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THE SECRET TO YOUR HEALTH. Welcome to wellness revolution . Super-charge every cell in your body with moringo.

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  2. Welcome to wellness revolution Super-charge every cell in your body with moringo

  3. Moringo is a cornerstone for building a healthier lifestyle and it is charged with the strongest natural antioxidants available ,enhanced with vitamins ,Amino acids and trace minerals to boost the overall energy levels ,substantially supplement daily nutritional needs and boost the bodys immune system Nowadays, Our Food Supply Has Changed: You’re Eating Fruit with No Vitamins ... Vegetables with No Minerals ... You Need 10 Servings of Vegetables to Equal Just One Serving From 50 Years Ago

  4. But thanks to Moringo super formula, you’ll get: 10 Essential vitamins 80+ Trace minerals 2 healing herbs 3 natural sources of fiber 19 Amino acids 46+ Anti oxidants, 36+Anti-inflammatories 90+Nutrients All in just one serving a day! Now, you have a choice of how to stay younger and healthier longer. You can either eat this... ... or Take this. Finally, it's easy and economical to get all the anti-aging nutrients Mother Nature offers In 2 capsules that frees you up to enjoy the rest of your day!

  5. These days, the product you buy at your local grocery store just doesn’t have the nutritional power that fruits and vegetables had just a few decades ago. Over farming, soil depletion, commercial fertilizer, hybrid crops and genetic modifications are slashing the nutrients found in your fruits and vegetables. In fact, you’d have to eat 10 servings of spinach to get the same level of minerals from just one serving about 50 years ago . And spinach is just the beginning. Take a look at the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) nutritional values for fruits and vegetables today compared to 1975 Apples: Vitamin A is down 41% Sweet Peppers: Vitamin C is down 31% Watercress: Iron is down 88% Broccoli: Calcium and Vitamin A are down 50% Cauliflower: Vitamin C is down 45%; Vitamin B1 is down 48%; and Vitamin B2 is down 47%

  6. To help protect you from this tragedy, Moringo organics created a powerful formula that gives you the nutrient power of over 5kgs of assorted vegetables Just take 2 capsules and you’re done! Our proprietary blend of three most powerful Ingrdients ( health boosters) essential for body health Moringooleifera–Tree of life Oregano Vulgare –Joy of mountain Asphaltum –Destroyer of weakness

  7. Moringo is a word derived from the Tree of life Moringaoleifera & Joy of mountain-Oregano vulgarehas been used to formulate nutritional supplements to provide complete well being to mankind. The expansive list of all natural Ingredients that comprise Moringo Moringaoleifera extract Oregano vulgare extract Asphaltum extract Piper nigum extract Vitamin B12 Vitamin C

  8. Moringaoleifera, also known as Tree of life ,clarifier tree, Miracle tree,horseradishtree and drumstick tree, Many refer to this tree as "nutritional dynamite,“ as it contains copious amounts of important nutrients like iron, calcium and Vitamin A. It also has hundreds of medicinal uses for both prevention and treatment.MoringaOleifera, most nutrient rich plant Discovered to date.It contains Vitamins, minerals, supreme anti-oxidants, essential amino acids, plus other amazing ingredients.India's ancient tradition of ayurveda says the Moringaoleifera prevent 300 diseases There are over 18 Amino Acids ,46 antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds all naturally occurring in the Moringa plant. It has one of the highest orac value of 157,600 µmol TE/100g. It has outperformed anti-oxidant super foods including acai,dark chocolate ,garlic & blueberries in an orac test

  9. Fig:Moringa oleifera nutrition facts

  10. Moringa The Miracle Tree Discovery Channel

  11. MoringaDr.OZ Show

  12. Oregano vulgare-Oregano vulgare is a wonderful perennial culinary as well as medicinal herb. It has long been recognized as one of the "functional food" for its nutritional, anti-oxidants and disease preventing properties. The herb, whose name means “Joy of the mountains" in Greek, is native to the Mediterranean region. Contains 31 known anti-inflammatories, 28 antioxidants and four known potent COX-2 inhibitors. Also it has 26 antiviral elements, 26 antifungal elements ,41 antibacterial elementsand 6 antiparasitic elements.With its 31 anti-inflammatories, Oregano has more of these compounds than any other herb in the USDA Phytochemical Database with a orac score of 175,295 µmol TE/100g

  13. The Science of Biblical Hyssop (Oregano vulgare)

  14. Trace Mineral complex –(Humic &Fulvic acid) also called as Destroyer of weakness.Humicacid comes from humates that are found in rich organic soil. Humates are fossilised plant material originating from a period which pre–dates the dinosaurs. The humic acid is extracted from compressed, ancient plant matter in the form of Leonardite, a soft brown coal. This dark powder contains dense mineral components which characterize those ancient plants. Contains 84 Trace minerals It also contains the amino acids and many of the other beneficial phytochemicals from that original plant matter. If you have ever put fertilizer on your yard, chances are it contained small amounts of humic acid. In fact, the word describing dark rich soil is humus which contains humic acid. Humic acid is absorbed by plants and helps in many ways.

  15. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for energy production for nervous system function as it is needed to produce myelin, the fatty substance that forms a protective sheath around nerves; for the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps with memory and learning; for the synthesis of red blood cells; for producing the genetic materials, DNA and RNA. It can help depression and give you energy. Most vitamin B12 comes from animal source foods and is deficient in strict vegetarian diets. In a recent study, subjects taking methylcobalamin experience improved sleep quality and increased daytime alertness and concentration, and in some cases they also reported improved mood. Much of the benefit appears to be a result of methylcobalamin'sinfluence on melatonin secretion and resetting the biological clock. Specifically, methylcobalamin causes a significant decrease in daytime melatonin levels while increasing night time levels.

  16. Moringo is designed to offer you a whole host physical benefits, including.. • Antioxidants that protect your cells...keep your mind sharp...and your memory intact...are now more effective • Polyphenols that help keep inflammation in check and blood flowing strong...can be magnified • Amino acids  that keep your immune system strong and like a charm • Minerals that strengthen bones, build muscle tone, and keep your heart naturally healthy...keep your body feeling younger and more energized • Vitamins that Make you feel energetic, fit, and just plain great day after day • Anti-inflammotariesthat cuts the risk of heart disease ,Supports your body's most vital, life-supporting system • Phytonutrientsthat Support your body's most vital, life-supporting system

  17. Increased physical energy - Tune your body up with naturally occurring nutrients to make your energy last longer Mental and emotional balance - Moringo amazingly powerful nutrient compounds help restore stability to the chemicals that govern our thoughts and emotions. You have to experience it to appreciate it! Faster recovery - Moringo complete amino profile, along with dozens of vitamins and minerals, makes it a perfect recovery food after grueling workouts and physical strain. Nutrient-dense mother's milk - Increased iron, potassium, Vitamins A, B, C, E, and dozens of other important nutrients are all readily absorbed from Moringo and transferred from mother's milk to the growing newborn. Healthy blood sugar levels - antioxidants and unique regulating compounds help control blood sugar and keep the blood free of unhealthy substances.

  18. Promotes healthy digestion - treats simple gastrointestinal and stomach problems. It is excellent for easing nausea, stomach upsets, indigestion, and flatulence and is also thought to improve gallbladder disorders. As an effective diuretic - cleansing the body of toxins through the skin and reducing fevers. This is especially effective for relieving the symptoms of colds and flu. Supports synthesis and function of nerve tissue - Nerve Tissues such as Myelin Benefit from Methyl cobalamin. Helps To Rebuild-Restore, Repair, Maintain, and Heal Important Nerve Tissues. Boosts -metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins - Participates in Energy Producing Pathways.Also it has anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal activities

  19. TAKE UP NOW! so you can feel the difference Moringo will make in your life . There's simply no good reason not to try Moringo! Enjoy better health than you have in years. Moringo organics Pvt Ltd (A subsidiary of Moringo Organics Inc) 32,2nd Floor ,Bull Temple Road  Basavanagudi,Bangalore-560 004

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