idea marathon system ims since 1984 n.
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Idea-Marathon System (IMS) Since 1984 PowerPoint Presentation
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Idea-Marathon System (IMS) Since 1984

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Idea-Marathon System (IMS) Since 1984 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Idea-Marathon System (IMS) Since 1984
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  1. Idea-Marathon System(IMS)Since 1984 Operation System of Idea Creativity by Takeo Higuchi

  2. What do you do in IMS? • Create your original idea everyday at least one without any limitation of area nor classification. • Write down into your notebook, then talk to your family, friends and colleagues. If possible, put your ideas into your computer data. • Keep your notebook always with you. • Create more ideas.

  3. What is IMS concept? • By creatingideaseveryday and writing down into notebooks, you reform your brain into creative mood. • Ideas has no limitation nor areas as far as it is original or even originally improved. • Everybody has his own creative patterns. • Notebook is your outer brain memory. • Let computers support your brain and notebooks.

  4. IMS Rules • Create everyday at least one ideawithout fail. • Write it down into your continuous notebooks with the possible short description (if possible with drawings). • Keep your notebook everywhere. • Talk about ideas to your family, friends and colleagues.

  5. IMS Targets • Finding hidden genius for the world • Challenging to secure personal creative area. • Life work finding and formation • Network expansion among families, companies, institutions, educational facilities and international activities. • h

  6. Idea-Marathon: Life Style • Anybody Can Do • Easiest Way for Self-Improvement • Fastest Way for Group Power • Strongest Way for Life Everybody Understand the Significance But why it seems so difficult to start?

  7. Contents of Ideas • Hardware and Software device • New Concepts, Project Plan, • Personal Plan, Long Range Plan, Emergency Plan • Ideas for new books • Poems, essays, and sketches

  8. Why IMS looks difficult? • You don’t believe you can do. • Anybody can do. I can prove if you want. • You don’t believe you have time. • You still have plenty of junk time. • You don’t believe you can continue. • Yes, you can forget easily until you get used to it.

  9. IMS fact • So easy to create ideas but so difficult to continue. • ‘In Perseverantia Veritas’ • IMS is highly infectious to your family, group and colleagues

  10. Truth of Your Brain Activity • The most important work of brain is to forget or delete memories. • If you just get your ideas in your brain, the brain will cruelly and coolly delete soon. • Writing down ideas, your brain will keep the tail of ideas for a certain period. • If you talk the ideas to others, your brain will keep the tail of ideas for a certain time.

  11. Secret Brain Activity • Brain will keep the deleted ideas in unconceivable places in brain for a short time (max a few days) - Virtual Memory • During this period, if the brain owner does not use the memory, the brain will just delete without any reason. • During this period, if the brain owner uses the memory, the brain will keep more conceivable places, but not long time.

  12. Quality of Ideas 0.3% • Quality is not required but quantity comes first. • Excellent Idea Ratio 0.3% • If anybody can make quality ideas only, he can be a grand genius.

  13. IMS Influences • Getting more self-confidence. • Finding your own unexpected ability. • Giving strong influence to your family, friends and colleagues. • By group IMS, strengthening family, companies, societies and nation. • Having more and more curiosity, and furthermore, motivation for realizing the ideas.

  14. Importance of IMS Notebook • Continuous and integrated notebook system • All writings of yours into one continuous notebook. • Always keep these notebooks with you.

  15. IMS Status for Takeo Higuchi • Started IMS on Jan 29, 1984 • As of Sep 4, 2002, total idea numbers are: 143,739 ideas! • Number of Notebooks: 253 volumes. • Present Idea Cruising Speed: • 64 ideas per day (Sat. & Sun 10 ideas more) • 1000 ideas within 15-16 days • 23,000 ideas per year 143,739

  16. Idea-Marathon System (IMS) • References: • URL • Ref Book. “Ideas in Action - Digital Achievement of Idea Marathon System (IMS)written by Takeo Higuchi, by Adarsh Books • Or nirmal@ndb/ Ideas in Action