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- Your Competitive Edge - CHINA The New Global Technology Outsourcing HUB

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- Your Competitive Edge - CHINA The New Global Technology Outsourcing HUB - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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- Your Competitive Edge - CHINA The New Global Technology Outsourcing HUB. Cyrill Eltschinger CEO, I.T. UNITED OutsourceWorld New York -- Metropolitan Pavilion October 17, 2006 --. Table of Contents. Global Trends China: Your Essential Shore Case Study. 1. Global Trends.

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- Your Competitive Edge - CHINA The New Global Technology Outsourcing HUB

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your competitive edge china the new global technology outsourcing hub

- Your Competitive Edge -CHINA The New Global Technology Outsourcing HUB

Cyrill EltschingerCEO, I.T. UNITED

OutsourceWorld New York-- Metropolitan Pavilion October 17, 2006 --

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Global Trends
  • China: Your Essential Shore
  • Case Study
industry forecast
Industry Forecast -
  • Worldwide end users spending on IT in 2005 was $625 billion, to increase at 6% CAGR and reach $828 billionby 2010
  • Global BPO market$135 billion in 2006, at an 8% CAGR to$182 billionby 2009
  • Global ITO market: $50 billion by 2008, at a 20%CAGR

Source: Gartner and Nelson Hall (2006); IDC and The Economic Times (2005)

offshoring ito leads growth
Offshoring – ITO Leads Growth

% of Total Offshoring Market (estimated)

Offshoring Market Spending$ billion

Application Development

35% in 2006

5% in 2006



3% in 2007

An estimated 1 million programmers needed!

Source: The McKinsey Quarterly, July 2006

offshore ito bpo outlook
Offshore ITO & BPO Outlook

US$50 billion

IT Services

US$24 billion

BPO Services

By 2008

Offshore Spending

Source: Gartner Research, 2005

successful outsourcing transactions
Successful Outsourcing Transactions

Top 10 Barriers

Top 10 Success Factors

Competingresources (48%)

Functional boundaries (44%)

Change Skills (43%)

Middle Management (38%)

Long IT lead times (35%)

Communication (35%)

Employee opposition (33%)

HR (people/training) issues (33%)

Initiative fatigue (32%)

Unrealistic timetables (31%)

Ensuring top sponsorship (82%)

Treating people fairly (82%)

Involving employees (75%)

Giving quality communications (70%)

Providing sufficient training (68%)

Using clear performance measures (65%)

Building teams after change (62%)

Focusing on culture / skill changes (62%)

Rewarding success (60%)

Using internal champions (60%)

Source: IBM Survey of Global 500

9 out of 10 factors are people related.

most attractive global business locations
Most Attractive Global Business Locations

Source: UNCTAD World Investment Report 2005

china market gaining attractiveness
China Market Gaining Attractiveness
  • By 2007: Chinese #1 Internet language
  • By 2010: China to be largest…
    • Cell phone market
    • Beer market
    • Worldwide I.T. market
    • Advertisement
    • Automotive car park
    • Commercial aviation
    • Chemicals
    • Waste & recycling treatment, etc.

(Accenture 1999)

top 3 languages on the web
Top 3 Languages on the Web




China*: users, incl. other Chinese speaking regions

Source:, March 31, 2006

top 3 world internet user groups
Top 3 World Internet User Groups




China*: Internet users in mainland. Not including Taiwan.

Source: March 31, 2006

asia pacific cross border m a
Asia-Pacific Cross-Border M&A

Source: UNCTAD World Investment Report 2005

asia pacific hq relocation
Asia-Pacific HQ Relocation
  • 1970s: Australia
  • 1980s: Singapore
  • 1990s: HK & Japan
  • 2000 onwards: Mainland China
        • Shanghai
        • Beijing
        • Other Cities
outsourcing global play @2006
Outsourcing Global Play @2006
  • India
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Russia

Many other destinations, but without volume ability to scale up tech talents & professionals

china basics

China = 4 xUS population

China Basics
  • Slightly larger thanUS, incl. AlaskaPRC area: 9,596,960sq km
  • 1.3 billion people

China about twice the

population of EU

  • 90+% literacy
  • Government focus on English language development

Source: and

china fdi
China FDI

Source: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, 2006

fdi geographic allocation
FDI – Geographic Allocation
  • Eastern Region captures nearly all FDI
  • 65% in Fujian, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, and Shanghai




ADB, FDI Survey 2005


China Investor Friendliness

Source: The US-China Business Council: An Investor’s Guide, 2003

china economic performance 2005
China – Economic Performance 2005
  • GDP +10.2% to $2,305.28 billion
    • 2006 Q1: + 10.2% to $1,314.5 bil
  • FDI, reaching $60.33 billion (-0.5%)

- 2006 Q1: +6.4% to $14.2 billion

  • Investment in fixed assets +25.7%
  • Retail sales +13.8% to $76.52 billion (2004)

Source: Various, September 2006

2020 economic targets
2020 – Economic Targets
  • GDP overall: $4 trillion (4x higher)
  • GDP growth: 7.2% annual
  • GDP per capita: $3’000, up from $1’000

China Development Research Institute,, 2005

r d and innovation stages in china
R&D and Innovation Stages in China



Frontier Innovation

Create new technologies.


Technology Improvements

Improve products, processes and skills to raise productivity and competitiveness, in-house R&D.

Effort Dedicated to R&D and Innovation


Significant Adaptation

Change products and processes to adapt technology to local or export market – in-house experimentation and R&D.


Basic Production

Train workers in essential production and technical skills required for efficient production – quality management, procurement and inventory management systems.



Business Value

Source: Gartner Research ID Number: G00138506, May 2006

decade of unprecedented growth of telecom infrastructure
Decade of Unprecedented Growth of Telecom Infrastructure

435 mil


435 M


360 M

Into Market InnovationDrive Era

Sources: MII, May. 2006; China National Bureau of Statistics, 2006

Forecasts – MII * Fixed includes PHS/Xiaolingtong subscribers


China Internet Snapshot

  • June 2006: 123 mil users
    • 64mil broadband users, 2nd largest high-speed after US
  • Only 9.4% of China’s total population
  • 12+%of total Internet users worldwide
  • 3rd largest user group, after the EU & US

Sources: CNNIC,, November 2005

china internet users
China Internet Users

123 mil

9.4% population penetration(8.5% 2005 and 7.2% in 2004)

Internet users refers to Chinese mainland citizen who use the Internet at least one (1) hour per week. Not including: 1) Hong Kong; 2) Macau; and 3) Taiwan

Source: CNNIC, June 2006

web international bandwidth

Sensational speedof growth

Web International Bandwidth

214.2 Gbp/s




Not including: 1) Hong Kong; 2) Macau; and 2) Taiwan)

Source: CNNIC, June 30, 2006

a matured marketplace new era booming engineering services
A Matured Marketplace – New EraBooming: Engineering Services

Keep in House

To Services

  • High value
  • High-end skill sets
  • Engineering services


2003-2004:Key Turnaround

From Manufacturing

  • Cheap labor
  • Low skill sets
  • Factory workers

Outsource Gradually

Technical Knowledge

china eastbound jp usa
China: Eastbound – JP/ USA

Depart Beijing

At 1:00pm,

Any Day…

Land in the US

Before DepartureSame Day

china westbound europe
China: Westbound - Europe

200 flights a week To EU

Depart Beijing

At 11:30am,

Any Day…

Land in the UK

3:15pmSame Day

outsourcing industry forecasts
Outsourcing Industry Forecasts
  • Global IT outsourcing market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20%
  • China's outsourcing market is expected to grow at 36.5% ACGR through 2008/1010
  • Rapidly “Moving” China outsourcing software industry size and tech talents availability

Sources: IDC Group 2005, Global Outsourcing Report 2005

china sw it services exports revenues outlook
China SW & IT Services Exports Revenues Outlook


In Million USD$

Source: Sino-India Cooperative Office, Beijing 2005


China - Annual Computer Science & Software Graduates

400k E.










Not including Hong Kong & Taiwan

Source: China National Statistics Bureau 2005; and China Ministry of Education 2005

software technology parks torch program
Software Technology Parks-TORCH Program-

Beijing #1

Xi’an #3

Shanghai #2

Top-3 HigherEducation Cities

53 High-tech parks29 National software parks

Source: TORCH Center 2005

china software export markets
China – Software Export Markets

Hong Kong 10.9%

Others 7.4%

USA & EU 22.5%

Japan 59.2%

Source: Analysis International, April 2006

china outsourcing hotspots
China Outsourcing Hotspots
  • Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen

[First tier cities]

  • Chengdu, Dalian, Xi’an, Tianjin, Suzhou

[Second tier cities]

53 High-Tech National-level Economic Zones

    • Which includes 29 software parks, incubators and R&D centers**

Source: TORCH Center 2005

china new era booming engineering services sector to china
China New Era: Booming Engineering Services Sector to China

2003-2004: Turnaround

Hourly Rates

Increasing Hourly Rates

Widening Gap





China Tech Services Critical to Global Competitiveness









beijing s play in outsourcing
Beijing’s Play in Outsourcing

Ranked 6 times #1 in national rankings:

  • Software (SW)exports (~40% of China)
  • Number of SW products delivered / year
  • Technologyexports
  • Number of software enterprises
  • Highest reimbursement for SW-related VAT
  • Highest concentration of SW professionals

Source: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce 2005

software export beijing
Software Export – Beijing

Outlook: $2bil by 2010


Data reported to customs software exports bureau. Actual figure much larger.

Source: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce 2006

top 5 overseas concerns in considering offshoring services to china
Top-5 Overseas Concerns in Considering Offshoring & Services to China
  • English Language Capabilities?!
  • Intellectual Property Rights ?!
  • Information Security ?!
  • Tech Talents Quality ?!
  • Staff Loyalty/ Turnover ?!
china s outsourcing challenge
China’s Outsourcing Challenge
  • Overseas Marketing! Too many conferences inside China, little/no participation at overseas trade shows
  • International Internet controls
  • International Standards. Number of certifications as of 2005, i.e.:
    • QMS: 7’754 (BJ) / 138’042 (Total)
    • CMM3/CMMI3: 38 (BJ) / 112 (Total)
    • CMM5/CMMI5: 5 (BJ) / 17 (Total)
  • Communications, rapidly improving
  • India’s 25years head start
smooth project migration successfully growing your offshore partnership

– Smooth Project Migration – Successfully Growing Your Offshore Partnership

Doug Rosenthal, I/T Development Manager, Dell

Cyrill Eltschinger, CEO, I.T. UNITED

– Gartner Outsourcing Summit, Orlando, FL –

April 3, 2006

dell profile
Dell Profile
  • Founded in 1984
  • Diverse technology and service provider
  • No. 28 on Fortune 500
  • 65,200 employees globally
  • Publicly traded (NASDAQ)
  • Revenue of $56 billion
dell and offshoring
Dell and Offshoring
  • Global organization encompassing offshore employees and partnerships
  • Offshore facilities for engineering, manufacturing, and customer service
  • I/T development centers in Asia, Europe, LA
  • Global network of suppliers
dell master data management mdm
Dell Master Data Management (MDM)
  • System of record for global product data
  • Product attributes related to sales, marketing, and order management
  • Support variety of customer-facing and internal applications
  • Scalable, reliable data management environment
i t united profile
I.T. UNITED Profile
  • China - Since 1998
  • 200+ team - ITO & BPO
  • 85%+ from Chinese top universities
  • Privately held -Operating in China as a wholly-owned foreign enterprise (WOFE)
  • Leading China-based outsourcing provider
  • Multinational client portfolio
i t united offices
I.T. UNITED Offices

N. America:

• San Francisco, USA

• Toronto, Canada


• Brussels,


Asia: • Beijing, China (Global HQ)

• Shanghai, China

• Xi’an, China

• Hong Kong, China

• Chengdu Q1’07, China

• Tokyo, Japan

i t united acknowledgements 2006
I.T. UNITED Acknowledgements 2006
  • ‘Global Services 100’ - Recognized in the top 5 leading China-based outsourcing services provider (01-06)
  • ‘Global Outsourcing 100’ - Selected by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) as a rising star (04-06)
  • ‘Outstanding IT Outsourcing Services’- Supported by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, second year in a row (06-06)
  • Dell undergoing a MDM globalization and consolidation process that includes Oracle, .NET
  • Dell continues to leverage global partnerships
  • Dell interested in working with a China partner to leverage cost advantages and supplier flexibility (scalability, ramp-up time, etc.)
  • Dell evaluated and retained I.T. UNITED
why china
Why China?
  • Diversification of global sourcing risk
  • Strategic market across industry sectors with sustained economic growth 10 yrs outlook
  • Largest pool of tech talent
  • Exploding English language command
  • Tech industry: #1 focus by China Gov.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Lowest rates, globally
engagement model
Engagement Model
  • Fixed-fee project vs. staff augmentation
  • Initially fixed-fee project to determine suitability
  • Move to staff augmentation: target self-contained development work
    • Longer-term commitment of resources
    • Grow domain knowledge and familiarity with technology
    • Gain productivity efficiency
    • Absorb company culture and work style
project scope
Project Scope
  • DBMS migration (SQL Server 2000 to Oracle 10G)
  • Data model consolidation
  • PL/SQL generation
  • Automated tools in C# / .NET
    • Team of Oracle developers supporting Dell’s efforts to migrate MDM applications from SQL Server to Oracle
    • CMMI-inspired, incremental project management approach with high flexibility
the offshore team structure
The Offshore Team Structure
  • Offshore team
    • Lead Developer + Developers + Testers
    • Part-time Project Manager (25% allocation)
    • Part-time Account Manager
  • Metrics
    • Approx. 5:1 offshore to local (onshore) resources ratio
    • Local FTE 20%-25% part-time allocation
    • 2-3 month project cycles
work process
Work Process
  • Iterative approach between offshore resources and local (senior) developers
  • Define functional requirements and design guidelines
  • Frequent deliverables and regular feedback
  • Offshore team to test each deliverable, then local resource also validates; local code review
success factors
Success Factors
  • Security
  • Communication
  • Quality Assurance
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Response Time
  • Offshore staff working on segregated network
  • File transfer via secure FTP
  • Restricted access to dev/test environment
  • CCTV protected work premises
  • No external data-recording devices permitted
  • Clean desk policy
  • English proficiency of key staff members in China
  • Establish team spirit
  • Ensure that work is on track
    • Meet deadlines (I.T. UNITED)
    • Timely decisions & feedback (Dell)
  • Weekly conference calls and status reports
  • Onsite progress meetings as appropriate
quality assurance
Quality Assurance
  • Iterative two-step QA process based on CMMI
  • Cross-validation by team members and technical lead prior to delivery
  • Cross-validation of offshore deliverables by local teams
  • Routine technical training for offshore developers
  • Performance-based incentives
on time delivery
On-Time Delivery
  • Clear requirement specifications
  • Weekly status reports
    • Project schedule reviews
    • Issue/Resolution tracking
  • Smooth project implementation: faster problem solving with combined technical skills
  • Effective time zone management
    • I.T. UNITED gets the work done overnight(follow-the-sun)
partnership results
Partnership Results
  • Complementary development skills between both Dell and I.T. UNITED teams
  • Successful DB migration and consolidation
  • Automated SQL generation tools
  • Validated engagement model
  • 65% cost savings per FTE
next steps
Next Steps
  • Growth of existing support teams
  • Implement concurrent projects
  • Evolve partnership to other development areas, including consulting services
  • Expand partnership opportunities within Dell
china offshoring advantages
China Offshoring Advantages
  • Largest pool of tech talents
  • Sustained economic growth 10 yrs outlook
  • World class infrastructure and networks
  • Exploding English language command
  • Government commitment to tech industry
  • Steady expansion into China as strategic market
  • Lowest rates, globally
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keep in touch
Keep in Touch

Cyrill Eltschinger


phone: +86-10-6599 2288 ext.-800

China cell: +86-139-0109-5212

USA cell: +1 (310) 801 0598

china us specific success factors
China-US Specific Success Factors

Cultural understanding

Local holidays


Language skills

Export control issues


china ipr in the spotlight
China IPR In The Spotlight
  • Highest awareness – China brands arte taking off
    • Beijing is home to 70% of Chinese software brands
  • Ongoing focus on enforcing protection measures
  • Focus on short legal proceeding for IPR lawsuits
  • Continued government campaigning to raise awareness & training
  • Ongoing media coverage to fight illicit use fake products

Source: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce 2005

indian it firms china rush
Indian IT Firms  China Rush?
  • Tag-along its client base going to China
  • Tap into China’s domestic software sales
  • Tap into largest industries across sectors
  • Re-position closer to the Japanese market
  • Tap into most attractive China talents rates
  • Tap into special skills to face own shortages
battle of the titans

Contracted FDI ‘05:



Battle of the Titans:





Literacy rate




Foreign exchange reserves






Avg. Ann. Growth of IT Sector

42% (97-03)

2.4% (97-03)

Software exports



Internet bandwidth



Installed PC base



Fixed phone lines



Mobile connections



Number of software companies



Domestic software sales



Hourly rate for developer (2yrs)



Sources: Gartner Research May 2002; ADP May 2004, MII 2006; US-China Business Council 2005, IMF, 2005; Indiainfoline 2004; CISA 2004, TIMES NEWS NETWORK 2003, ITU World Telecommunication Indicators Database, 2005/6

offshore rapidly increasing
Offshore – Rapidly Increasing
  • Offshore will more than double in 3 years
    • 2005: 3% of overall IT services spending, while
    • 2008: 6-7% (Gartner and IDC)
  • By 2008, nearly 1/4 of U.S. spending on applications development (ADM), integration and management services will go tooffshoreproviders (IDC)

Source: TheEconomic Times, 2005

global outsourcing projections
Global Outsourcing Projections

An estimated 1 million programmers needed!

US$ Billion Projection

  • 2000: < US $5.5 billion
  • 2005: > US $17.6 billion
  • 2008: > US $50 billion
  • Total worldwide tech outsourcing volume, today: India ~2% ; China ~1%

Source: Various

global bpo market
Global BPO Market
  • Global BPO market is expected to reach $134.7 billion in 2006, an increase of 8.3% over 2005
  • It is predicted for the global BPO market to grow at an average rate of 8% per annum, reaching $182 billion by 2009

8% increase per annum

Source: Gartner and Nelson Hall, September 2006

recognition awards and rankings
Recognition, Awards and Rankings
  • I.T. UNITED is an internationally recognized Top 100 offshore player and a “Class A” IT company in China.
  • International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) - one of ‘The Global Outsourcing 100’.
  • Selected as an outstanding IT outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider by ‘Global Services 100’.
  • Ranked in ‘Global Services 100’s China Top 5 list.
  • Received the 1st China Outsourcing Award by the Ministry of Commerce & Dalian Municipal Government.
  • Ranked in CIO INSIGHT magazine’s Global Outsourcing Report 2005 as one of China’s Top 10 “Major Players”.
  • Top 100 Offshore Global Players and one of China’s Top 10 IT Companies by Managing Offshore and neoIT.

First foreigner to receive Private Pilot’s License in China…

Cyrill Eltschinger