  7. Thank you for reading!Online colleges are growing an expanding, adding new schools, faculty and courses to their roster year after year – and with that, comes the need for answers to many pressing questions. If you have such questions, never hesitate to contact: