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Enterprise Application Integration

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Enterprise Application Integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enterprise Application Integration. Raul Lopez James Stump Adam Mohammed. Summary. What is EAI? How does EAI work? What are it’s pros/cons? How Costly is EAI? What are the startup costs, training, etc…? How is it funded?. Summary cont…. What are some uses?

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enterprise application integration

Enterprise Application Integration

Raul Lopez

James Stump

Adam Mohammed

  • What is EAI?
    • How does EAI work?
    • What are it’s pros/cons?
  • How Costly is EAI?
    • What are the startup costs, training, etc…?
    • How is it funded?
summary cont
Summary cont…
  • What are some uses?
  • What are some companies using it?
    • What caused their decision to switch to EAI?
    • Why are more companies using it now than before?
    • Is it proving to be successful?
case study question overview
Case Study Question Overview
  • Why has EAI recently “become a critical part of the IT strategy at many organizations,” and a high ranking project of top IT executives?
  • What is the major difference in business value of the EAI projects at Baxter International, GE power, and Corporate Express?
  • What are some of the challenges in developing and implementing EAI systems? How can companies meet these challenges?
case study question 1
Case Study Question 1
  • Why is EAI a critical part of the IT Strategy of many organizations?
    • More efficient
    • Reduces costs
    • Increases sales
  • Baxter International
    • Customers can now place orders, check order status, etc electronically instead of over the phone
    • Plan to integrate ordering systems to streamline inventory.
case study question 2
Baxter International launched the first phase of its EAI projects in 2003, using an integration platform based webMethods Inc. to link a Web-based customer service application to its ERP. The projects allows their customers to place orders, check order status and deliver schedules, and conduct other transactions electronically.

GE Power use the webMethods platform to share data among the ERP systems. The benefits are the ability to send data in real time from one system to another, and the quality of the and accuracy of the data.

Case Study Question 2
case study question 2 cont
Case Study Question 2 cont…
  • Inaddition, GE Power set up a project management office to implement EAI and track its benefits to the company.
  • Corporate Express also used an EAI project to dramatically improve customer service by almost doubling the number of its Web-based interfaces to the systems of its business partners, from 120 to more than 200.
  • Corporate Express also integrated business-to-business systems, which include EDI and XML, achieved more than $2 million.
case study question 3
Case Study Question 3
  • What are some of the challenges in developing and implementing EAI systems?
    • specific skills and extensive coordination
    • proprietary architectures
    • costly
case study question 3 cont
Case Study Question 3 cont…
  • How can companies meet these challenges?
    • Outside EAI consultants
    • No immediate solution to the cost of an EAI system…but…
real world activities
Real World Activities
  • Examples of other companies that successfully integrate their applications on an enterprise level.
    • IBM Delivers Enterprise-Level Applications To Mobile DevicesPDA’s, laptops and smart phones. IBM’s Workplace Client Technology, Micro Editions is the platform used to applications to clients.
    • AT&T
    • Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
real world activities cont
Real World Activities cont…
  • How should an organization approach an integration project?
  • What Criteria should be used in determining a candidate application for enterprise application.

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