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Visual Pathway. Lesion 1. Lesion 2. Visual Fields and Deficits. Calcarine fissure. R. L. R. L. L. Bitemporal (heteronomous) hemianopsia. U. C. Bitemporal (heteronomous) hemianopsia. Meyers Loop (INFERIOR optic radiations, through temporal lobe  ends @ inferior calcarine fissue.

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Visual pathway

Visual Pathway

Lesion 1

Lesion 2

Visual pathway

Visual Fields and Deficits

Calcarine fissure






Bitemporal (heteronomous) hemianopsia



Bitemporal (heteronomous) hemianopsia

Meyers Loop

(INFERIOR optic radiations, through temporal lobe ends @

inferior calcarine fissue

Left homonymous hemianopsia




Superior optic radiations, at parietal lobeends @ superior calcarine fissure

Left homonymous hemianopsia

w macular sparing

Visual field deficits resulting from damage at different points along the primary visual pathway. The diagram on the left illustrates the basic organization of the primary visual pathway and indicates the location of various lesions. The right panels illustrate the visual field deficits associated with each lesion.

(A) Loss of vision in right eye. (B) Bitemporal (heteronomous) hemianopsia. (C) Left homonymous hemianopsia. (D) Left superior quadrantanopsia. (E) Left homonymous hemianopsia with macular sparing

Visual pathway

Optic Radiations

Course of the optic radiation to the striate cortex. Axons carrying information about the superior portion of the visual field sweep around the lateral horn of the ventricle in thetemporal lobe (Meyer's loop) before reaching the occipital lobe. Those carrying information about the inferior portion of the visual field travel in the parietal lobe.