franklin college of arts sciences student activity fee allocation n.
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Franklin College of Arts & Sciences Student Activity Fee Allocation PowerPoint Presentation
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Franklin College of Arts & Sciences Student Activity Fee Allocation

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Franklin College of Arts & Sciences Student Activity Fee Allocation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Franklin College of Arts & Sciences Student Activity Fee Allocation. Proposal Information Session. What is Fee Allocation?. The allocation of Student Activity Funds by the Student Run Fee Allocation Committee. Who can apply?.

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Franklin College of Arts & Sciences Student Activity Fee Allocation

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franklin college of arts sciences student activity fee allocation

Franklin College of Arts & SciencesStudent Activity Fee Allocation

Proposal Information Session

what is fee allocation
What is Fee Allocation?

The allocation of Student Activity Funds

by the Student Run Fee Allocation Committee.

Information Session

who can apply
Who can apply?
  • To receive an allocation from Franklin College, your organization must be academically related to Franklin College of Arts & Sciences.
  • If the department with which your organization most closely aligns is not in FCAS, consider seeking funding from that department’s school.

Information Session

committee members
Committee Members
  • FCAS Dean’s Student Advisory Board
    • Undergraduate & Graduate students from various Arts & Sciences departments


  • Jennifer Patrick
    • Coordinator of Student Academic Services
  • Candee Bradbury
    • Administrative Specialist II, Dean’s Office

Information Session

flow of student activity funds
Flow of Student Activity Funds

University of GA

Student Activity Fees

Dean of Students Office

Tate Center

UGA Colleges & Schools:

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Fee Allocation


Various Student


Information Session

  • These are Tate Student Center funds, not Franklin College funds
  • After the allocation process, questions should be directed to the Tate Business Office
    • 706-542-8514
    • 320 Tate Student Center

Information Session

fcas fee allocation committee generally funds
FCAS Fee Allocation CommitteeGenerally Funds
  • Expenses involved in bringing a speaker to campus
  • Supplies needed to operate your organization
  • Student travel
  • Publication costs

Information Session

fcas fee allocation committee never funds
FCAS Fee Allocation CommitteeNever Funds
  • Taxes paid for goods
  • For visiting lecturers, lodging costs above the current State travel limit set for Athens - $90/night
  • Personal items for members (T-shirts, books, gifts, etc.)

Information Session

honoraria forms
Honoraria forms
  • Must be signed by the speaker!
  • Must be submitted afterthe speaker has been on campus.
  • Paymentcannot be ready for a speaker when he/she arrives.

Information Session

nonresident aliens
Nonresident Aliens

If your speaker is a nonresident alien:

  • A nonresident alien packet needs to be completed prior to the speaker’s arrival
  • In order to have any pre-paid expenses reimbursed, everything on the nonresident alien checklist must be accounted for.

Information Session

student travel
Student Travel

If you have been funded for student travel:

  • You must submit the Student Travel Authority forms at least 3 weeks prior to your departure date.
  • Keep your receipts! Original receipts are required for most reimbursements.

Information Session

food purchasing
Food purchasing
  • Organizations may spend no more than 10% of their activity fee allocation on food; refer to SAF Guidelines
  • All food purchases must comply with the UGA/Board of Regents food policy

Information Session

budget request package preparation submission
Budget Request PackagePreparation & Submission
  • Be Thorough
    • All parts of the budget request package must be complete to be considered.
  • Be Neat
    • Requests that are hard to read are harder to consider seriously.
  • Be Timely
    • Late submissions may not be considered.
  • Follow Through
    • If the committee requests additional information, be sure to respond by the deadline.

Information Session

required materials
Required Materials
  • Complete Line Item Budget Proposal
  • Letter of Support from your Department Head

Information Session

line item budget proposal
Line Item Budget Proposal
  • It is very important that you fill this out as completely as possible.
  • Your organization is responsible for any information distributed to your contact person!
  • Try to add everything you would like the Committee to know about your group.

Information Session

letter of support
Letter of Support
  • Each Organization must submit a letter of support from an Arts & Sciences Department Head.
  • The letter should be from the department most closely related to the group.

Information Session

center for student organizations registration
Center for Student Organizations Registration
  • You can register online, but BE SURE to print a copy of the registration
  • Registration for 2014-2015 is now open
  • Info session dates and times are available


Information Session

accessing your funds
Accessing your Funds

After your Organization has been allocated funds, you are free to access these funds to use for any approved expenses.

Information Session

please remember
Please Remember
  • Plan Ahead!
  • Forms are available on the Tate Center Business Office website:

Information Session

  • The completion of these forms is the responsibility of the student officers.
  • If you have any problems while completing the forms, contact the Tate Business Office in the Tate Center.

Information Session

payments reimbursements
Payments & Reimbursements

Approved expenses can be submitted for payment by 1 of 5 methods:

  • Petty Cash Voucher
  • UGA Check Request
  • Intra-University Payment (e-Ticket)
  • Intra-Departmental Charges
  • Purchasing Card Purchase Request

Information Session

petty cash voucher
Petty Cash Voucher
  • Only for approved reimbursable expenses
  • Petty Cash vouchers require original imprinted receipts
    • if no imprinted receipt, the vendor must sign both the receipt & the voucher
  • Only use voucher obtained at Student Activities in the Tate Center

Information Session

check request
Check Request
  • Use a check request to reimburse for travel expenses, pay honoraria, etc.
  • Check requests are initiated via e-check request with your departmental office
  • Your department will need to assist you

Information Session

intra university payment e ticket
Intra-University Payment (e-ticket)
  • Lodging expenses from the Georgia Center
    • When you are making a reservation at the Georgia Center:
      • Tell the reservation desk you will be paying by Intra-University Payment
      • You will need the account name, number, and object code to be credited
  • Campus Food & Catering Services

Information Session

intra departmental charges
Intra-Departmental Charges
  • Tate Center Print and Copy Services
  • Tate Center Equipment Set-up and Room Reservations
  • University Bookstore
  • University Printing and Central Duplicating

Information Session

purchasing card order request
Purchasing Card Order Request
  • Forms available at:
  • Instructions available at:

Information Session

end of year deadlines
End of Year deadlines
  • Fee allocations not spent by June 30 are forfeited
  • The actual Tate Center deadlines for spending are MUCH EARLIER than June 30; pay attention to memos as they are issued
  • The Fee Allocation Committee does consider prior year spending when allocating

Information Session

questions concerns
Questions & Concerns

Candee Bradbury

300A Old College

(706) 542-5745

June Windate

320 Tate Student Center

(706) 542-8514

Information Session

thank y ou
Thank You

Thank you for your participation.

Information Session