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Voyager Project

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Voyager Project. James Sorensen Crop 2002 Bancroft-Rosalie. Voyagers 1 & 2. Two Identical space craft were constructed in 1977 and put into path of exploration. Voyager 1 Research craft ready for exploration. OV. The Projects Involved.

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voyager project

Voyager Project

James Sorensen

Crop 2002


voyagers 1 2
Voyagers 1 & 2

Two Identical space craft were constructed in 1977 and put into path of exploration.

Voyager 1 Research craft ready for exploration


the projects involved
The Projects Involved

There are currently five science investigation teams participating in the VIM.

  • Magnetic field investigation
  • Low energy charged particle investigation
  • Plasma investigation
  • Cosmic ray investigation
  • Plasma wave investigation

These five instruments are:

  • MAG Magnetic field investigation
  • LECP Low energy charged particle investigation
  • PLS Plasma investigation
  • CRS Cosmic ray investigation
  • PWS Plasma wave investigation


cosmic ray projects
Cosmic Ray Projects
  • Project mass: 7.5 kg
  • Average experiment power 5.4 w
  • This investigation studied the origin and acceleration process, life history, and dynamic contribution of interstellar cosmic rays, the nucleosynthesis of elements in cosmic-ray sources, the behavior of cosmic rays in the interplanetary medium, and the trapped planetary energetic-particle environment.


cosmic ray cont
Cosmic Ray Cont.
  • The instrumentation included a High-Energy Telescope System (HETS) and a Low-Energy Telescope System (LETS). The HETS covered an energy range between 6 and 500 MeV/nucleon for nuclei ranging in atomic numbers from 1 through 30. In addition, electrons in the energy range between 3 and 100 MeV/nucleon were measured by this telescope and an electron telescope. The LETS measured the energy and determined the identity of nuclei for energies between 0.15 and 30 MeV/nucleon and atomic numbers from 1 to 30. The instruments also measured the anisotropies of electrons and nuclei. In addition, electrons in the energy range between 3 and 100 MeV/nucleon were measured by an electron telescope.


voyager statistics
Voyager Statistics
  • Launched: September 5, 1977 (I)

August 20, 1977 (II)

  • Launch Vehicle: Titan III E-Centaur
  • On-orbit mass: 721.9 kg
  • Power system: Radio Thermal

generators of 420 W

  • Mission Explore places no man has

gone before.


voyagers gave most info
Voyagers Gave Most Info
  • They have given us some of the most extensive Knowledge yet known of: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
  • Pluto is now known as a giant ball of orbiting ice and rock and was little discovered.
  • Voyagers 1 & 2 are the only man man made craft to leave the ring our solar system.
  • Launched in 1977, both Voyager spacecraft are still returning data x Amount of times a week in 2002 from their positions well beyond Pluto.


  • In 1977 Nasa built and launched two spacecraft named Voyager 1 And Voyager 2.
  • They were lunched on the Titan III and Centaur rockets
  • They began their long mission of exploring the solar system but as of now they have left the outer ring orbit of Neptune and Pluto
  • They are both in service and are still sending pictures back to us
  • The optimal reason for the project was to research the unknown about the planets.


the overview
The Overview

The Space Craft

Projects involved

Cosmic Ray Projects

Cosmic Ray Cont.

Voyager Stats

Voyagers Gave Most Info



voyager project1

Voyager Project

James Sorensen

Crop 2002