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HEA employee benefits package

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HEA employee benefits package - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HEA employee benefits package
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  1. HEA employee benefits package

  2. HEA benefits package – an overview • The HEA offers a generous package of attractive terms and conditions with optional benefits available to all staff, including: • 35 hour working week • 30 days holiday plus 8 bank holidays • flexible working policy • generous salary-related pension schemes based on employee and employer contributions • salary sacrifice schemes which save our employees money on tax and national insurance for childcare vouchers and the ride to work scheme • one day volunteering leave a year at full pay • recognition of performance through annual performance review • generous family-friendly working policies including maternity

  3. Ride2Work The scheme enables staff to purchase a cycle for their journey to work, free of tax and national insurance. The cycle is effectively owned by the HEA and on loan to the employee for the salary-sacrifice period. At the end of this period a transfer payment is paid by the employee and the cycle is then transferred to them. For more information visit their website. Tanya O’Kelly – Administrator, heard about the scheme through her induction and joined up in March 2013. “The cycle to work scheme has allowed me to own a bike I previously could not afford. It’s also saving me time, money and improving my fitness. I would highly recommend it to all my colleagues.”

  4. Childcare vouchers Employees with parental responsibility can opt to exchange part of their salary into childcare vouchers which they do not pay tax or national insurance on. This can save up to £1,195 p.a. for each employee and also saves money for the HEA. This is subject to certain eligibility criteria and the use of registered childcare providers. “The childcare voucher scheme is really easy to set up and administer and saves me time and money, precious commodities at the best of times, but even more so when you have young kids!” Paul Harding, Applications Developer (Technical Configuration) This service is handled by our suppliers Edenred.

  5. Will writing service The HEA have arranged for our legal provider Lupton Fawcett to attend appointments during work time at our office in York to write employees’ wills. They offer a reduced fee of £100 per person or £150 for a ‘mirror will’ set up for you and your partner. The HEA pays for this service up front and then deducts it from your payroll, either in one go or you can choose to spread the cost over two months. "Having ignored it and delayed it - like many apparently - for far too many years, I (and my partner) were extremely grateful not only for the opportunity to finally grasp the nettle, but for the way it was done. A most pleasant, highly professional process and experience."  Paul Kleiman – Discipline Lead

  6. Pension This generous scheme is open to all employees and is not restricted by seniority/ job role as is often the case in the sector. The Career Revalued Benefits scheme is available to all new entrants. You contribute 6.5% compared the HEA’s 16%. It’s not surprising that take-up for this benefit is so high with 75% of HEA employees opting in to the USS. 20% are members of the CRB scheme and 55% are part of the final salary scheme.

  7. Volunteering leave The HEA encourages employees to take part in volunteering activities and support this by offering staff one day a year at full pay to give their time to a cause of their choice. We are a member of York Cares which can coordinate opportunities on an individual or group basis within the local area. However colleagues can source opportunities for themselves. “Having the opportunity to undertake volunteering activities with the support of the HEA has enabled me to give something back to the community while benefitting on a personal level. I have taken part in three volunteering activities of my choice during my time here, which have been enjoyable and left me with a feel good factor.” Susan Clark – Reception/ Facilities Coordinator