Strategic plan executive summary august 14 2009
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Strategic Plan Executive Summary August 14, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Plan Executive Summary August 14, 2009. UNMHSC Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan. University of New Mexico Mission Performance Statewide Value Sandoval County Campus Priority. Health Sciences Center Mission Performance Enhanced Research Enhanced Education

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Strategic plan executive summary august 14 2009 l.jpg

Strategic Plan Executive Summary

August 14, 2009

Unmhsc clinical enterprise strategic plan l.jpg
UNMHSC Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan

  • University of New Mexico Mission Performance

  • Statewide Value

  • Sandoval County Campus Priority

  • Health Sciences Center Mission Performance

  • Enhanced Research

  • Enhanced Education

  • Enhanced Community Service

  • Clinical Enterprise Mission Performance

  • Academic Health Center

  • Public Teaching Hospital









  • Governance

  • Clinical Program Development

  • Faculty Growth

  • Quality and Patient Safety

  • Patient Throughput

  • UNMMG Maturation

  • Patient Satisfaction

  • Staff Satisfaction

  • Ease of Practice

  • Electronic Health Record

  • Mission and Vision

  • Access

  • Prevention/Chronic Disease Management

  • Coverage

  • Monitoring

  • Equity in Outcomes

  • One of Three Major Market Systems

  • Access/Capacity: Short & Medium Term, Master Campus Facility Plan

  • Regional Development

  • Ambulatory Care Access

  • Clinical Programs

  • Branding/Image

  • Community MD Relationships

  • Internal Improvements

  • Capital Access

  • County Support

  • State Support

Community Access and Capacity

New mission l.jpg
New Mission

Our patient care mission encompasses serving as an accessible, high quality, safety focused, comprehensive care provider for all the people of Bernalillo County, and providing specialized services for people across the State.

Our education mission focuses on creating a patient care environment which is supportive of the educational programs of the UNMHSC health professional schools.

Our research mission focuses on the application of new biomedical knowledge, translated to innovative patient care programs and models of health care delivery, leading to health status improvement for New Mexico.

New vision l.jpg
New Vision

UNMH will be the leader in improving New Mexico’s health outcomes through both our academic specialty programs and our community responsive, culturally competent, patient care, education, and clinical research programs.

We aspire to be one of the nation’s leading university hospitals which captures the synergy in being both an excellent academic institution and an innovative, community oriented public teaching hospital. UNMH will set the standard for excellence in quality and patient safety in public teaching hospitals.

Mission enhancers l.jpg
Mission Enhancers

  • Increase access to care

  • Prevention and Chronic Disease Management

  • Ensure processes that result in maximum access to services, coverage and realization of external payment resources.

  • Develop formal measurement and reporting systems

  • Ensure equity in outcomes across all populations

Mission enhancer increased access l.jpg
Mission Enhancer: Increased Access

  • UNMH should be poised to respond to increased coverage created through national health care reform evolves.

  • UNMH should increase capacity in its primary clinics to meet increased demand.

  • UNMH should increase capacity in its specialty clinics to meet increased demand.

Mission enhancer prevention and chronic disease management l.jpg
Mission Enhancer: Prevention and Chronic Disease Management

  • UNMH should continue to implement innovative models of disease prevention and care management.

    • Improving the health status of the community

    • Reducing unnecessary use of the Emergency Department and acute care capacity at UNMH

  • UNMH should implement a Patient Centered Medical Home Model:

    • A team of health care professionals with clear accountabilities who are working at the “top of their license” and led by a physician

    • Streamlined delivery of care through a protocol driven care model

Mission enhancer ensure access to coverage l.jpg
Mission Enhancer:Ensure Access to Coverage

  • Respond to new federal initiatives

  • Enrollment in State Coverage Initiative

  • Maximize use of Medicaid

  • Improve enrollment to UNM Cares

Mission enhancer develop formal measurement and reporting systems l.jpg
Mission Enhancer:Develop Formal Measurement and Reporting Systems

  • Continue to utilize the University HealthSystem Consortium reporting systems

  • Focus on Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Core Measures

  • UNMH should develop measurement and reporting systems for patient and condition cohorts, including a patient registry system

Mission enhancer equity in outcomes l.jpg
Mission Enhancer: Equity in Outcomes

  • UNMH should develop systems that will address racial and ethnic disparities in health care.

    • Close racial and ethnic quality gaps where they exist

    • Ensure Cultural and Linguistic Competency

    • Ensure Patient have access to continuous and high quality care

Market modifiers l.jpg
Market Modifiers

  • Desired Market Position: Academic Mission and Program Development

  • Maximizing Access: Long Range Inpatient and Outpatient Facility Planning

  • Community Physician Relationships and Branding

M arket modifier unmhsc s desired market position l.jpg
Market Modifier: UNMHSC’s Desired Market Position

UNMH and UNMMG desire a market position that establishes the system as the academic medical center for New Mexico

  • Expand primary care for the population of Bernalillo County

  • Growth in market presence for specialty services

  • Development of Clinical Centers for programs

    • Cancer Center

    • Cardiovascular Services

    • Children’s Hospital

    • Neurosciences Center

    • Women’s Center

Market modifier inpatient bed and outpatient clinic expansion plans l.jpg
Market Modifier: Inpatient Bed and Outpatient Clinic Expansion Plans

  • Sandoval Regional Medical Center Short term strategy for expanding inpatient capacity is the Sandoval Regional Medical Center project which increase the system’s inpatient capacity by 68 beds.

  • Replacement Adult Hospital Replacement adult acute care hospital, extensive outpatient clinic expansion, replacement of the adult psychiatric hospital, renovation of children’s psychiatric services, and infrastructure to support this major campus expansion. The key element of the long range master campus plan is the utilization of Lands West as the expansion site for adult services.

  • Children’s HospitalThe existing BBRP facility would become primarily a women’s and children’s facility.

  • Outpatient ClinicsIn order to keep pace with the service area population growth and primary care services demand, UNMH should build least 5 new clinics in over the next 5 years. UNMH should increase capacity of clinics in surgical and medical specialties.

Market modifier master campus facility plan l.jpg
Market Modifier: Master Campus Facility Plan

  • The master campus development plan is divided into four phases:

  • Phase I: Infrastructure Development and Clinic Expansion

    • Creation of access to the Lands West area

    • A transit bridge over University to the North Campus

    • New clinic facilities for orthopedics, eye, primary care, CTH childrens, and dental medicine

  • Phase II: Relocation of Psychiatric Services

    • The adult psychiatric hospital is relocated

    • Renovation of the children’s psychiatric hospital

  • Phase III: New Adult Acute Hospital

    • A new 432 bed acute hospital of 1.1M square feet

    • Completion of new clinic building with 100,000 square feet

  • Phase IV: Renovation and Fill of Vacated Spaces

Market modifier community physician relationships and branding l.jpg
Market Modifier: Community Physician Relationships and Branding

  • As UNMH and UNMMG become more of a specialty referral provider on a Statewide basis, service to referring physicians, especially in terms of timeliness of communications and access, will become more important.

  • In Albuquerque, it is anticipated that the Sandoval hospital development will involve community physicians as a component of the medical staff.

  • Over time, UNMH and UNMMG should continue to nurture a brand and image which moves away from the old County Hospital to a Statewide University Hospital.

Economic enablers l.jpg
Economic Enablers Branding

  • Improve internal system to become more efficient

  • Optimize funding available from Counties

  • Optimize funding available from State

  • Optimize funding available from Federal government

  • Maintain access to capital markets

Internal enablers l.jpg
Internal Enablers Branding

  • Faculty Growth

  • Patient Safety and Quality

  • Patient and Staff Satisfaction

  • Ease of Practice and Physician Satisfaction

  • Governance

Internal enabler faculty growth l.jpg
Internal Enabler: Faculty Growth Branding

  • Faculty will need to expand as the needs of the community grow and UNM fulfills its mission and vision.

    • There is a need for clinical ramp up support for new faculty members.

    • There is also a need for academic support for new faculty members.

    • A critical success factor is balancing the clinical obligations of the faculty relative to the academic mission.

Internal enabler patient safety and quality l.jpg
Internal Enabler: Patient Safety and Quality Branding

  • UNMH should continue to make significant progress in quality and patient safety by significant improvement in Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Core Measures

  • UNMH has established organizational goals focused around the University HealthSystem Consortium Quality and Accountability Scorecard with a goal to achieve top 20 UHC Hospital status

  • Implementation of a new inpatient system that separates medical and surgical patients and includes additional specialty units is expected to have a significant positive impact on patient safety and quality

  • The active leadership of the clinical department chairs and faculty leadership in promoting and holding faculty accountable for patient safety and quality is essential for success.

  • Continue to use the Medical Director model for management of patient care programs

Internal enabler unmh patient staff satisfaction l.jpg
Internal Enabler: UNMH Patient/Staff Satisfaction Branding


  • Inpatient initiatives focus on patient aggregation and unit rounding

  • Outpatient initiatives include employee training and multiple strategies to improve patient access

    • Increased Off-site clinics

    • Partnerships with other community resources to maximize access

    • Centralized scheduling

    • Advanced Access and extended hours

  • Increase to top half of University HealthSystem Consortium members

Internal enabler ease of practice physician satisfaction outpatient practice l.jpg

Inpatient practice: Branding

Increase bed capacity

Streamline processes

Improve Electronic Health Record

Cohort patients

Improve surgical capacity

Outpatient practice strategies:

Build new Primary Care and Specialty Clinics

Implement the Patient Centered Medical Home Model

Implement practices to ease workload of physicians

Install Hub and Ambulatory Electronic Health Record with partners

Internal Enabler: Ease of Practice/Physician Satisfaction Outpatient Practice

Internal enabler governance l.jpg
Internal Enabler: Governance Branding

  • There is a need to coordinate governance in order to enable success of the clinical enterprise among the Regents, Hospital, Medical Group and Sandoval Hospital.

  • UNMHSC should consider potential models of governance integration, including the creation of an umbrella “Health System” for the various clinical components of the Health Sciences Center’s programs.

Internal enabler governance24 l.jpg

In addition, the Board of Trustees needs to continue to be a community board that is responsive to the community

Board of Trustees should assume responsibility for ongoing review of key financial/charity care policies.

The Board should collaborate with the Carrie Tingley Advisory Board relative to the future of Childrens services and facilities, including the use of the Carrie Tingley name.

As UNMH extends its ambulatory presence, close collaboration with appropriate community groups should continue.

Internal Enabler: Governance