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Sterling Youth Soccer Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Sterling Youth Soccer Association

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Sterling Youth Soccer Association - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sterling Youth Soccer Association. Travel Team Coaches ’ Meeting 2013. Agenda. Travel Team Coaching Practices Accessing Game Schedules (Arbiter) Rules of the Game ( WAYSA) CORI and Code of Conduct Game Day Field Responsibilities Cancellations Ref No Shows Player Injuries

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Sterling Youth Soccer Association

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Sterling Youth Soccer Association

Travel Team

Coaches’ Meeting 2013

  • Travel Team Coaching
  • Practices
  • Accessing Game Schedules (Arbiter)
  • Rules of the Game (WAYSA)
  • CORI and Code of Conduct
  • Game Day Field Responsibilities
  • Cancellations
  • Ref No Shows
  • Player Injuries
  • Coaching Resources
  • SYSA Contacts
  • Q&A
three basic tenets for 2013
Three Basic Tenets for 2013
  • Have a plan
    • Be prepared
    • Resources are available
  • Know the Rules
    • FIFA soccer rules
    • WAYSA specific rules
  • Coach to develop (not to win)
    • WAYSA is a recreational league
    • Don’t run up the score!
have a plan
Have a Plan!

Holden, Rutland, and Paxton are investing heavily in the soccer programs bringing in professional trainers from Challenger, Mass Youth Soccer, etc.

Their coaches are required to get licensed.

We need to raise the bar as well if we want our kids to have a chance to play at Wachusett in the coming years.

have a plan1
Have a Plan!

Have a lesson plan for each and every practice – know what it is that you are trying to teach or reinforce before you get to the field, whether it be an individual skill, positional play, or simply soccer sense (better game awareness) and choose drills that reinforce what you are trying to improve.

Coaching resources are readily available on the SYSA website as well as on soccer websites and Youtube.

Your lesson plans should emphasize touches on the ball and small-sided drills.

Remember - No Lines, No Lectures, No Laps!!

sysa mission statement
SYSA Mission Statement
  • The Sterling Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is dedicated to providing a quality recreational fall soccer program for the youth of Sterling ages K-HS.  
  • Our mission is primarily developmental, not competitive. 
  • SYSA seeks to help its players develop their soccer skills, their love for the game, their teamwork and sportsmanship, and their character.
  • As a U10 or U12 coach, it’s up to you to represent SYSA’s goals and standards Please hold yourself to the highest standard of ethics and sportsmanship – this is about teaching our young players, NOT about having a winning record for the season!
travel team coaching
Travel Team Coaching
  • What SYSA will provide:
    • Game Ball
    • Pair of Goalie Gloves
    • Jerseys and Socks for your players
  • What SYSA doesn’t provide but should have:
    • First Aid Kit
    • Ice Packs
    • Pinnies (for scrimmaging and for your keeper)
    • Cones
    • Extra balls (for the kids who inevitably forget)
    • Whistle
    • Air pump
    • Stop watch
travel team coaching1
Travel Team Coaching
  • What’s in the storage shed?
    • Pinnies
    • Corner Flags
    • Extra ball or two
    • Extra Goalie Gloves
    • Pair of pug nets
    • Tie-wraps for securing nets to goal posts
    • Other miscellaneous “stuff”
  • The combination for the lockbox is available through your division coordinator
  • Please lock the door and RETURN ANYTHING YOU BORROW!!
  • Practices can begin only AFTER we have the following:
    • Our insurance letter from Mass Youth Soccer
    • The Go Ahead from the Sterling Rec Department
    • All Coach CORIs complete
  • Practice nights are assigned on a first come, first served basis
    • Field Coordinator sends email to League Coordinators
    • League Coordinators send email to coaches
      • Coaches indicate their first, second and third choices
      • League Coordinator collects all requests and submits to the Field Coordinator who posts the final schedule
  • Fields are typically shared by two teams per evening
  • Plan out what you are going to do before you get to the field
  • Arrange it so that if kids get there before you do, they are working on something productive
  • Emphasis should be on lots of touches, skills development, and small sided drills. No Lines, Lectures, or Laps!
  • Coaching Lessons and Drill Plans are available on the SYSA Website
game schedules
Game Schedules
  • WAYSA game schedules are posted on Arbiter Sports
  • Coaches will receive login information for their team
  • Coaches forward login information to team members
  • All changes to your schedule will show up on this web site
  • Check Arbiter approx 1.5 hours before every game for delays, cancellations, etc.
  • Email all your parents and notify them if the game is canceled
  • Equipment
    • All players must wear shin guards
    • Shin guards must be worn under their socks
    • All players must wear soccer cleats or sneakers
      • No other types of cleats are allowed
    • All players must wear matching uniforms
    • Goalkeeper must wear different color than either team or ref
    • Other clothing can be worn under the uniform
    • NO JEWELRY (earrings, watches, necklaces, body piercings)
      • No earrings even if covered with tape
    • NO CASTS! (including hard splints)
know the rules game time
Know the Rules - Game Time
  • Present your signed roster to the referee before the game
  • Referee gives roster to opposing team after the game
  • Coin toss decides side of field and ball possession
  • Referee will ask for two “Captains” to call coin toss
  • Have your starting lineup decided and ready to go
  • Each team gives the ref a game ball – ref chooses which to use
  • Game ball must be a properly inflated Size 4 ball
  • Home team wears the pinnies (if needed)
  • Parents need to be on opposite side of field from teams
  • Coaches are NOT allowed on the field during the game!
  • Coaches stay at least ten feet from center line
  • Players must be waiting at center line to sub
waysa rules u10
WAYSA Rules (U10)
  • U10 Teams play 7 v 7 (six players plus goalkeeper)
  • Must have at least 4 players plus a keeper or forfeit
  • Game is four 13 minute quarters (2 min qtr and 5 min half)
  • WAYSA assigns ref for U10 games
  • Off-sides is not called but should be discouraged
  • All Free Kicks are Indirect
  • No Penalty Kicks are awarded
  • Second chance is given on Throw-ins
  • Goal Kicks can’t go past midline
  • Keeper can throw, punt or dropkick but not past midline
  • Know the rule for hand balls
waysa rules u12
WAYSA Rules (U12)
  • U12 Teams play 8 v 8 (seven players plus goalkeeper)
  • Must have at least 5 players plus a keeper or forfeit
  • Game is two 30 minute quarters (5 min half)
  • WAYSA assigns referees at U12 in a 3 Ref System
  • Off-sides is called – know the rule!
  • No second chance throw-ins
  • Free kicks can be direct or indirect – know the difference
  • Penalty kicks are awarded. Penalty kicks will be taken 10 yards from the goal line. Everyone but the kicker and the goalkeeper will stand behind the half way line until the kick is taken
  • Goal Kicks can’t go past midline
  • Keeper can throw, punt or dropkick but not past midline
  • Know the rule for hand balls
know the rules substitutions
Know the Rules - Substitutions
  • All substitutes shall enter and leave the field at mid-field. With consent of the referee, substitutions may be made at the following times:
    • the team in possession of the ball for a throw in may substitute. If they sub you may sub also. Players must be present at the midfield prior to substitution.
    • No subs on corner kicks!
    • prior to all goal kicks, after a goal, at half time
    • between periods (Under-10 Division)
    • for an injured player if the referee has stopped play (the other team may also substitute)
  • No substitution is allowed for a player ejected from the game
  • WAYSA recommends all players play at least ½ the game
    • Coach may restrict play time for disciplinary reasons
cori and code of conduct
CORI and Code of Conduct
  • All coaches and assistant coaches must submit CORI applications
  • All coaches and assistant coaches must read the Mass Youth Soccer Code of Conduct
  • All coaches and assistant coaches must read, sign, and return the WAYSA Coach’s Code of Conduct acknowledgement form.
  • Both forms can be found here:
field responsibilities
Field Responsibilities
  • Setting up - first game of the day
  • As you arrive on the field, please walk the field and thoroughly inspect the grounds to ensure there are no items left on the field that would risk injury to a player, i.e. broken glass, cans, sharp objects, other trash.
  • Set appropriate corner flags in place. Corner flags for Griffin Road field are stored in the locker at the end of the Snack Shack. If you have any questions about the size or type of flags to use, or how to unlock the snack shack locker,  please contact your division coordinator.
  • Please ensure that the sandbags are positioned on top of the bars at minimum on the rear, and if available, on the sides of the goal. From time to time the town must remove the sandbags for mowing and line spraying.
  • On Upper Griffin, please ensure that the goal is properly lined up with the field goal uprights.
field responsibilities1
Field Responsibilities
  • Closing down - last game of the day (IMPORTANT!!)
  • Please police the field for garbage and deposit any trash in an appropriate trash barrel, several are located near each field.
  • Please remove flags and return to the locker at the end of the snack shack. If you are unsure if yours is the last game of the day, please assume it is!
  • Special instructions
  • Upper Griffin: Pull back the goals from the football field goals
  • Muddy Pond: Pull goals back to field edge as these fields are shared with Pop Warner football and used for other sports
  • NOTE: If you notice any wear or damage to field equipment, or vandalism, please contact the Field Coordinator immediately after your game or practice.
game cancellations
Game Cancellations
  • It is up to the home town to make the decision to cancel games because of the weather. We do play in the rain. We don’t play if there is any thunder or lightning in the area. We also shouldn’t play if the field conditions are dangerous (i.e. lots of standing water on the field). If Sterling cancels their home games for the day, you will get an email and the cancellations will also be posted on thearbiter.
  • If a game is going to be canceled, it must be done at least 2 hours ahead of time in order to give the away team enough time. If your game is canceled and you are the home team, you should call the away coach first to let him or her know. You should be able to get their number from Then you should call your own team.
  • If Sterling hasn’t canceled the games for the day but you feel that the conditions do warrant your game to be cancelled, then go ahead and use your best judgment.
  • Follow the same rules as above, but you should also contact John Sanders (Field Coordinator) and Greg Raber (WAYSA and MAYS rep) so they can update  Their information is on the Board Members web page here.
  • If the game does get cancelled, it’s up to you and the other coach as to whether you want to try and re-schedule it for another day or not. You would both have to work out the day, time and place.
  • You can read the WAYSA rules on their web site    Select “Coaches” go to the section “WAYSA League Policy and Procedures for Rescheduled and Canceled Games”
code of conduct
Code of Conduct
  • Head coaches are responsible for the conduct of the assistant coaches, players, parents, and supporters of their team.
  • In the event of continuing misconduct by a team’s coaches, players, parents, or supporters, after issuing a caution, the referee may terminate the game.
  • If the abuse comes from parents/spectators then the referee will inform the coaches and it is their responsibility to speak immediately to the offenders.
  • If this action does not adequately curb this behavior then the referee may terminate the game
code of conduct cont
Code of Conduct (cont)

To clarify expectations of coach conduct, we jointly expect all coaches to conform to this code of conduct.

• Before, during and after the game, be an example of dignity, patience and positive spirit.

• Before a game, introduce yourself to the opposing coach and to the referee.

• During the game, you are responsible for the sportsmanship of your players. If one of your players is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, take the player out of the game at least long enough for him/her to calm down.

code of conduct cont1
Code of Conduct (cont)

During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of the parents of your players.

It is imperative to explain acceptable player and parent behavior in a preseason meeting.

During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of spectators rooting for your team.

Encourage them to applaud and cheer for good plays by either team. Discourage them, and you may need to be forceful and direct, from yelling at players and the referee.

code of conduct cont2
Code of Conduct (cont)

During the game, do not address the referee at all. If you have a small issue, discuss it with the referee calmly and patiently after the game.

If you have a major complaint, or if you think the referee was unfair, biased, unfit, or incompetent report your opinion to your Coordinator and to the Referee Coordinator. Your feedback will be taken seriously if itare presented objectively and formally.

After the game, thank the referee and ask your players

to do the same. Always shake hands with the opposing team.

code of conduct cont3
Code of Conduct (cont)

SYSA Policy on Coaches’ behavior towards Referees

SYSA has a zero tolerance for coaches who verbally abuse our referees. We follow the three-strike rule.

First offense is a written warning,

Second offense is one game suspension and an appearance before the SYSA Board,

Third offense and you will be relieved as a coach and not allowed to coach again.

referee no shows
Referee No Shows
  • If no ref shows up for your game you’ll need to work it out with the coach from the opposing team.
  • Usually having an assistant coach from each team ref the game (each working half the field) is a good compromise.  Or an asst from each team ref’ing half the game. 
  • Please let your league coordinator know so he/she can feed it upstream.
player injuries
Player Injuries
  • Coaches accept responsibility for the care and safety of the players on their team at practices and games. Your job as a coach is to recognize an injury when it happens, to stabilize the injury as best you can, and to summon medical assistance if necessary.
  • Be prepared and have a plan beforehand.
  • For guidelines to dealing the most common soccer injuries.
  • ConcussionsCoaches must understand the signs and protocols for concussions.
coaching resources

Getting Started

Coaching Resources

Have a parents meeting at the first practice.

  • Review Parents Code of Conduct.
  • Explain your expectations for practices/games
  • Remind them that soccer is played in the rain, sleet and snow
  • Explain how you will notify them of any cancellations
  • Also remind parents that NO JEWELRY is allowed.
  • Earrings can NOT be taped. They must be removed.
key contacts
Key Contacts
  • Gregg Frantz – U10 League Coordinator
  • Bryan White – U12 League Coordinator
  • Mike Demilia – U14/HS Coordinator
  • John Sanders – SYSA Field Coordinator
  • Matt Williamson – SYSA Vice President & WAYSA Rep
  • David Jolie – SYSA President
  • Escalation for issues = Coordinator  VP  President
  • See the SYSA website for contact info