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Jelgava. Facts about Jelgava. Jelgava is a city in central Latvia . It’s the 4th biggest city in Latvia . Jelgava is about 41km from Riga. The inhabitants are about 64.000 people. There are 13 schools in Jelgava. Jelgava is located in Zemgale’s region. Coat of arms. Flag.

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Facts about jelgava
Factsabout Jelgava.

  • Jelgava is a cityincentralLatvia. It’sthe 4th biggestcityinLatvia.

  • Jelgava is about 41km from Riga.

  • The inhabitants are about 64.000 people.

  • There are 13 schools in Jelgava.

  • Jelgava islocatedinZemgale’sregion.



Jelgava s castle

  • Castle is located to narrow peninsula between river Lielupe and its affluent Driksa.

  • In 1265 Jelgava’scastlewasbuildlikeLivonianordermainbuilding.

    Several Lithuanian and Swedish dukes lived in this castle.

  • In 1738 oldordercastlewasblownup.

  • In the same year duke Ernst Johann Biron gave the order to build a new castle.





Academia petrina

  • AcademiaPetrinaor Jelgava Gymnasiumistheoldesteducationalinstitutionestablishedbyduke Peter vonBironin 1775.

  • After Jelgava became a part of Russian Empire, gymnasium was renamed as university.

  • DuringtheWorlWar II thehistoricalschoolbuildingwasalmostcompletlydestroyed.

  • Several famous people studied in Academia Petrina for example first President of Latvia Jānis Čakste and third – Alberts Kviesis.

J nis akste
Jānis Čakste.

  • Jānis Čakste (1859 – 1927) wasthe first PresidentofLatvia.

  • Hewasborn near Jelgava.

  • He studied in Academia Petrina.

  • Jānis Čakste created the Republic of Latvia.

  • In Jelgava there is monument for our first President.


Monument to Jānis Čakste

Jānis Čakste

Olimpic center of zemgale
Olimpiccenterof Zemgale.

  • In Jelgava is the biggest Olimpic center in region Zemgale.

  • Olimpiccenterwasbuildin 2010. It means that this Olimpic center is new.

  • Olimpiccenterof Zemgale isaccomodation to footballclub “Jelgava” andbasketballclub “Jelgava”.

  • Next to this olimpic center there is BMX track too.

Pedestrian bridge m tava
Pedestrianbridge “Mītava”

  • This bridge is called “Mītava” because Jelgava was called Mītava (Mitau) from 1265 to 17 century.

  • The bridge was build this year, in 2012. It means that it is the newest cultural object in Jelgava.

  • Pedestrianbridge “Mītava” is a uniqueinTheBalticStates.


  • Brainstorm (Prāta Vētra) is famous Latvian pop/rock band. Theybecamepopularin 2000, whentheyfinishedthirdinEurovisionSongContest 2000.

  • The band is formed of 4 classmetes.

  • Leadsinger Renārs Kaupers, drummer Kaspars Roga, guitarist Jānis Jubaltsand Māris Mihelsons (keyboardinstrument) theyallwerebornin Jelgava.


Other music in jelgava
Othermusicin Jelgava.

  • In Jelgava therearelotoftalantedyoungpeople.

  • For example other band from Jelgava “Tirkīzband” in this year compose song, which is like anthem of Jelgava.


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