unit 4 today s trends lesson a modern family trends n.
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Unit 4 Today’s Trends Lesson A: Modern family trends PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 4 Today’s Trends Lesson A: Modern family trends

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Unit 4 Today’s Trends Lesson A: Modern family trends - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 4 Today’s Trends Lesson A: Modern family trends. Traditional or Modern ?. 传统的. 现代的. What appears in the trend?. Traditional Modern. Trend:. 趋势. divorce. housewife. househusband. working father. working mother. stay-at-home mother. Agree or not ?. divorce. housewife.

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Unit 4 Today’s Trends Lesson A: Modern family trends

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    1. Unit 4 Today’s Trends Lesson A: Modern family trends

    2. TraditionalorModern? 传统的 现代的

    3. What appears in the trend? TraditionalModern Trend: 趋势

    4. divorce housewife househusband working father working mother stay-at-home mother

    5. Agree or not ? divorce housewife Which is more likely in a modern family? househusband stay-at-home mother Which is more likely in a traditional family? working father working mother

    6. some of a majority of = most of a lot of none of all of a couple of(数个) …of us agree that ….is more likely in a modern family. …of us disagree that ….is more likely in a modern family. (基数词) Exact way …percent (%) of… Two-thirds (2/3) of … (序数词)

    7. Statistics about the family trends 数 据

    8. stay-at-home mother In 1960, over 70 percent of homes had a working father and a stay-at-home mother. Today, this is true for only _________ of home. 15 percent Believe A majority/Most _____________ of women believe both men and women should work outside the home, and that both should help with the children. Do not Believe 日托中心 Children in day care programs In 1970, one-fifth of all children aged 3 to 5 were in day care programs. Today that number has increased (增加) to __________. two-thirds

    9. Divorce The number of divorces today is two times / twice(2倍)as high as in 1966 and _____________ as high as in 1950. four times Unmarried couples The number of unmarried couples (未婚夫妇) living together __________ from 1970 to 2001. quadrupled vi. 成为四倍

    10. Are you surprised or not? Do you know such modern families?

    11. Family 2 Family 1 Courtney Tia Dan Jamal Job? manager househusband writer writer How many babies? One Two √ × √ √ takes care of the baby? √ × × × goes to work everyday? √ √ √ × work at home?

    12. If Dan, Tia, Jamal doesn’t work at home, how will they take care of their babies? Send their babies to day carecenters / preschool programs. 日托中心 学前教育项目

    13. Is it good for parents to send their babies to day care centers when they are working? Why? Debate Mr. Taylor Ms. Marin Moderator 主持人

    14. Ms Marin’s reasons? Mr. Taylor’s suggestion? Ms. Marin’s suggestion?

    15. How does Ms. Marin express disagreement?

    16. Agreement • I agree (with you). • Me too. • That’s right. • I feel the same way. • That’s true. • Definitely!/ Absolutely! • I can’t agree with you more. • … Disagreement • I don’t agree. • I don’t think so. • I disagree. • I don’t think that’s true. • Not necessarily. • …

    17. Pair work: Agree or disagree? • It’s wonderful that working parents can put their children in day care. • In a family with young children, only one parent should work. • A father can never match(比得上) a mother in taking care of children and the home. • Couples are getting married too late these days. I agree. … I disagree. … I think…

    18. Pair work: Agree or disagree? + Reason • Hamburger is the best fast food. • Nokia is the best brand of cell phone. • Reading is the best way to learn English. • Dog is the best pet. • People should live with their parents until they get married. • Both boys and girls should help with the housework. I think… I agree because… … I disagree because… …

    19. Group work: Modern ideas 1. All / Some / Most / A majority / A lot / A couple… of people in my group think/feel …. 2. All / Some / Most / A majority / A lot / A couple… of my group members don’t think/feel …. because…

    20. Homework • Recite the new words and expressions. • Finish the blank-filling on page 39. • Finish the exercises for Lesson A in the workbook. • Preview Lesson B.