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WELCOME. Ground Rules: Presentation should take 40 minutes Please submit your questions via chat. We may address some quick questions as we go through the presentation but most will be answered at the end. Preparing for EHR Implementation A Technology and Process Assessment. Presented by:

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Ground Rules:

Presentation should take 40 minutes

Please submit your questions via chat. We may address some quick questions as we go through the presentation but most will be answered at the end.

Preparing for EHR Implementation

A Technology and Process Assessment

  • Presented by:
  • Eric Hoeft
  • Paul Newkirk


  • What you should take away
  • The presenters
  • - About EasyIT
  • EHR quick overview
  • Makeup of an IT Assessment
    • Current Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure
    • Current software tools and systems
    • Current processes
    • Forms and reports
  • - How to make EHR decisions for your business
what should you take away
What Should You Take Away
  • Have an understanding of the value of an outside IT assessment
  • Have an understanding of the value of having a trusted partner involved in pre-EHR selection along with ongoing post-implementation support.
  • Have a more informed and systematic approach in mind for evaluating your practice for a move to an EHR system.

Eric Hoeft

  • 25 years of IT experience
  • President/Founder of EasyIT for 12+ years and in charge of it’s management consulting practice.
  • Experienced in IT Assessments, pre-HIPAA audit assessments, strategic planning, disaster recovery planning, etc.

Paul Newkirk

  • Senior Project Manager and Program Manager at EasyIT
  • 20 years of IT experience
  • Formerly with UMC Partners (Affiliated with OSU Medical Center), an EHR software company, where he managed product implementations
  • Has managed some very large EHR implementations

for major medical centers across the US (specifically

for major transplant centers)

vendor overview easyit
Vendor Overview -- EasyIT
  • Premier IT services firm, focused on meeting IT needs of small to mid-size businesses.
  • Replacing the pain and frustration of technology with productive solutions, helping clients make better informed decisions around IT.
  • Services include:
    • Outsourcing/Managed Services Programs
    • Strategic IT Management
    • Network/Infrastructure Support
    • Application Development/Data Integration
  • OSMA Preferred Partner – special pricing for OSMA members.
benefits features of an ehr
Benefits/Features of an EHR
  • Higher Level of Patient Care, Less Scribbled Rx, Retention
  • Business Management
    • Manage More Patients
    • Internal efficiencies
  • Possible Future Compliance with Government Mandates
  • Maybe No Cost (Federal subsidies)
  • Typical Features
    • Web access
    • Data management
    • Backup and Recovery, HIPAA
    • Search and Reporting
    • Security
    • Interface with other 3rd parties and their systems
options for going to an ehr
Options for Going to an EHR
  • Trust an internal employee to drive the effort
  • Make a decision based on another practice’s decision or selection process
  • Read tons of stuff on the web and become an IT Expert
  • Select a trusted partner experienced in IT, evaluate based on facts you can understand
what can go wrong
What can go wrong?
  • An EHR Implementation is very similar to many other types of package implementations - Statistically, over 50% of system implementations FAIL.
  • If you select the package based on a referral from another practice, you might be selecting a solution that works for them but not you.
  • By selecting an EHR without doing proper planning, you may select an EHR that doesn’t work with the hardware in your current environment.
  • You spend far more time on the implementation than you planned. This may cause unnecessary re-work, problems with adoption and increased costs.
understanding ehr costs
Understanding EHR Costs

The full life cycle costs of an EHR implementation

benefits of working with an it partner
Benefits of Working With an IT Partner
  • Provides a process for making your EHR decision
  • Provides you with an assessment of current systems and help determining EHR requirements
  • Provides an experienced partner to go through the process
    • Ask questions
    • Get industry best practices
    • Benefit of lessons learned
  • Increase your chances for a successful/predictable short and long term results
evaluating your business
Evaluating Your Business
  • IT Infrastructure (e.g. PCs)
  • Current Software Systems (e.g. billing, practice management system (PMS), financial, staff schedule)
  • Current Processes Review (all things related to EHR)
    • Current roles and responsibilities of staff
    • Patient scheduling, staff scheduling, billing, reporting, filing
it infrastructure
IT Infrastructure
  • The technically “Exciting Stuff”:
    • What Information Technology is in place now (PCs)
    • Network (Internet Connection)
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • Servers
    • Routers
    • Remote Access
    • Web Presence
    • E-mail
    • Backup
current software systems
Current Software Systems
  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Finance (taxes, etc.)
  • Payroll
  • Records Management
  • Reporting
  • Research (studies, etc.)
current process review
Current Process Review
  • Forms
    • Compliance, government reporting, etc
  • Letters
    • Standard formats and legal language (e.g. Privacy Disclaimer)
  • Process (From admit to discharge)
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Customizations
  • Security
  • HIPAA Processes
    • Keeping Track of Data
    • Managing Access
  • Training and Monitoring
forms detail
Forms Detail
  • Standard Forms
  • Study or Research Forms
  • Count (Affects Cost)
    • How Many
    • How Many Can Be Automated
create detailed requirements
Create Detailed Requirements
  • Important to know precisely what you want when talking with vendors
  • The more detail the fewer surprises
  • Measurable Business Objectives
    • Cost of system
    • Cost of training
    • Cost of support
    • Timeline
    • Resource expectations
    • ROI
  • Roles and Ownership Defined
report on results
Report on Results
  • A current state assessment
    • IT overview report
    • Process overview report
  • A clear decision framework
    • Objective ROI Measures
    • Clear Business Requirements (What you want out of an EHR can be given to vendors)
    • An evaluation checklist for objective comparison of vendors/solutions
  • Roadmap for moving forward on an EHR
    • Getting through vendor selection
    • Working through installation and process change
    • Long-term support
next steps
Next Steps
  • Research Possible Vendors
  • Solicit Bids
  • Negotiate with Confidence
  • Move to EHR with Minimized Fear of Disruption in Service

Increase your control over the outcome/success

making a decision
Making A Decision
  • Use your process and decision framework for your business
  • Have a timeline and a budget for the decision, implementation and ongoing support
  • Use your trusted IT partner to help evaluate proposals and possibly to help manage the selection process.

What should weigh into your decision:

technology deciders
Technology Deciders
  • Interface
    • Hosted systems with a web interface
    • PC client interface
    • Tablet PC options
  • 3rd party integration features
  • Patient interface features
  • Security features
  • Outside IT Assessment
    • EHR selection and implementation is a complex undertaking with strong impacts on your practice. An IT Assessment will help you make more informed decisions.
  • A Trusted IT Partner
    • Having an experienced IT partner reduces your risk and greatly increases your odds of success and reducing future support costs.
  • An Informed Approach
    • An IT Assessment -- A more informed and systematic approach for evaluating your practice for a move to an EHR system.
ehr standards of excellence vendors
EHR Standards of Excellence Vendors
  • Allscripts
  • Aprima
  • e-MDs
  • Greenway
  • InteGreat/MED3000
  • NextGen
  • Sage
  • Sequel Systems
contact information
Contact Information
  • For additional information, contact:
  • Kurt Hoeft, Vice President of Sales
    • Office: 614.336.1399, x201
    • Cell: 614.519.9664
    • E-mail: khoeft@easyit.com

Thank you!