life as a cat n.
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Life as a Cat

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Life as a Cat. A Feline’s View of the World b y Grace ( w ith a little help fromMargot Glasser !). It’s All About M e.

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life as a cat

Life as a Cat

A Feline’s View of the World

by Grace

(with a little help fromMargotGlasser!)

it s all about m e
It’s All About Me

The humans are not completely sure what breed I am. However, my main owner, (as she thinks, but really I am the master here and I think they all know it) Margot, is confident I am a breed called “Nebelung”. I heard her talking: They’re a rare breed, wow, blah blah blah. However, a cool feature that Nebelung’s have is fur on the bottom of their paws (making it easy to slide across the floor while trying to get the toy). Anyway, life as a cat is pretty good, other than the times when my owner’s forget to feed me. Meow!