welcome to the nashville community health needs rapid design session n.
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Welcome to the Nashville Community Health Needs Rapid Design Session. PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Nashville Community Health Needs Rapid Design Session.

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Welcome to the Nashville Community Health Needs Rapid Design Session. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Nashville Community Health Needs Rapid Design Session. Nashville Community Health Needs: Children and Youth. Vision & Goals. What we want to cover with you this morning…. Why are we here?. Defining HEALTH.

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defining health
Defining HEALTH

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

- World Health Organization

how healthy are middle tennessee s children youth today
How Healthy are Middle Tennessee’s Children & Youth Today?
  • Tennessee ranks 48th in infant mortality with over 1,000 premature births in Davidson County.
  • 1 in 5 toddlers is at risk for of contracting a vaccine preventable disease.
  • The CDC predicts that ½ of children born in 2000 will develop Type II Diabetes if exercise and eating trends are not reversed.
  • Davidson County has more children born to teen mothers and more sexually transmitted disease than any other place in the state except Memphis.
  • Nationally, the largest growing group of uninsured are children and youth who are not citizens and youth over 18.
  • 1 in 5 youth suffer from mental health issues.
our vision
Our Vision

Nashville is the healthiest region in the state for children and youth.

Nashville is America’s Healthiest City for Children and Youth.

our executive sponsor team
Lois AbramsHCA Foundation

Mary BufwackUnited Neighborhood Children’s Services

Amy Casseri Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

Hal CatoOasis Center

Marc HillMayor’s Office of Children and Youth

Melba MarcrumMcNeilly Center for Children

Mary Kate MouserVanderbilt Children’s Hospital/Junior League

Joanne PullesHCA Foundation

Sydney RogersAlignment Nashville

Our Executive Sponsor Team
six goals for children s health

Six Goals for Children’s Health

Goal #1

All children begin life healthy.

six goals for children s health1

Six Goals for Children’s Health

Goal #2

Vaccine-preventable diseases are eliminated.

six goals for children s health2

Six Goals for Children’s Health

Goal #3

Children and youth engage in good health practices.

six goals for children s health3

Six Goals for Children’s Health

Goal #4

Adolescents are sexually responsible.

six goals for children s health4

Six Goals for Children’s Health

Goal #5

Children and youth are physically healthy.

six goals for children s health5

Six Goals for Children’s Health

Goal #6

Children and youth are mentally well.

behind the scenes
Don BakerSound & Vision

Courtney GravesTeam Support (Fri.)

Mary Ferrara Process Facilitator

Holly Gerald Team Support

Elaine Love Team Support

Michael MarottaCo-Facilitator

Mary Mirabelli Co-Facilitator

Christina NewmanTeam Support (Thurs.)

Karen Privitera Team Support

Roger Palmer Team Support

Michelle SpearsProduction Guru

Sarah Kate TinerTeam Support (Thurs.)

Behind the Scenes
event objectives
Build upon Alignment Nashville’s Six Goals of Children’s Health to:Event Objectives
  • Determine the true emerging and declining health needs in Middle Tennessee for children & youth.
  • Prioritize the most significant growing and emerging needs and identify tactics to meet those needs.
  • Validate key features that strengthen program & service offerings to Nashville’s children & youth.
  • Document a process to continually assess how well health programs & services match community needs.
event assumptions the following are given for this event
  • Our Rapid Design Session is about determining and prioritizing the health needs of children and youth in Nashville, ages 0-24.
  • We have the right people in attendance to make the decisions we need to make.
  • The session builds upon Alignment Nashville’s Six Health Goals for Nashville’s Children and Youth; the six health goals may not be changed as a result of this event.
  • Strategies to achieve the six goals may not be modified; however, teams may decide to identify additional strategies.
  • We will, as a group, identify children’s growing and emerging health needs in our community.
  • We will conclude with a talking points document that all participants will receive as a handout.
  • We will use a shared definition of health need.
  • Funding decisions are not tied to the short term outcomes of this event.
defining need
Defining NEED
  • For the purposes of this Rapid Design Session, we will define need as either of the following:
    • A measurable lack of or decrease in something compared to the required or desired amount of that thing.
    • A measurable increase in something generally characterized as undesirable.

NOTE: the desired/required amount may be defined by a government or other organization - but it is considered the "standard.“

expected outcomes
Expected Outcomes
  • A documented set of children’s health needs in our community.
    • Growing
    • Emerging
    • Maintaining
    • Diminishing
  • A refined set of strategies and tactics to address these needs.
  • A documented set of recommendations for:
    • Improved measurement criteria
    • Increased collaboration among agencies