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The Grateful Dead

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The Grateful Dead. By Brianna Horn James Cummings Spencer Bailey.

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The Grateful Dead

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the grateful dead

The Grateful Dead

By Brianna Horn

James Cummings

Spencer Bailey


Members:Originals:Jerry Garcia, guitar and vocalsBill Kreutzmann, drumsPhil Lesh, bass guitar and vocalsRon “Pigpen” McKernan, keyboard, percussion, and vocalsBob Weir, guitar and vocalsRobert Hunter, lyricistReplacment or temporary:Tom Constanten, keyboardsDonna Jean Godchaux, vocalsMickey Hart, drums and percussionBrent Mydland, keyboardsVince Welnick, keyboards

the acid tests we re in the transportation business we move minds mickey hart

The Acid Tests“We’re in the transportation business – we move minds” –Mickey Hart

The Grateful Dead was started in Palo Alto California in the mid ‘60s

Ken Kesey invited the Dead to play at an acid party

The band made an impression and began playing at all of the parties later known as the Acid Tests.

band s style

Band’s Style

While the Dead experimented with all styles of music, they are most famous for playing psychedelic rock and lengthy jams.

“We had an opportunity to visit highly experimental places, under the influence of highly experimental chemicals, before a highly experimental audience. Haha! You know, it was ideal.”

–Jerry Garcia

famous dates

Famous Dates

‘66 MGM Singed The Grateful Dead to record label

‘68 first album, Anthem of the Sun, was written in three days

‘69 the Dead played at the Woodstock Festival

‘73 “Pigpen” died

‘77 The Grateful Dead Movie was filmed

‘78 and ‘80 the Dead appeared on SNL TV

’86 the Dead toured with Bob Dylan and Tom Petty

‘86 Jerry lapsed into a diabetic coma for 5 days

‘87 Touch of Grey makes Billboard Top Ten

‘91 the Dead becomes top-grossing band in the US with 79 concerts

‘94 the Dead was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame



During the early 1980s, the number of fans (Deadheads) taping shows increased, and the band created a special section for fans who wished to record the show. These tapes are still shared and circulated today

“One must realize that the Grateful Dead was more than just a rock band. The band earned a place in the 1998 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records under ‘most rock concerts performed’ (182), and played to more people than any other band (an estimated twenty-five million, in audiences of up to eighty thousand for a single performance). –Robert Weiner



‘67 The Grateful Dead

‘68 Anthem of the Sun

‘69 Aoxomoxoa

‘69 Live/Dead

‘70 Workingman’s Dead

‘70 American Beauty

‘71 Skull and Roses

‘72 Europe ‘72

‘73 History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One

‘73 wake of the Flood

‘74 From the Mars Hotel

‘75 Blues for Allah

‘76 Steal your Face

‘77 Terrapin Station

’77 What a long Strange Trip it’s Been

‘78 Shakedown Street

’80 Go To Heaven

‘81 Reckoning

‘81 Dead Set

‘87 In the Dark

‘89 Dylan and the Dead

‘89 Built to Last

‘90 Without a Net

touch of grey

“Touch of Grey”

Released in 1987 as a single for their 12th studio album In the Dark.

Music written by Garcia

Vocals written by Robert Hunter

Track was written after Garcia recovered from a 5 day coma

It was their first and only Dead track to make it to the Billboard Top 10

First Dead track to be a music video

casey jones

Track follows the exploits of a train engineer, Casey Jones, who while high on cocaine, crashes a train at high speeds.

“Casey Jones”

From the album Workingman’s Dead

Estimated that the Dead played this track live in concert over 300 times

One of their most popular tracks.

fire on the mountain

Highlights the bands “jam” style. When played live the track, recorded at 3:48 minutes would often reach 20 minutes.

“Fire on the Mountain”

Very experimental track

Large expressive percussive section

Released in 1978 on the album Shakedown Street

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