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Scrolling LED Project

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Scrolling LED Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scrolling LED Project. Michael Turovskiy IME 458 Dr. Jianbiao Pan 6/5/2013. My Scrolling LED. My Scrolling LED. I purchased a starter kit from Carl’s Electronics at the beginning of the quarter because I thought that a Scrolling LED was something that I would actually use.

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scrolling led project

Scrolling LED Project

Michael Turovskiy

IME 458

Dr. Jianbiao Pan


my scrolling led1
My Scrolling LED
  • I purchased a starter kit from Carl’s Electronics at the beginning of the quarter because I thought that a Scrolling LED was something that I would actually use.
    • I didn’t realize how much work it was going to be, but I really enjoyed every minute of working on it.
      • Especially, since IT WORKED!!
my scrolling led2
My Scrolling LED
  • The purpose of this project was to become more familiar with microelectronics components and layouts.
  • Through this project I was able to accurately measure and draw out the various components that will go on my PCB. I was able to make a functioning schematic and layout. I used the program DipTrace to accomplish these tasks.
  • Finally, I was able to assemble all of the necessary parts, and found out that I had a skill for soldering small components to a PCB without any issues.
my pcb1
  • In total my PCB has 42 components!!
  • The 8x8 LED matrix is able to work using only 3 shift regulators because each row of LED’s is connected to each other. This allows each regulator to control the 8 rows on each LED matrix.
    • There is actually a function on the Scrolling LED to show how this works!!
    • You can see how the LED is rastering the various rows, but it does it so quickly that your eye can not detect a change.
my scrolling led3
My Scrolling LED


Hopefully you can see it!! 

my scrolling led4
My Scrolling LED
  • If you missed that… it said…
  • “Hi, my name is Michael and this is my Scrolling LED Project for IME/MATE 458. Thank You!! ”
    • This message can be changed at any time using the 4 tact switches on the front of the board.
the front of my scrolling led1
The Front of My Scrolling LED
  • The majority of my components (and everyone’s components) are on the front of my PCB.
    • I did my best to orient my components so that they would take up the least amount of space on the board.
  • I included 4 mounting holes on each corner of the board.
  • I included 3 fiducials on three corners of the board.
  • I also have a silk screen on the board that lays out exactly where all of the components should go, and which orientation they needed to be in to function correctly.
  • The board is run through a 9V battery
the front of my scrolling led2
The Front of My Scrolling LED
  • Bill Of Materials
    • 1 18 pin PIC microcontroller
    • 3 8x8 LED Array’s
    • 8 470 Ω resistors
    • 9 2222 A transistors
    • 1 LM317 regulator
    • 2 0.1 µF ceramic capacitors
    • 1 1 kΩ resistor
    • 4 10 kΩ resistors
    • 1 7805 regulator
    • 4 tact switches
    • 1 680 Ω resistor
    • 1 22 µF electrolytic capacitor
    • 1 power input (1.3x2.5 mm jack)
the back of my scrolling pcb
The Back of My Scrolling PCB
  • You will notice that I have components on both the back and front of my PCB.
    • This was done to reduce space on the PCB.
  • The 3 parts you see on the back are the 3 74AC164 shift registers controlling the 3 8x8 LED array’s on the front.
  • This project was extremely beneficial in my growing understanding of electronic components. I may not know exactly how my Scrolling LED project works, but I feel that it is a huge step that I was able to start from scratch (almost) and create a functioning PCB.
future work
Future Work
  • The starter kit came with 2 more resistors, and it would be interesting to see how the LED’s function differently based on which resistor is used.
  • It would be beneficial to order original parts from Digi-key and see if they work the same way as the components sent by Carl’s Electronics.
  • It would also be a great challenge to try to make the PCB for this Scrolling LED project even more condensed.
    • There is some “white space” where components could potentially fit.
  • Making a package, such as a belt, to encapsulate the Scrolling LED and make it even super COOLER than it already is!!
thank you
Thank You!!
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